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  1. You mean stock verniers?
  2. It would have to be something that justifies putting a price on it at all. Eg: A mobile app for VAB/SPH design work and/or mission planning while away from home. Active terrain effects (lava / flowing water / snow & rain / etc)
  3. Personally, I don't bother with RCS for docking unless the vehicle is particularly heavy, but the midrange ones have a flexible docking collar made of batteries to loosen the tolerances. The first time I tried to rendezvous and EVA Jeb across to the other vehicle, he got clobbered in the back of the head by his original vehicle. That pretty much set the scene for docking the rest of my years.
  4. I'm definitely trying this when I get back to my PC in a couple days, but I wanted to write this one down so I wouldn't forget. KerbalKatcher Mk1 and 2 were destroyed by the Kraken Mk3 had mostly-vertical ladders and Jeb failed to exist close enough to the ladders as he went by. Mk4 had a long row of mostly-horizontal ladders, and with hyperediting Val into a 11.85m orbit across the flats of minmus, I got things lined up but only one frame of contact with the ladder. Installing Better Time Warp, and trying again at 0.1x speed, Val was able to get the (F) grab prompt. Mashing F got her to put her jetpack controls away on the first pass. On the second pass, she rotated to match the ladder orientation without using the jetpack. On the third pass, nothing happened. On the fourth, the universe imploded and Kerbin decided to stop orbiting the sun.
  5. As far as I am aware, there is no speed limit for grabbing on to ladders. This leads me to a fascinating idea / challenge: 1) Construct a surface base on any airless body, composed of a large structure covered strategically in ladders. Note: for reliability, have sets of ladders just like aircraft carriers have multiple arresting cables in case the first one doesn't grab. Clipping them together into one giant ladder should help a lot. 2) Have a Kerbal in orbit, with PE > 0 3) Press / madly hammer the F key with proper timing to grab the ladder and deorbit the Kerbal. 4) Points are proportional to the surface gravity of the body. (Gilly and Minmus are restricted to participation ribbons since the EVA pack alone is more than sufficient there.)
  6. Just jumping to Minmus orbit is trivial. Since it was a bail out during landing, the EVA pack should be nearly full and even the most basic EVA (& rendezvous planning) skills should be sufficient. In 1.0.5 it takes about 90% of a pack to deorbit and land on the flats, then boost back up to rendezvous with a base/ship in orbit. (plus, Lithobraking with your face can save an extra 20-30m/s if gracefulness is not required) The main way to conserve enough fuel for the achievement is to recline your Kerbal so that you have a single thrust vector along prograde and you aren't suffering cosine losses by pressing Shift and W at the same time.
  7. My rescuer SSTO design carries a KAS container with an Oscar and an Ant, a fin for drag and parachutes. It also includes an RTG and radial attach lifesupport can for live rescues. Huge savings could be made by just bolting on the chute (and fins if necessary), then nose-bumping the debris suborbital. For $3000 in LF, there could be enough parachutes and fins to bump a LOT of debris into decaying orbits before landing. The main trick would be in ensuring that you're not wasting more money on parachutes than you recover in (parachute + debris) * distance modifier. Harder nudges to ensure the bits drop into booster bay for example. I mostly just do it Because I Can and there was a contract for it, and I get a free kerbonaut out of the deal. ISRU makes for negative cost missions even without recovering orbital scrap, so be sure to disallow that. A save file with lots of debris everywhere would also be useful for other things, such as piracy/scavenging with KAS but no new launches. It would mean your Pe would immediately move to a bit less than 180 degrees from your current position, and the orbit would quickly become more and more elliptical.
  8. The only thing with more Isp is the ion engine. The only thing with better TWR is everything except the ion engine. If you just want to get to orbit, Whiplash + Reliants will suffice. IMO, the best part of using LV-Ns is that you can go pure LF, and never have unusable fuel types acting as dead weight, but the efficiency is a very close second.
  9. Bewing: I can't believe I didn't think of launch clamps. That could work perfectly, but the tricky bit will be how to safely recycle/dispose of them on Mün after use. Zeiss Ikon: True, switching to the survey station would probably be best. I always worry about the deployment orientation and I'll have to keep a hose point nearby for easy hookup & fueling after construction. Streetwind: Good to know the math behind it. I'm currently using the spacedock for tech level & reliability, which is really designed to have things drift away on RCS power rather than burn straight for orbit.
  10. I'm looking for design ideas on how to build a launch pad capable of withstanding a skipper's backwash without exploding. Recently I has built one with EL to deliver a load of ore from Mun to Kerbin, and during takeoff it quite naturally torched everything behind it, leaving my base in four independent pieces. I did try testing with a disposable heatshield full of ablator to take the brunt, but that only lasted one frame before exploding on the next. At the moment, I've assembled some struts into a side stand so that the rockets will only destroy a few non-critical components and limit the repairs necessary after each launch. Is there a better way to protect the base from engine wash?
  11. I see! Carry on then. Ignore reality until you can find a crackpot to agree with you. Then you can continue to suffer the same problems because you didn't change what you're doing, and physics does not care about your feelings.
  12. Having puttered around the low tech tree for quite some time, I find swivels unbearably posh. The Reliant on the other hand will be your best friend and will always stand by you. Reliant + Whiplash = SSTO spaceplane.
  13. The option to replace a Pilot with Probecore+anybody else quickly means no pilots. 1a) It turns into an unguided missile. May be useful for sounding rockets, or for making sure a vehicle doesn't crash on your base after bailing out. Consider the case of separating boosters while they are still running; that should be the way it continues to work. 2) How about a range of negative-star piloting levels? -2) Systems control (right click menus) but no steering -1) RCS/reaction wheels only 0) Manual control with no SAS as now (0 star unassisted pilot) ++) Current pilot star levels ... Possibly +1 category level for every 2 stars on the non-pilot? 3) See above 4) See above 5) External command seats? 6) Yes. Optionally, Mechjeb could provide a +1 to the category seen in (2). This would make a scientist who has flagged Minmus and has Mechjeb helping be able to fly with the skill of a zero star unassisted pilot. 7) Makes sense. As a related thing, I'd like to see scientists giving the bonus to the ISRU equipment instead of the engineers. Those engineers are kept very well employed by KIS/KAS and EL instead.
  14. KAS hoses are great. The vertical docking port is also nice, but you need either good piloting precision, extra fuel, or some strong gyros and a helpful EVA bump from a friend.
  15. The simplest thing to change in your current setup would be to launch two of those ships. Have them rendezvous in LKO, and pump all the fuel from one into the other, and have that other complete the rescue starting with a full tank in LKO. A harder but ultimately better way would be to improve your mun rocket into one fully capable of the whole return trip, but send it to mun with some empty seats so it can pick up the hitchhikers.
  16. 1) Make your tanker at least 200 tons wet so you need fewer trips to orbit. 2) Include ISRU on the surface so you don't have to waste station fuel on the tanker going up and down. 3) Add docking ports to the tanker. 4) Reroute traffic to dock directly with the tanker. The old station is now a science ship that only needs occasional visits. Problem solved? Bonus: If your tanker includes nuclear engines, it can be a station orbiting almost any body and still refuel itself on Minmus as required.
  17. "Profitable" is stretching it for raw stock ore. Unrefined, it only gives you a speso or two per ton, and unless you're using EL to forge the tank and parachutes in space, you'll be taking a loss. Converting that ore to fuel and delivering the fuel is definitely profitable however. If you have a fully recoverable SSTO, then you can launch with some empty tanks, fill all of them from munar ore, and glide back for a net profit. The most efficient but most cheesy way is to buy ore on Kerbin, and operate a refinery business instead of a space program.
  18. Have you considered building a working replica space center, taking a bunch of screenshots and/or drive-through videos, and then reconsider upgrading it to a boring but better frame-rate launch site?
  19. Eclipses, transits and being on the far side of the body are local issues which would be a problem regardless of the Kerbin-side arrangements. Most of which can be solved with polar relays as well. Moho would make a great if expensive relay site since its orbital wonkiness will almost entirely eliminate the eclipses and transits.
  20. You may be completely unsurprised by the fact that Scott Manley has a KSP space elevator video.
  21. If you read the fine print in the acronym, Single Stage To Anywhere does not guarantee a return to KSC, so Eve ascent is optional.
  22. IMO, the chain to the pole is its own reward A single ground level dish on both the poles can get LoS to any body in the Kerbol system except mün (ironically because it is too close). The LoS cones from the north and south poles merge into an omniscient bubble before reaching the orbit of Minmus.
  23. This sounds like fodder for an Experiment! Can you get a higher land speed by reducing the terrain quality setting so that the quads that are maximum level are physically larger, and thus have bigger colliders loading further away?
  24. @fourfa For radio towers, you'll want to try for ~50m tall at four points 25km away from the pole to get yourself constant contact with a reflector on the mün and each other. Those are reasonably stable. If you do get over 350m tall, then a single tower on the terrain seam at the exact pole should get you line of sight to the mün. On the ice cap, probes with omnis should be spaced 12.5km apart to run a landline to the nearest mountain relay. Be sure to make the relay probe on top of the tower a separate vehicle so that it has an altitude of ~80m. The tower itself counts as being on the ice cap at 32m, but the independent probe sitting in the cup on top gains the benefit of the tower height. Combine with the simple air-dropped mountaintop relays, and that can get your signal across booster bay. If you want to build a radio tower on lowlands, the unevenness of the terrain will kill a lot of plans. I suggest bringing some launch clamps in the max sized KAS containers to stabilize your construction at regular intervals. But mostly, you're best off just bombing mountain peaks. There's almost always one in sight from anywhere on Kerbin.
  25. Bridge over the Dres canyon?