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  1. what's the difference between tr18-a adn tr18-d? same size, same ejection force, same tollerance... the first has less weight and price. same for tr-2c and tr-2v
  2. Never built or used a ssto
  3. Edit: Sorry for the spoiler, i wrote via mobile and i cant fix it
  4. I didn't know. Thanks!
  5. suggestion for a new type of contracts to incentive the build and the usage of rovers (in three different career i sent just once a rover on the mun). "Bring a brand new rover on the surface of xxx and travel on it at least yyy meters"
  6. Untitled spacecraft
  7. In this my last carrier, i rescued a dozen of kerbonauts, all scientists or engineers, i need a pilot! I have only Jeb and val as pilot. So it could be better if in rescue Mission contract is specified the class or the kerbonaut.
  8. Pollution is a little price to pay for kerbin's science progress!
  9. stocked carrier, i just found my firts monolith, on minmus. a message told me i unlock experimental motors. i already unlocked all the tech-tree, its worthless in this case find the monolith (except for fun) or these are brand new techs? cause i dont found a tech called experimental motor. i dont get it....
  10. You can also use parachute for landing. Take an eng with you to restore it.