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  1. Nope...
  2. Dangit! I forgot to include the valentine config in the hotfix! You can just change it yourself by going into the Valentine config and changing the semi-major axis to your liking.
  3. The hotfix can be installed by just overwriting the files. No need to uninstall then reinstall
  4. Why did it autocorrect hotfix to horrid? And it autocorrected thread to there. Why?????
  5. I made Valentine much closer in a hotfix update. Grab that on the extrasolar thread or the spacedock download page.
  6. Yes.
  7. Good idea! Wasn't a huge fan of Wolf 1061 d's texture anyways.
  8. Yup.
  9. Yes, that is why they suspect that Wolf 1061 c is molten, because of how eccentric its orbit is.
  10. What I'm saying is that I need to change Wolf 1061 c to be a molten planet, so any bases you make there are going to be destroyed.
  11. I would say that temperature is a pretty significant factor in determining planet habitability. In terms of that, none of the 82 G. Eridani planets have suitable temperatures for human beings. Saying that Wolf 1061 d is habitable is equivalent to saying that Titan is habitable. I also wouldn't count on Wold 1061 c being Earth-like for very long. It is actually more likely that Wolf 1061 c is molten due to tidal forces.
  12. They all have oxygen but that doesn't mean they are habitable.
  13. Alright, I'll fix that up.
  14. Confirmed planets only! That is, until I create that expansion I've been talking about. I generally go by the conservative habitable zone rather than the optimistic one.
  15. HD 10180, Gliese 3293, 82 G. Eridani, Wolf 1061.