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  1. I'm thinking on attempting a SSTO program in career to show that not only Mark Thrimm can do it. Plus I want to make a message to Mark Thrimm that supernovae industries is close behind him in terms of structure and planning. The trickiest parts of the program will be the planes, but I might just do mainly rocket SSTO's for the sake of it... Also it's due to the face that I see to have the supernatural ability of construction rockets with SSTO status without even testing them, and then use them.
  3. Nothing my FTL Sand Grain Launcher can fix...
  4. Lol, good
  5. Due to the curvage and spherical nature of a planet, my territory isnt all that big.
  6. Nope, we are just making some fictional kerbal nations. Hopefully it can proceed...
  8. Sorry, we will discuss in PM then.
  9. Soooo... How do you program it to you're planets? Like make it so that there is major axial tilt...
  10. I heard this mod allows planets to have an axial tilt... Has anyone of you got evidence of this...
  11. Hmmmm, well I didn't check but vessels dont blow up and stuff, so thats good. But problem 1 however...
  12. OK finally got kerbin to orbit the kerbol clone without the KSC becoming black and literally unusable.. But there are two problems: 1) Planets dont receive light form the clone. 2) KSC screen is glitchy AF
  13. I originally put them into 1 config, It didn't work so I thought It must be because they need separation. And then the KSC disappeared... Which will be fixed.
  14. Annnnndd it doesn't work...