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  1. Where did part tools go? I want to make a KSP mod but we don't have part tools anymore, at least that I know of.
  2. I feel sad for you, I have an Intel 3100U so I don;t have the greatest too.
  3. Maybe because of all the mods? hehe
  4. I get that CKAN gets "Access denied" whenever I try and update stuff etc. And I tried all fixes but it wont work. (Also happened to my GTA 4 Install)
  5. Wish I'd be able to get that much mods my ksp keeps read only-ing folders so I can't update and can't get past "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" or whatever.
  6. I did not expect someone to dig this up. I am actually surprised.
  7. E.T.A For the next 3 episodes?
  8. I can't believe this post is still active. It's amazing how 'alive' this post is. *I know this post isn't "blazing" though*
  9. That'd be really hard, because some people play on old Computers that have Windows Vista 32bit... Like me for instance. I'd be fine if it were a setting though.
  10. I've never seen any photos of them that I remember
  11. Oh well, whatever I guess
  12. Is it the 2D version called SimpleRockets?
  13. @pandaman Well they haven't released any (this is debatable) good plans on what they will, well... Ever do, look at the wiki. There are only 4 features (or 3 if you don't count the SDK thing) that they will might add any time soon (Update wise not time wise).
  14. So far for me there are no more public features that I am looking forward too. I know the rocket parts overhaul is gonna be in the main game sometime (According to the wiki). But I don't know anything to look forward too (That has been announced to the public). But this is just me rambling on and I already think this is too long. That's about it. I'm getting this stuff from the wiki. Which has nothing that is gonna be added except for the Rocket Part Overhaul.