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  1. Glad ya liked it. Thanks for being along on the ride - 'twas a great honor. And speakin' of honors…
  2. And the saga ends with the epilogue. Thank you all for sticking with me. Constructive criticism is, as usual, appreciated. Next week, I'll be releasing a special PDF version. This one is taken directly from the Word document from which I wrote First Flight, and so includes additional formatting goodies.
  3. Chapter 18 is out there, brought to you by my shiny new MacBook Pro! Also, I noticed that I forgot to fix up the title. Whoops. Next time on First Flight: the saga ends with an epilogue.
  4. Meh, I only substitute C for K (or prepend K) in very specific cases. Certainly not for names.
  5. Damn, got ninja'd by the Space Narwhal. (Which might be a good thing, since you never post here. Wouldn't kill ya, right? )
  6. Hey, there's no need to be sorry! It's not like I'm paying you to do this or anything. (on the other hand, if you have a PayPal account I could throw monies at… ) Also, if you'd like, you can join our IRC channel here. Anyway, Chapter 17 has landed (automerge protection again). Happy 'Murica day, all you Americans reading.
  7. Hey, Winky! @0111narwhalz
  8. Chapter 16 is out there! Next time on First Flight: both crews depart...for home.
  9. Apparently Rockstar has stepped in and OpenIV is back online. Not that it's directly relevant to the current discussion, but maybe T2 got a stern talking-to by Rockstar (not sure how that'd work), and is holding back the horde of lawyers...for now. Phew. I know that I can breathe easier now.
  10. @regex would like a word with you. Your perception of real fuels is also wrong - go read Ignition! or something before blatantly spouting nonsense and going durr hurr rcs bad all u ppl r nubs i am da best @ dis game. If you wanna be immature, so can I.
  11. Thanks! This is actually my first (published) attempt at writing exclusively in the first-person (I'm no Andy Weir), so it's nice to know that I didn't mess up too bad. Don't feel compelled to change your title due to approximate conflicts. My story's title, after all, has an approximate conflict with @KSK's First Flight, which is completely unrelated.1 1Well, not completely, but you get the point - they're not in the same universe.
  12. @memes in space: there's no need to be snarky - we're just presenting how we dock our ships. There is no right answer to this question. RE the OP: Usually my docking scenarios are classified under three categories. Lightweight (both docker and/or dockee): point and shoot, no problem. Example: rescue ships. Heavyweight: translation maybe needed, but probably not required if either ship has strong RWs. Example: stations or motherships. Endurance-style dockings (a la Interstellar): 'Nuff said, you will fail unless you have translational thrusters. No exceptions. Of course, all of the above is void if I'm playing with Real Fuels, as there is this distinctively un-magical thing called ullage.
  13. ⸮What, the interrobang or irony punctuation not good enough for you‽
  14. But on what grounds would they call for a cease-and-desist? Because Take Two can't stand any competition? Because they want to make money off the player base while strangling the modding community to death? I don't really think that's going to happen. The case would get laughed out of any court with even a mediocre judge and jury. Closing up the API to the modding community, on the other hand...