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  1. Really? This fixes it? I will try it out once I get home from school today.
  2. Just judging by the screenshots, this looks absolutely gorgeous. I can see how you replicated gravitational lensing for the black hole, and it looks great. The terrain on Namm also looks incredible, though I'm a little confused by the pine trees haha. Definitely up there in terms of greatest planet packs. Nice job.
  3. Yeah I know. It was just on my mind so I said it.
  4. No custom contracts. Most of the planets have biomes, but some don't or are WIP. I'll add CRP support in the future, it just take sooooo long. I like the acronym Yeah Solyth is missing its first moon. That's because I though it wasn't very well done. I'll add it back in the future when I make a texture that I like. Sorry if I haven't been updating both of my mods as often as I used to. I'm just a little worn out from real life things and from KSP modding things.
  5. I said that the orbits would have to be perfectly circular, and orbit at the same velocity despite having different semi-major axes in order for there to be no relative motion.
  6. sure
  7. No, but It doesn't seem like something that would have to do with my computer.
  8. You can if you want. If you launch a vessel and then go to the map view and zoom out far enough, your vessel will spontaneously explode.
  9. No it is definitely not my computer.
  10. Yes. You can do it, but you'll have to get rid of everything farther out than Gliese 3293
  11. Either way, its going to make my job a lot harder. Using a heliocentric model makes it actually possible to have my stars positioned exactly where they are in real life. Haven't added the GJ 570 system. The txt files you see there are placeholders. Also, do not change the distance to be real life scale. You'll summon the kraken.
  12. So you are telling me that stars orbit in perfectly circular orbits at the exact same orbital velocity, yet they have different semi-major axes? I don't believe that. Even assuming that they have the same orbital velocity, all stars in the milky way would have to orbit perfectly circular in order for there to be no relative motion going on, and stars don't orbit perfectly circular.
  13. Okay, more problems arising. Tried to revert to an earlier version of Europa Universalis, and the download just stays at "paused" in Steam and beside it is says that its "Missing File Privileges"
  14. The reason why I use a heliocentric model is because it makes things a million times easier in terms of positioning the stars correctly. Additionally, it is actually inaccurate to have the stars be static. In real life, stars orbit at different distances from the center of the Milky Way, therefore having different orbital velocities.
  15. Hmmm. It might work with 1.1.3 but I'm not confident that it'd work with 1.0.5.