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  1. "Make this mod for me" topics tend not to go anywhere. People with the ability and interest tend to work on their own original ideas instead. Even so, 13 hours isn't long enough for once-a-day forum members to see it yet. The idea of spending resources to improve parts has come up before. Your idea seems to be distinguished by the amount of detail you want to see on the hardware development side. Rather than "spend 100 science points to increase ISP by 1%", you want to actually build the parts. If you really want to see this happen (you're hoping someone else will be sufficiently motivated by your words to work on this, so presumably you're at least that motivated yourself), try working on the pieces of the concept that you might be able to handle. For instance, why not create a few mock-up screenshots in mspaint for the screens where you'd be doing all this experimental metallurgy and materials science work? Show us the engine nozzle lab. Show us the screen where you design a testing bench and the screen where you turn a successful testing bench into a production part. Think about what needs to be shown in each window and what actions the user needs to be able to take, then turn that info into displays and buttons. Get feedback and iterate till it's clear and polished. Then start specifying how the materials will be generated/populated on the planets and how they interact. You don't need to be able to write code to design the rules that would govern this. Will it be the same mystery metal names with randomized properties each time, or randomized names? Will there be more than 8 of them, fewer than 20, unlimited? Which specific properties of each metal will the game track for part simulations? How will they be randomized, with what distributions? How do the properties interact when the user tries to make an alloy or build a part? Right now my reaction is, "I dunno, that sounds really complicated," but if you can lay out the vision at a sufficient level of detail, it'll be easier to convince a C# programmer to fill in the technical blanks for you.
  2. It's breaking those version checkers right now, for modders that set KSP_VERSION_MAX to 1.2.99 in the hopes that API changes wouldn't happen within a patch-level update.
  3. So the question is, will time simply stop and reset to the big bang? Then I think the answer is, "There is no evidence to support that." BTW, it's an old idea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_return
  4. Sounds a lot like this: I think they're in parts.cfg. #autoLOC_501331 = The Goo doesn't seem to be doing much right now. #autoLOC_501332 = The Goo seems to behave very much the same as it always does around here. #autoLOC_501333 = The Goo seems to hate it here. #autoLOC_501334 = The Goo escapes into the water! #autoLOC_501335 = The Goo wobbles around in its container and starts to seep out of the holes. #autoLOC_501336 = The Goo accumulates near the water-facing side of the container. #autoLOC_501337 = The Goo seems bored. #autoLOC_501338 = The Goo jiggles and wobbles as the craft flies. #autoLOC_501339 = The Goo seems to be getting very cold now. #autoLOC_501340 = The Goo seems to have clumped into a sphere. It also appears to have become brittle. #autoLOC_501341 = The Goo seems to be almost boiling. It writhes around the canister. #autoLOC_501342 = The Goo has become rubbery and bounces around the container. #autoLOC_501343 = The Goo takes on a purple coloration. Is it just the lighting, or did it change color? #autoLOC_501344 = The Goo takes on a red sheen. It looks very much like the planet below. #autoLOC_501345 = The Goo seems to be less dense here. #autoLOC_501346 = The Goo feels right at home here.
  5. Theorized by whom? End how? What are you referring to?
  6. Well, you'd have to reconcile that with the non-cyclical processes that we know about, most obviously the expansion of the universe and its acceleration vis a vis dark energy. If the universe expands continuously, faster and faster over time, then how does it end up returning to the ultra-compacted singularity that started it all? Roger Penrose has made some statements about this but I'm not convinced he's serious.
  7. Just try not to think about the pre-May 2013 people. You bought under terms of service that allow Squad to charge for expansions like a normal game company, period.
  8. 1.2.9 is the pre-release of 1.3. Yes, it is very confusing.
  9. Does "0%" count as a "chance"?
  10. Chinese: Japanese: Something about the thicknesses, angles, curves, etc. makes both look very light-hearted to me.
  11. I like the main menu fonts for Chinese and Japanese. They have a fun, playful feel.
  12. Thanks for the warning. I'm not planning to release before 1.3 final is out, and I'm prepared to make updates to keep up with the pre-release in my private branch.
  13. In fact, all of his saves have disappeared from my workshop collection. I guess this post means he can no longer upload to the workshop? Yikes, Wince, what did you do?? The newest file still in the collection is mine: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=887570731
  14. Sounds like after his current turn, maybe. The more the merrier (until we run out of space).