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  1. IIRC, Steam installs its stuff under ~/.local/Steam (equivalent to the Windows Steam directory) in Linux. KSP, therefore, would reside under "~/.local/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program". Do correct me if I turn out to be incorrect.
  2. Is that supposed to be a reference? Because my sleep-deprived brain says otherwise. In any case, the mention doesn't always mean something bad's going to happen. I'm merely citing the fact that stasis technology is in its infancy. They might die...or they might not. You'll know next week.
  3. @KAL 9000: Oops, sorry. I basically ripped the list of names from the people that followed this thread. Maybe you should follow this thread. @HamnavoePer: Thanks! Glad you like it.
  4. Thanks for the advice, @Randox. I am only using one 3.5" hard drive (with a M.2 boot drive, as you probably noticed), so I don't think that it will matter much. Plus, I want that Founders Edition card. On the Thermaltake website, it says the "Outer Chassis" graphics card clearance is 11.4" long. Whatever that means. Perhaps I have to take off the front panel for it to work? The "Inner Chassis" clearance (i.e., the one listed on PCPartPicker) is 10". No problems there.
  5. Hey all, I will be off to high school soon, and my current gaming rig [i5-4460/8GB/HD4600] is showing its age. As such, I will be building a new computer. Obviously, my dorm room probably cannot accomodate a full tower PC as well as a 27" monitor (my current setup), so I will be building in the mini-ITX form factor, and will be using my Chromebook as a remote head [monitor/keyboard]. Here is my current setup: My budget is $1,500, but (as you can see) I have left a bit of leeway for purchasing more games. Could you all give me several tips on how I can get the most bang for the buck? Some notes to keep in mind: I may be doing some very mild overclocking to squeeze a bit more juice out of my processor. Emphasis on mild: this is a mini-ITX case, after all, and I've been told that burning down the dorm is probably bad for my health. I am willing to switch to AMD processors/graphics cards. In fact, nothing is set in stone. Modify it to your hearts' content. I will be using Linux (and installing Windows in a virtual machine for games that don't have Linux support) as my main operating system. I will be grateful for any suggestions.
  6. *cough cough* Sheesh guys, what's with the smell‽ It smells like someone set off a firecracker in here. Jokes aside, I started this thread for people to complain. I know sometimes complaints delve into personal attacks and other such things, but I wanted this thread to be civil (hence the OP stating that one should steer clear of the Forum's guidelines). The last page is...not what I had imagined this thread to be. Mods, I am requesting that this thread be locked until further notice. That way, we can all cool down for a bit. Peace.
  7. Welp, looks like I dropped another Wednesday Edition on you guys. Sorry about that. Anyway, Chapter 11 is live. This marks the end of Part II. Y'all know the drill: I shamelessly beg for constructive criticism, so please do provide some. I'm looking at y'all, @0111narwhalz, @Brent Kerman, @HamnavoePer, @Spaceception, and @KSK, as well as many other peeps whom I can't remember right now. Thanks for sticking with me. Stay tuned for Part week.
  8. Ahh, I see. I was mainly going for the naming aspect, but that's some interesting trivia.
  9. This might be a somewhat odd query, but is Bealekor Kosmocentre a reference to @Beale (of Tantares fame)? I could've sworn that name looked familiar to me...
  11. You should be able to find a quick summary here: Granted, these are the basics. There are a lot of things you can do with trig. Start digging in Wikipedia and you'll see.
  12. doop doop boop boop doop bop dop bop Hello, Virtual Hugs & Co? I'd like to order a virtual hug for someone. Yes, it's @cratercracker. How did you know?
  13. Chapter 10 is out there! Next time on First Flight: the Scorpion departs, for real.
  14. Another note: Unless I'm wrong (in which case, please correct me), most phone calculators that have trig functions write arcsin, arccos, and arctan as sin-1, cos-1, and tan-1. I think some graphing calculators (TI-84, TI-nSpire, etc) do this too, but I can't confirm it.