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  1. Oh wow, I've just been setting the tooltipText properties of my buttons and hoping in vain it would somehow start working. If I'm able to get real tooltips working this way, then a big thanks to you from me and anyone that uses my mod for a big usability improvement!
  2. I might do this if I wanted the folded-out flaps to be farther behind the center of mass for aerodynamic stability.
  3. Acknowledged, but where did that "1.2.2" in registry.json come from? The only place where I saw that version with regard to KIS was on its Curse page, which looks like it should be overridden by the AVC file. The mod author seems never to have released a version where 1.2.2 was the minimum supported.
  4. SQUAD devs told us that the entire "#autoLOC_" prefix was created by an automatic tokenization utility that they ran, and that mods should use "modName_stringName" instead.
  5. There might actually be a CKAN bug here. The KIS 1.5.0 section of registry.json says: "ksp_version_max": "1.3.99", "ksp_version_min": "1.2.2", The versioning for this mod should be coming from the KIS.version file in the download: "$kref" : "#/ckan/netkan/https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ihsoft/KIS/master/KIS.netkan", "$vref" : "#/ckan/ksp-avc", However, that file was never in such a state. The 1.5.0 commit updated it from 1.2.0-1.2.99 to 1.3.0-1.3.99: https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/commit/43fb129ee3543f78913265255cab33cd620e8848 Could Curse be messing it up somehow? "$kref" : "#/ckan/curse/228561",
  6. When I tested this, English was used as the default. What sort of mod are you working on? I have a plugin that calls Localizer.Format for translation, so maybe there's some extra logic in that function that doesn't apply to whatever you're doing.
  7. Likewise, Astrogator's icon seems to be fine. That sounds like your mods are being installed to the wrong folder, especially if you're having the same problem with multiple mods. Astrogator looks for its icon at GameData/Astrogator/Astrogator.png, so if you install it somewhere else, it won't find it.
  8. What's in it for the mod author? This argument only addresses the perspective of the mod pack creator.
  9. More like 6%, no? Are 1.3 ton payloads common?
  10. My concerns are more along the lines of Extra work for modders The notorious friction between modders and users requesting updates Disappearance of restrictively licensed mods long-term if their maintainers go away Extra opportunities for CKAN metadata errors (e.g., right now people are installing a version of MechJeb that will crash 1.3) The days-long forum spam about "The new release crashes on startup" An error-prone environment for new users who just want to click ▶ PLAY and go and have not yet learned the lessons we take for granted about updates I personally have no problem managing multiple modded installs going back to 0.23.5, and my Steam install has nothing but PartOverhauls and a symbolic link to the folder where I build my own mod for testing. Economically, sure. Technically, it's an apple and an apple. Change a public API and code that uses it will break, keep it the same and that code will continue to work. That's why I keep bringing up problems specific to this apple, not "We should do this because otherwise our customers will fall behind on their accounts receivable."
  11. Thanks to a contribution by user https://github.com/hashashin, Astrogator v0.7.1 features a real Spanish translation! https://github.com/HebaruSan/Astrogator/releases/tag/v0.7.1
  12. I put my clay tablets right next to the monitor but KSP apparently was not updated with support for cuneiform. SQUID PLZ FIX
  13. Sorry, I assumed you read the rest of the post you were quoting. I'm talking about moving everyone into one big new group: "I updated to the new version and it works just fine, even with all my old mods installed."
  14. That's helpful if we want to assign blame. I'm more interested in avoiding the need for that, which it is within SQUAD's power to do.