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  1. Are you from some alternate universe where the bureaucracy is not evil? I think this Freefall strip describes it perfectly: Sorry for hijacking your thread, UA. Back on topic...
  2. I play 64k with RealFuels, so debris does not usually stay in orbit (with my designs, anyway) due to the higher delta-v requirement for orbit. My current launcher (a SLS lookalike) has a 2-and-a-half stage design; 3.75m core stage, 1.25m solids, and 3.75->2.5m upper stage with adapter. The solids are dropped a minute into the ascent. The core stage is disposed of about 3/4ths of the way out of the atmosphere. The upper stage completes circularization, but it's also equipped with four separation motors that pushes it into a suborbital trajectory once it's separated. No debris remains in orbit. Salvaging may or may not be profitable. Most of my OMS/RCS systems run on storable hypergolic fuels, so if I run across a discarded service module from a ship I'll gladly plifer its tanks. On the other hand, salvaging the aforementioned SLS upper stage (which runs on kerolox) might be profitable, though the liquid oxygen is still rather volatile. I rarely use hydrolox, but it would be a moot point anyhow - liquid hydrogen is ridiculously hard to keep in a tank without it boiling off.
  3. Chapter 2 has landed. Sorry about the short chapter this week; there isn't much going on in-universe. Next time on First Flight: Commander Enman learns how (not) to consume hydrazine responsibly, among other things.
  4. Here, let me un-mobile-ify it for you: Poe's law
  5. Understood. Sorry about my tone earlier; I was running on a near non-existent amount of sleep. All is forgiven.
  6. I second this motion. Anyone else? I'm at a Model UN conference
  7. The 'problems' you mention are nonexistent. Go to TVTropes and read this. You'll find that many derivative works have shout-outs to their parent works or entirely different works. There is nothing wrong with a nod to another work. Case in point: The Savage Chicken from the Freefall webcomic. You'll notice that its call sign is 1071-CCN. Oh, noes! It's the Enterprise's call sign backwards! Get the pitchforks! Get the torches! Get the lawyers! Does this happen at all? The answer is no. Content creators do not give a flying (bleep) if you give a shout-out to them. Often, they welcome it. So no, these are not problems. In the future, I would also suggest that you take a couple of grammar classes. But wow. Mentioning Kuzzter and myself in the same breath. I'm honored, though the circumstances are anything but.
  8. I knew someone would notice it! Keep an eye out for more references (both ST and otherwise).
  9. Happens to me too. They diss me for being a nerd and playing KSP, yet I get the last laugh when all of them (yes, I mean all of them) fail their tests. I have no idea why playing KSP magically made me pass the test. But... KSP 1, CSGO 0.
  10. @Spaceception Could you check out my novel First Flight (not to be confused with KSK's work of the same name) here? It would really make my day! :kiss:

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      I have to check it out tomorrow, can't be on for long, but I will :)

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      Also, are you alright if I critique it? Not today, maybe tomorrow, if there's internet.

  11. @SpaceplaneAddict A question for you: I may be attempting a Dres Colonization mission in the near-ish future. So I have a few questions. Can I do it in 64K (Kerbol system scaled up 6.4x) with RealFuels/Stockalike Configs? That is my current modlist, and probably will remain so since stock Kerbol system is not challenging enough for me. Context: LKO takes ~7.5 km/s of dV; Dres orbit from LKO is about 12.8 km/s; and Dres landing is about 1.3 km/s. I have a slew of other mods that I'd like to use, could you vet the mod list once I have it? I'm currently away from home (and therefore the computer with which I use to play KSP), so I'll get it to you once I am home. ETA 10:23 AM UTC - See spoiler for modlist. Thanks in advance and wish me luck!
  12. Chapter 1 is here. Due to some Forums shenanigans (damn you, automerge), I was only able to post it as a separate comment now. Anyway.
  13. Author's Note: This story is not to be confused with the far more famous story First Flight written by @KSK. His story can be found here. If you mistook my story for that, then move along. There's nothing to see here. While we're at it, please note that before you report this post for infringing on the title, know that I have spoken to KSK and he has graciously agreed to let me use this title. This is the relevant PM that was sent to me: With that out of the way, let us begin... First Flight is a story set in the 29th century, 70 years after the first FTL test flight and about 250 years after the founding of the Space Program. This story will chronicle the adventures of the KFS Scalpel, the first ship that is sent out into interstellar space to investigate a mysterious radiobright star. Because FTL travel is still maturing, they will spend 10 years in transit. What they find at the star in 10 years' time will forever change kerbal's understanding of the universe, and what lies beyond. Not sure when the next First Flight chapter will be out? Look no further! Click here for the countdown towards the next chapter, provided courtesy of Table of Contents Chapter 1 [3/14/17] Chapter 2 [3/21/17]
  14. Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6 in b minor. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any Tchaikovsky compositions in B major. Bummer.
  15. ...aaaaaand forgiven. (I'm a music nerd too. )