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  1. so, not ALL of them, thanks.
  2. Maybe it's stupid idea but Can I use this in my ongoing career save?
  3. And HECS2 also have one.. but why it doesn't refered in anything?
  4. I found that in 1.2.x, save files now has information about what mods installed(and used when last play) savegame in loaderinfo tab. Can we use it like .ckan file and install that mods? it's be useful when we move savefiles or like.
  5. 1. Jool aerobrake 2. Laythe areobrake 3. Tyro graivity assist P.S can I run away with fuel cells and solar panels or will I need a RTG?
  6. Esc - setting - difficulty options - advenced - commnet option - set DSN modifier and range modifier to 10
  7. maybe weighting contracts to XYZ when launch window to XYZ is near will be better idea?
  8. Or should I bring RA-15s to moons of Jool? I already packed two RA-100 satelite to Jool to connect to kerbin
  9. aren't they just a really large ore tank? it's 90% made of ore
  10. is there any difference in USI reactors and NFE reactors should I know about?
  11. the H2-O2 fuel cell module doesn't have 95% cap like other fuel cell, so it wastes most of its fuel...
  12. From commsDish16/commsAntenna16cfg (It isn't dish antenna by the way) It looks like it can be changed in part cfg, while defaulted to 0.75(or something) if not found in it.
  13. I tested it by myself, and craft with 10 RA-100s lose singal with DSN level 3(25GM) at 400Gm (keep connected at 350Gm, 2%) orbit around Sun, while legit 1000GM antanna (it can keep connection to DSN lv 3 up to 500Gm) shouldn't