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  1. Having started one of these, how kosher is sending a kerbal up in what's essentially a shark cage? And assembling craft on the launch pad using Jr docking ports to get around the mass limit? I've seen both of these here. I only managed to get to orbit caveman-style last night and I miss EVA functionality already. The command seat is also out of reach, so no cheaty 5 tonne rockets with Valentina perched on top, or stuffing kerbals in service bays. Grateful for the science container to avoid collecting data by EVA. It's possible with the Tier 1 Astronaut Complex:
  2. Here we go again... running into this, by chance? The cause of this was an unsupported version of MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Server. Updating the RivaTuner server to 7.0 beta fixed this. KSP runs just fine on Win10 1703 with no third-party hacks installed. I went through two test potato PCs and three revisions of RivaTuner to verify this.
  3. No worries. I was going to address that, but then got a little creeped out with the private messages. I did ask for help. If that configuration works, then I'll go with it. Though maybe RealPlume-Stock is a better suggestion than RealPlume. Have a lot going on this weekend though, so this will take a back seat to that.
  4. Found it: This isn't even remotely fair. Tier 1 in KSP 0.2.2 had one liquid fuel engine and the Hammer SRB.
  5. Holy [censored] is this hard. Managed to get to orbit in this thing, and then after an extreme amount of aerobraking patience managed to get back. Also took several tries to get the de-orbit 'burn' right. Final stats were: AP 290 km, PE 71 km. Earned 174 Science. Managed to de-orbit with only 0.96 U EVA propellant, and took over five Kerbin days to finally return. Couldn't plant a flag in the ocean, but managed to return with Jeb, one booster, three 'chutes and four Goo canisters. Tier 2 Launch Pad, Vehicle Assembly Building and Astronaut Complex. There's a good likelihood of this thing being disqualified for me having gone to Mission Control first; that's just for the recognition and I could have done this without needing to take those two contracts. In the video you'll see I had an excess of funds prior to launch. Here's a video of the attempt. For scoring purposes, subtract 20 Science and 140 800 Funds total from contracts. Subtract 40 000 advance funds from the visible 174 428 for a pre-launch balance of 134 428 Funds; more than enough to pay for the craft. This leaves 154 Science: 231 000 points, plus AP 290 241 plus PE 71 284, should total 592 525 points.
  6. Would just turning the smoke off in ModuleEnginesFX be enough? Maybe to a Module Manager patch or something that removes the setting? Or clone the stock engines used for the rotor and use those? I accidentally did this when creating RealPlume configs for some modded engines; the sound worked but the engine didn't produce any smoke. I'll have to try to reproduce the mistake; it might have been as simple as commenting out the entire module.
  7. @politas @N3N Don't think I'm unaware of the support conflicts going on over CKAN. It's also rather creepy receiving private messages to the effect of, "Join CKAN. You'll like it here." Please lay off the PMs to this effect. I put this add-on together to scratch an itch. To make Alien Space Programs more accessible. Can't I just leave it at that without being solicited to join something? And it's still a beta; the engines and harvesters need tuning. Besides, it isn't that hard: { "spec_version" : 1, "identifier" : "ExplodiumBreathingEngines", "$kref" : "#/ckan/spacedock/1362", "depends": [ { "name": "ModuleManager" } ], "suggests": [ { "name": "RealPlume" }, { "name": "SmokeScreen" } ] } Is this what I'd need?
  8. Please add this alongside OhioBob's Eve Optimized Engines: For the brave foolish who try flying around Eve, or other worlds in planet packs that might have fire in the air. Great for GregroxMun's Alien Space Programs too.
  9. Adding one's own RealPlume plumes to an engine mod? I just released my Explodium engine mod last weekend, and included two jet plume configurations that work with RealPlume. I think I got the plume configurations working so that they're ignored if RealPume isn't installed, but used if it is. Would you rather I submit the plume configs to the repository using pull requests, or is it OK to leave in the mod itself if no other mod uses them? I think I got the Module Manager order right, but an extra set of eyes would be good.
  10. Is anyone else noticing that add-on projects managed on GitHub are having trouble with some site functionality? I'm noticing that I can't preview documents I edit, drag and drop batches of files into a project, display project graphs, or list contributors. I was surprised I could send a support request to them. Looks like they addressed it after I sent that request.
  11. Posted first beta to GitHub repository, and requested to move this thread to Add-On Releases. I think this is safe enough for general use now. CKAN and SpaceDock help wanted. I think I can figure out SpaceDock, but I'd like a CKAN expert to propose a metadata file for this. Please do not post to CKAN directly; I want to review the metadata first.
  12. Would like this moved from Add-On Development to Add-On Releases: I think I have the add-on rules covered. If not, please let me know so I can correct things.
  13. While I haven't published a new pre-release, I have added RealPlume configurations to the repository. I think you'll also need fresh copies of the engine configurations to make sure the RealPlume patches apply after the modified parts do. The L.U.C.I.F.E.R. looks especially cool, changing from blue to red when transitioning between cycles. And I sure missed the RealPlume sound effects; glad to see them in place. This is almost done for a beta release. If I could just make colourization work on the Atlas engine and Big-Ox wings, I'd be set.
  14. What happens with the spreadsheet? If I want to contribute a language, do I send you a copy of the workbook with a new sheet attached and a language code to insert into settings.cfg?
  15. I suppose you could try Kopernicus to edit Jool into having a liquid surface. Make it a terrestrial planet with a solid surface at -250 m and a planet-wide ocean. Or make it a near-infinitely deep ocean with a very small solid core, with part detonation still at -250 m. I can't imagine the sheer density of that liquid though, and the ambient pressure should crush everything.