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  1. IMO, the chain to the pole is its own reward A single ground level dish on both the poles can get LoS to any body in the Kerbol system except mün (ironically because it is too close). The LoS cones from the north and south poles merge into an omniscient bubble before reaching the orbit of Minmus.
  2. This sounds like fodder for an Experiment! Can you get a higher land speed by reducing the terrain quality setting so that the quads that are maximum level are physically larger, and thus have bigger colliders loading further away?
  3. @fourfa For radio towers, you'll want to try for ~50m tall at four points 25km away from the pole to get yourself constant contact with a reflector on the mün and each other. Those are reasonably stable. If you do get over 350m tall, then a single tower on the terrain seam at the exact pole should get you line of sight to the mün. On the ice cap, probes with omnis should be spaced 12.5km apart to run a landline to the nearest mountain relay. Be sure to make the relay probe on top of the tower a separate vehicle so that it has an altitude of ~80m. The tower itself counts as being on the ice cap at 32m, but the independent probe sitting in the cup on top gains the benefit of the tower height. Combine with the simple air-dropped mountaintop relays, and that can get your signal across booster bay. If you want to build a radio tower on lowlands, the unevenness of the terrain will kill a lot of plans. I suggest bringing some launch clamps in the max sized KAS containers to stabilize your construction at regular intervals. But mostly, you're best off just bombing mountain peaks. There's almost always one in sight from anywhere on Kerbin.
  4. Bridge over the Dres canyon?
  5. I really look forward to, and rush for the ISRU, whereupon colonization efforts begin. However, I'm having plenty of fun carting around busloads of tourists, dealing with the sudden but inevitable rescue missions that result, and improving the local infrastructure to assist future rescue operations. Breaking out of a flat spin 10km over KSC after a spaceplane broke its tail stabilizer on minmus, KAS delivery and installation of replacement LV-Ns to the surface of Mün. Extracting tourists with a claw from a misshapen heap of wreckage 180 degrees away from the Minmus base. Completing tours on a completely wingless spaceplane after a too-shallow ascent.
  6. One of three possibilities: Münbase - Didn't really notice much difference except that the lifesupport mod is hardcore, and there's no way to get back to orbit. Jebediah Kerman Baseball - A very slow paced game with zero stolen bases and zero strikeouts. StarVal64 - Suffers from completely absurd dV, unbalanced parts with 6500+ thermal limits but no impact tolerance, and whoever made this save file spawned way too many ships using BD armory and hyperedit. The final battle against the Space Kraken is great, but the contract completion reward is terrible.
  7. For me, 1.0.5 is the last version I can get to still render the surface of Kerbin on every frame. I hope to be moving up this year when I get a new PC with an actual video card, but I'll be keeping it around as a stable fallback.
  8. Great work. Doing your empirical testing in a frictionless vacuum with spherical surfaces is the theoretical ideal.
  9. Peril Amplifying Wobble
  10. That says to me that you need to make a very Kerbal offshore oil rig tall enough to push the drills down to the sediment Or a submersible that can sink the entire craft to the bottom and drill there.
  11. A fair bit more mundane than the above things, but I was pretty pleased to get two stranded Kerbals from a surface wreck up to Minmus orbit using EVA packs during the same pass of the orbital station. The first one to launch, arced up higher than required and caught the station during descent. The second one flew a more direct route and boarded the station 2 minutes before the first one rendezvoused.
  12. For my SSTO's common failure modes: If the wings burn off on the way up: 1) Abort to Minmus, continue mission. If the wings are/become missing on the way down: 1) Buckle up, lock barf bags in ready position. 2) Wait for whiplashes & RCS blocks to explode. 3) Wait for altitude and speed to drop. If the wings are/become missing below 4km altitude: 1) Tighten Seat Belts. 2) Open forward cargo bay. 3) Deploy drogues. 4) Deploy Main chutes when safe. 5) Recover and file insurance claims.
  13. Have you evaluated a Laythe mining operation? Even less transfer time, and both launch and landing costs should be low if you use airbreathing engines.
  14. Once it goes up, it stays up until an accident occurs. Half of my SSTO spaceplanes are currently lacking wings due to certain incidents with piloting errors, but normally they hit the runway for 100% recovery. I could just drive a truck out to refuel them and take off again, but I've got a KCT inventory of spares and its easier to let the ground crew deal with passenger and cargo exchanges.
  15. One should always remember to raise the landing gear on your spaceplane by the time you have reached 40km altitude or mach 4, whichever comes first.
  16. I launched a mining rig from Minmus, modified with a colonization module on top for what will hopefully be my first successful interplanetary journey. I managed to get an intercept with Dres just before leaving Minmus SoI, but then later discovered that my velocity at Dres is going to be a few km/s too high. Construction of the rescue ship began before the victim had left Kerbin's SoI. Just an LV-N, 10000 LF, a capsule, a claw, and lifesupport. About a RL year and 200 game days later, they've just rendezvoused and started transferring supplies over.
  17. Periapsis Altitude Warning.
  18. Making a high velocity launchpad out of a brick of SRBs is a classic. I like giving my rockets a starting TWR of 1.0, and igniting them at the speed of sound. If you want precision maneuvers with SRBs, you'll need to include separators so you can jettison the still-thrusting booster at the right time and get large but arbitrary amounts of dV. Having a 24-pack of separatrons that fire in pairs for balance can allow you to make small, controlled correction burns as well.
  19. The claw is a stock part. It is a round-nosed cylinder which opens up with four grabby fingers when deployed. Touch the center of it to another vehicle to grab on.
  20. I've got a matching pair of Absentminded Rescue Mission Returning With The Seat Empty Commemorative Coins. And we can't forget the Recursive Rescue Mission Triple Crown.
  21. Anything built in the VAB/SPH tends strongly towards commonality and regularity and symmetry. I find that for real variety, the KAS Screwdriver and a junkyard or crash site in the wilderness is key.
  22. Today I finished my pair of polar omnicomm towers. Enough antennas to target every planet in the system, plus the active vessel. And since they are sitting on the actual pole of Kerbin, they provide constant line of sight forever with no drift. The original plans were nice and symmetrical: The actual assembly process at the south pole with KAS was not quite as planned. Extra ladders were needed, and a few parts were ultimately proved unnecessary when they exploded after being dropped. And, despite some wacky wobbling when some dishes clipped into each other, nobody died: The engineering team got a bit lazier for the second station at the north pole, when they realized they didn't need to build a tower since they already had a great big platform to attach the dishes to after landing:
  23. Is the stock thing a fundamental decision? KAS has the great feature of being a useful extra option without being overpowered. Anything but the simplest stack you build by hand will be of significantly lower quality than something built in the VAB and shipped, but you can still do it if you want or need to. For example: Laughable alignment of thrust and CoM, frightening fuel balance changes during the ascent, fragile and unwieldy. But lovingly and individually hand-assembled from discarded parts by a munar artisan who desperately wanted to return to orbit.
  24. Or, the engineers who built the accelerometer remembered being told that centrifugal force isn't real, and designed the instrument to only report on real forces. That's why it is so expensive.
  25. You'll need some self-sustaining outposts, at least in terms of fuel and lifesupport resources, as many places as possible. Locally-stationed rescue craft would be a good idea for prompt response from the space patrol. Since you're eschewing EL, I'd suggest that you at least have a local scrapyard where you can disassemble and store old and spare rocket parts initially delivered from Kerbin. You'll be able to build new ships on site and on demand using KAS, or repair moderate damage without having to send for a completely new ship.