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  1. I noticed the issue above does not happen, if there is at least one ship in orbit?
  2. @Mitchz95 Think about network connection as of chain. Every pair of vehicles builds a chain segment. If antennas of your probe and next closest relay vehicle are too weak to connect, then this chain will be ignored and your probe will try the next relay vehicle, until the chain can be linked down to DSN. DSN is a relay itself and has the most attractive signal-strength-to-unlock-difficulty factor in career mode, so situations like this are not rare. Possible improvement directions: - spread the packs of relays further and further orbit-diameter-wise, - upgrade the relay antennas, - carefully plan to limit probe operations to when the signal between DSN and probe is unblocked In addition, all relay antennas can do direct communication - and there is no equivalent to HG-5 in terms of signal strength in same class within pure direct antennas, so you may want to abandon Commutron-16 as soon as possible. Here is a handy table with ratings and possibilities.
  3. I never thought possible that such topic exists! Silly me! Thanks @Alshain! I guess, I will copy the few MN patches that I made - here, and lock my topics. LY-01 Landing Gear Improved Makes the LY-01 basic landing gear (the side one) as stiff as (front wheel from same techlevel) - LY-05. That significantly reduces amount of re-loads, crashes and it usability goes up. @PART[GearFixed] { @crashTolerance = 325 @MODULE[ModuleWheelSuspension] { @springRatio = 25 @damperRatio = 1.0 } } Add breaks to LY-05 Landing Gear Adds breaks to front LY-05. Because this gear is modeled after CESSNA, it actually should not have any breaks. But, nevertheless, you may want them to create your basic drone and who said the modeling has to be 1-1? @PART[GearFree] { @MODULE[ModuleWheelBase] { @TooltipPrimaryField = Steerable } MODULE { name = ModuleWheelBrakes baseModuleIndex = 0 maxBrakeTorque = 1.5 brakeResponse = 1 } } Make Stayputnik available earlier Apart from making career more historically correct, it significantly decreases risks associated with test-driving prototype planes and rockets when playing on Hard without reloading. It moves Stayputnik and (inline attachable) fitting battery Z-200 from Tech Level 3 "Electrics" to Tech Level 2 "Engineering 101", allowing much earlier unlock. Solar panels NOT included. @PART[batteryBankMini] { @TechRequired = engineering101 } @PART[probeCoreSphere] { @TechRequired = engineering101 } Enjoy!
  4. I didn't realize Community MM Patches topic exists, as such - moving that over here and locking this thread.
  5. I didn't realize Community MM Patches topic exists, as such - moving that over here and locking this thread.
  6. GNU/Linux, KDE Neon User Edition (Stable). The K Desktop and Kernel are cutting edge though.
  7. Guys, thanks for feedback! The Z-200 is very different from Z-100, internally Z-200 is referenced as "smallest battery bank", thus the Z-200 is not really more advanced than Z-100. In addition, Z-100 is surface-attachable, where Z-200 - inline and It matches the lower side of Stayputnik perfectly. I think this solution is the most compatible and least invasive. Edit: I didn't realize Community MM Patches topic exists, as such - moving that over here and locking this thread.
  8. @Kostilio Mod - зависит от ОС. На linux - это правый shift, на windows - alt. Проверьте, никто не перегружает ли эту кнопку? Возможно "GeForce Shadowplay" ?
  9. @Dr. Jet Неплохо получилось!
  10. @DECQ Спасибо @Kostilio У меня консоль работает, как всегда через [клавишу Mod]+ [F12] , можете приложить логи и отписаться в теме поддержки - посмотрим. Проверьте раскладку и что эти кнопки действительно работают.
  11. @pizzaoverhead I don't understand what's going on here... I have been encountering situations, when SE randomly lists and plays no tracks. In career, with zero level launchpad - it never plays the "in atmosphere" and "flight" + any track, but on returning from atmosphere it usually does. It also often does not play "not in atmosphere" and "flight" situation and upon reloading the game - does.
  12. @Phoenix_AI Hello and welcome to the forums! I am Linux user, but this looks suspicious: "Win32NT 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Args: KSP_x64.exe -single-instance" In addition, there are system32 libraries listed, but x64 version would need 64bit kernel.
  13. @Spricigo Ah, yes, this is an oversight. 250,000,000,000 is of course DNS range - a part of the two-vessel chain. Thank you!
  14. Whilst playing hard linear career, I noticed that initially the space exploration needs to be manned, because only Mk1 capsule is available for quite long time. While this is OK with default Techtree and if reloading is acceptable, it could lead to catastrophic results for hard mode without possible reload when playing Community Tech Tree. In addition, historically Sputnik did it before human orbital flight. What this mod does: it moves 2 parts - Stayputnik and Z-200 round battery block from "Electrics" (Level 3) into "Engineering101"(Level 2), making it possible to unlock and launch Stayputnik-based rocket prior to kerbal flight. This also allows basic AI early, which can be crucial for initial part/rocket testing, saving many kerbal lives. Requirements: ModuleManager and basic text editor! Compatibility: extremely wide Installation: create a new text file with any text editor in your Gamedata directory and paste these lines: @PART[batteryBankMini] { @TechRequired = engineering101 } @PART[probeCoreSphere] { @TechRequired = engineering101 } save it with "cfg" extension (like "probe.cfg") in your Gamedata folder, and launch the game. I believe this is much faster than downloading anything. License: public domain (CC-0) Notes: with just AI and basic battery unlocked, long term space orbiting is nearly impossible, so this is historically accurate (I think). Sputnik was battery-powered, but not remotely controlled.
  15. @Spricigo Could you please be more specific about what I potentially misunderstand? I don't see any contradiction between your post and mine. Edit: Thats an article I've written on antennas, perhaps there is something which could be improved: