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  1. I dunno, but I'm getting a War Thunder-y vibe here.
  2. And it's being worked on, stating that you are waiting for it will not make it come any faster. patience, young padawan.
  3. Yes, kinks that have cost several hundred billion USD...
  4. Did you know, instead of waiting, it actually works with the current version?
  5. Nice to know someone had the same idea as me. I made a Polkiparov I-153 with the same passenger-door cockpit.
  6. On the pop up box that appears on start up, change the setting at the top from 128, to 64.
  7. Nuclear blast? I don't see any nuclear blast... -me, blinded by the nuclear blast
  8. Ah yes. I remember seeing the Lufthansa sky whale on .Live yesterday. I haven't tried making any, I may in the future.
  9. Yes! Someone else knows the power of the tiny tank terror!
  10. uuh, could I get a six with my... uuh BONELESS thirty.
  11. Granted, you get to spectate the Big Bang in real time, but have to sit around for 13 billion years to return back to where you left off. I wish for a Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib.
  12. 5/10 I'm sure I've seen your sig before. Have you changed your profile picture recently?
  13. Nice work. In the future are you planning to allow graphical models for the atmospheres?
  14. Banned for including American copy-cat shuttle next to Buran.
  15. I have returned! (And probably have had the best week of my life. Spending time with No.2 Sqn and Typhoons will do that, though) Yes, Pasta-bomber refers to any Italian bomber.