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  1. i think it's a stock option in advanced settings. when you start new game
  2. did you use stock wheels or modified in size?
  3. yes, i use them all... there is the problem. sstu has both version of tanks cryo and cryocooling and has mass difference between them. i use you tanks for mining, fewer containers... best mod for that! did you added Lqd Hydrogen?
  4. Is it possible in CC to add different materials to the containers? Ex: Aluminum tank will have less weight and less physical resistance, but will be good for small aircraft ... even wood for small planes or drones.
  5. yeah, but at the same volume, stock tank take x2 LH2 than IFS tank and it's 17 times heavier that result in 8,5x less LH2 for the same weight... also SSTU tanks with zero boil-off are less heavy for the same volume like 5-6 times than CryoCooling stock tanks. you can't use them for a space craft, only for the storage, but it's good even so for mining purposes.
  6. The patch added Lqd Hydrogen, but the mass it's 17 times bigger than IFS fuel tank's an only x2 compression at the same volume.
  7. thx, testing will take a while cause i did something wrong and i damaged ksp... and i have over 90 mods loading it's taking aprox 8 min... however, was a LQd hydrogen from SSTU cause i remember trying to put sstu engines to a stock fuel tank and it wasn't there!
  8. i use IFS and SSTU, let me get in the game, maybe i forgot which resource i didn't find in CC.
  9. Ok, thx for reply! ah, i almost forgot, can you add liquid hydrogen to your tanks?
  10. Hi, Procedural Parts are not working with CC installed. I don't know where is the problem and i wrote at PP forum and here . Is it possible to fix it? The problem is that no matter how small or big PP containers are, they have the same mass of 1000Kg.
  11. i tested now with the last CC(with or without intrusive patches) and same thing, all PP parts have 1000Kg no matter of dimensions. remove CC(not plug in) and PP is working. tested with only CC and PP mods, still the same, 1000Kg no matter dimension
  12. Ok, i copied all the director in other place, i removed all mods, i installed all mods again and now i have two copy, one it's working, the other don't. i think it's about research tree, because in old game even if i'm only early in the tree, i can use full size PP, but with the same save in the new install i can't and PP is working well! LE I think it was Cofigurable containeres conflicted with IFS. I had installed both(they conflict each other, but i manualy instaled both), after removing Cofigurable containeres, it's working!
  13. i will try first elimination method... i almost put half of mods and it's working well, i will return when i finish.
  14. i have a lot of mods installed...