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  1. New pre-release of Alien Space Programs now available for KSP 1.2 and 1.3 players. I submitted a pull request to GregroxMun, but there are still fixes to do. Eve is the most stable and should play as expected. Laythe has a funny Space Center view where the sky is moving too fast, but can still be played in career mode. Duna has a broken Space Center view (I think it's underground or flipped upside-down) so career mode isn't playable. Otherwise, all of these are playable in sandbox. I could definitely use suggestions on fixing these, especially Duna. For instance, is it broken due to the lack of ocean? As long as all of Duna's land is above 0 m maybe I can put a hidden ocean in and this could fix the Space Center view. Also, Laythe's Space Center is on the other side of the world from the starter survey contracts, but Sigma88 is working on what's wrong there back in the Kopernicus thread.
  2. Just stock contracts. After doing "Purple Space Program" as an April Fools joke I took some interest in fixing the problems I ran into, such as no biomes and the KSC being 90 degrees west of where the surveys were.
  3. Early in career mode, the first few survey contract waypoints are close enough to 0/0 (or 0/-15) that travelling to them in an early aircraft is practical. Moving the KSC does not move the general area where these waypoints appear. I wonder how Galileo's planet pack deals with this on Gael. @Galileo, I don't have GPP installed and looking at the Gael.cfg didn't give me any clues. Do the early career surveys spawn near your KSC, with it being at 8 / -168?
  4. Rotate a surface? My fork of Laythe Space Program has the KSC half a world away from where Latitude 0 and Longitude 0 are, making early career survey contract locations impossible to reach. I ran into this with Eve Space Program, but I found a spot on the edge of Eve's Crater Lake at 0/10 that works. On Laythe, 0/0 is smack in the middle of the Sagen Sea with no large land masses nearby. So with moving the KSC to the middle of the ocean not an option, I thought I could rotate the surface 180 degrees instead. I tried taking the four images for the height, colour, normal and biome map, and wrapped them 180 degrees. The colour map failed to wrap so land masses were in the wrong place and there were black holes in the ocean, but I think the height map and biome map worked at least. Mind you, I was using GIMP to do the job and it might not be the best tool. Is there a better way to rotate the surface of a world? Or have I missed an essential step beyond editing the graphics? Maybe I can tell Kopernicus where 0/0 should be on the images.
  5. After playing with Alien Space Programs I can offer some help here. If you have a height map for your world made up, you could use that as a guide to making a biome map. Say, convert a height range to a single shade and repeat for multiple shades. But if possible, try to use a colour scheme that resembles your planet's visible colours so it looks better with KerbNet displays. Once you've converted your basic height ranges, you can introduce unique biomes to some areas, like slopes for crater walls could be different from regular slopes. Use the ScanSat biome maps in the KSP Wiki or the kittopia-dumps project for inspiration. You can turn on biome view in Cheats to preview the biome map on top of your planet.
  6. As a Steam user, this works for me as well. A Steam KSP customer doesn't need to launch KSP from within Steam.
  7. I managed to fix biomes and move the KSC in Eve Space Program, thanks to finding the kittopia-dumps project that had all of the biome details for KSP 1.2.2. Here's a fork of Alien Space Programs with this and more fixes coming. This config does work for KSP 1.3 and a supported version of Kopernicus, but biome names and Eve's name are either missing or are messed up. The Kopernicus devs are working on localization changes, and when they are done I should be able to fix that.
  8. "The Kerbin" and missing biome names in Kopernicus on KSP 1.3 I started fixing up GregroxMun's Eve Space Program to re-enable biomes and maybe to relocate the KSC to where the first survey contracts are, or relocate the first survey contracts to where the KSC gets placed currently. Here's my fork of his configurations as of now, and so far I have biomes working again. The colour values just needed to be changed to use the KerbNet biome map colour values. Eve, which is the KSP home world in this configuration, shows up as "The Kerbin" in map views and in KerbNet. Biome names are also missing in KerbNet's biome view, but are present in science reports. The reports themselves are just the default reports and report titles read like, "Crew report from Lowlands of The Kerbin." I'm assuming this is KSP 1.3 localization that needs to be done. Are there any working examples I can look at to learn how Kopernicus handles localization and biome names? What about displaying biome names correctly in KerbNet?
  9. I'm trying to fix biomes in GregroxMun's Alien Space Programs, which was made for 1.0.5 but biomes don't work in 1.2 or 1.3. I discovered that the colour values that Kopernicus biomes use just needed to be changed to match the KSP 1.2 biome map colours. I suspect these colours were changed to match the new KerbNet biome maps. Here's the changes I've done so far to Eve, but I'm missing two biomes yet. I got the colour values from the ScanSat image posted to the KSP Wiki for Eve. Two biomes (craters and atasuki lake or however that's spelled) are missing as they seemed too close a match to other biome colours, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Is there a better colour map somewhere I can look at? [21 JUN 2017] Found it here: https://github.com/Kopernicus/kittopia-dumps, which is a copy of the stock system dumped into Kopernicus-compatible config files. It contained the full biome map for Eve and others.
  10. Definitely the code is in there. The KSP Devs created the framework to create atmospheric, oceanic and even vacuum resources (think ram scoops from Star Trek) even if they didn't create any actual resources, or parts to harvest them. JadeOfMaar here pointed that out to me, and that's pretty much what makes my part add-on work as well as it does. From my limited experience, I'm told Liquid Fuel is actually an RP-1 (refined kerosene) analogue and not a hydrogen-analogue. But if you want to treat Liquid Fuel like hydrogen for the purpose of any mod you make, you could certainly make an atmospheric harvester part for Jool's atmosphere, and then make a converter part to convert the harvested gas into Liquid Fuel. But as Jade pointed out, Karbonite does this.
  11. [I know, old thread, but still active mod, moderators please bear with me on this one.] @GregroxMun, Good morning. Yesterday I tried Eve Space Program on 1.3 with a 1.3 compatible Kopernicus, and it worked. Issues uncovered so far are cosmetic or somewhat minor: No biomes on Eve (same as 1.2), KSC comm stations exist on Bin (same as 1.2), and Eve is named "The Kerbin" (new to 1.3). I can play with this if you'd like; as long as Kopernicus supports KSP 1.3, I think I can fix biomes (colour map in a PNG file), the comm stations (just turn PQSmods for them off at Bin) and maybe even localization. I'll just fork the project and submit pull requests as fixes come in. I'll likely get stuck on moving the KSC though, or moving where the game thinks the KSC is, because it puts the initial survey contracts a quarter of a world away from where it is.
  12. OK, @JadeOfMaar and @DStaal, there are updates to the repository that include new tech tree placements, and also a tech tree swap if Eve Space Program is detected. Surprisingly, @GregroxMun's Kopernicus mod does work with a KSP 1.3 compatible version of Kopernicus, but Eve shows up as "The Kerbin" in the map and tracking station views. All of Eve's normal properties are still there, including 9-10% ExpVapour in the air. You can still add a resource definition for Kerbin for testing. The harvesters still need a non-zero surface speed to work, but the harvesting rates are a much closer match to the 1.3 air intakes. I haven't produced a release yet, but you can download a copy of the repository for testing. The next release will be based on these changes if they seem logical. Release 0.3.1 now available on SpaceDock. CKAN support added, I think. No CTT integration yet; I think I'll take that on next weekend. The tech tree placements are based on two assumptions: You need the technology to get to Eve (or Bin) in the first place before you can make use of these parts. Then after technology's progressed far enough, the remaining parts are just one tier up from their normal placements like in Eve Optimized Engines.
  13. "How" was important, too. With Jade's suggestion, I can have one set of configurations, and Module Manager would pick the right tech tree patches based on whether Eve Space Program was loaded or not. I already do this to add RealPlume configs if RealPlume Stock is present. Now where to put these engines in the stock tech tree... I guess there are a couple of different applications too: There's low altitude flight for probes and maybe crewed runabouts for the foolhardy, then for making craft to escape Eve back into space. Maybe make the basic jet engines available under a non-aviation node. Could the Hades belong with the EoE version of the Spark, the Asp, for instance, as an engine for a probe? By the time folks reach High Altitude Flight and Hypersonic Flight they're already thinking about space planes. Here's one idea: I could put the Sphinx in Hypersonic Flight, and the Beelzebub and L.U.C.I.F.E.R. in Aerospace Tech alongside the R.A.P.I.E.R. That's along OhioBob's line. The tanks can stay where they are as they have uses outside of these engines. I'd match the harvesters with their engines. Then if someone is playing Eve Space Program I can swap the stock parts' positions with these ones. I just need homes for the Zephyrus and Atlas engines. Definitely open to suggestions here. As for Community Tech Tree, that does have more logical tech nodes for these sorts of experimental engines. Is there a barebones CTT install available that doesn't require fifty other mods that I can experiment with? I better read that CTT thread some when I get home.
  14. For the 0.3.1 release there will be Spanish localization thanks to Fitiales and his KSP-in-Spanish project, and some harvester re-tuning because of how atmospheric harvesters changed in 1.3. Atmospheric harvesters apparently behave more like air intakes. But I want some tech tree advice. There are two ways to use these parts: One is in a 'normal' Kerbin-based space program where you visit Eve and you develop the technology to go there in the late game. The other way is in a modded Eve-based space program via GregorxMun's Alien Space Programs where it would be more likely to develop hydrocarbon-breathing engines first before oxygen-breathing ones. In each of these cases, where should the engines and intakes go in the tech tree? I would guess that from Kerbin the normal jet engines would stay and the explodium engines would move to later in the tree, and these would swap places if playing from Eve. I could just emulate OhioBob and move everything one tier up, but I wouldn't see anyone wanting to use Eve engines from Kerbin if they can't reach Eve yet, or Kerbin / Laythe engines from Eve if they can't reach Kerbin yet. Maybe higher up the tree, then?
  15. I've been trying to do this on GregroxMun's Eve Space Program. Even made an engine mod to do the attempt. Managed to barely get sub-orbital in a variant of the LTS Kestrel-FC, with the biggest problem being overheating nose parts on the way up. If I cheat the thing into orbit I can descend and land the thing if I'm gentle on re-entry. Dynamic pressure below 10 km is fun. Remember that this is in a craft with modded parts, notably a 'jet' engine that breathes atmospheric hydrocarbons and burns oxidizer. The dynamics are rather different, but at that point an Eve SSTO is 'just' an engineering problem. --