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  1. Could it be possible for you to increase the size limit on how large the objects can be? Because right now, if you make the object too large, it glitches out, the same way with large rings created in Kopernicus. Also, could you add some sort of ability to change the orientation of the object? I am creating a 3D Helix Nebula for one of my mods and I want it to be properly pointed towards Earth.
  2. Yeah It could possibly just be a problem will multi-stellar planet packs and out of my control for the most part. I can't think of anything else that could be causing this.
  3. I'm going to release an update in a week or two and tell me after I do if you are still having problems.
  4. Sorry, I'm not getting the same problem. Is it possible that you oriented your solar panels strangely in the VAB? Send over a screenshot of your solar panels pointed in the wrong direction. And you are sure that your haven't modified Extrasolar, or have any other mods installed?
  5. Didn't you say in the post that you tried it with multiple planet packs and you still have the bug? I'd uninstall KSP (Delete the entire Kerbal Space Program folder) and reinstall it from steam, and see if you get the same problem with no mods, then try it with RSPO + Kopernicus, and then try it with RSPO + Kopernicus + visuals
  6. Okay I'll see if I can recreate what you are talking about.
  7. Ah yes I see that. It didn't cause any problems while I was testing, but I'll make sure to change it just in case. Thanks for pointing that one out.
  8. Almost finished on making the Helix Nebula 3D!
  9. Do you have any other mods installed? Are you using the latest version of Kopernicus?
  10. Should be relatively stable. It's just that there isn't much else besides the planets themselves.
  11. I hear you brother. @Gameslinx By the way, I didn't actually derive the name from Gaia in your mod. I was deriving from Gaia in real life, you know, the alternative name for Earth. I could've done Kaea (which looks cooler) by it sounds too much like Gael.
  12. Thanks for those comments! A nice ego boost doesn't hurt anyone... Honestly, It's not extremely difficult to make nice looking planets for KSP in my opinion, you just kind of have to ask a bunch of people how to do stuff when you start off and be willing to spend a lot of your time. I honestly have a lot more respect for people who make complex parts packs, because there is just a whole other layer to making parts. Big fan of your planet pack by the way.
  13. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) To everyone: There is an update for RSPO posted on GitHub and SpaceDock if you wanna try it out. It mostly adds Yunna, a desert planet, and Jalva, a Kaia-like ice-moon of Reyn. JALVA, ICE MOON OF REYN: YUNNA, DESERT WORLD AND SECOND PLANET FROM SUL:
  14. Well what are the issues? I might be able to just fix them myself.