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  1. Well, I just realized something.

    When I posted the status update about me having been on the Forums for 4 months (and my birthday :wink:), I was mistaken. I've been here for a year and four months.

    Oops. Don't know how I got that mixed up. :blush:


  2. Those nested spoilers...
  3. @KSK - regarding your suggestion about the formatting: yes, it was intended to be in a monospace font. However, the conversion to Markdown mangled things slightly. They will be receiving a quick refactor that makes Alpha's speech and all bold segments (which was supposed to be Courier New Bold) be in a monospace font instead of a proportional font, as is right and proper.
  4. D'aww thanks, @KSK. Nice of you to take time away from your writing to wish me well. Regarding the date - I had planned for FF to go live on Monday, March 13, but I completely forgot. So, I aired it on π Tuesday. Who knew my birthday would land on a Tuesday as well?
  5. With my iPad's dying gasps of breath, I bring you Chapter 6 and the beginning of Part II. Next time on First Flight: The inklings of a nascent colony begin to form. On a somewhat related note, today's my birthday!
  6. It's my birthday today... and also 4 months since I joined the Forums! :cool::D:)

  7. Yay VISTA! A tip for you: when using such designs, liquid hydrogen is the propellant, and liquid deuterium and tritium is the fuel. If you keep adding hydrogen tanks and the delta V decreases, then you don't have enough deuterium/tritium. Add some cryostats with those resources. OTOH, if you have only a little fuel, decrease the amount of deuterium/tritium in the engine until you start losing delta V. Then bump your fuel up a notch, and you'll have enough fuel without wasting any. Hope this helps, and good luck!
  8. Chapter 5 is live, and on time, to boot! This chapter concludes Part One. Next time on First Flight: our intrepid explorers arrive at the star. At this point, I have a favor to ask of you readers - could you all contribute some detailed constructive criticism? Just showering me with rep isn't a very detailed representation of what you like (or don't like) about my story. That way, I can know what I can improve in any of my future works, which there will be plenty of. Hopefully. Otherwise, Scalpel & Co. will keep on rockin'. Stay tuned for the next chapter. Thanks for all the views and rep. TNH.
  9. Payload Name: MeteoSat 1 Company: Kerbin Meteorology Inc. Mass: 285 kilograms Desired destination: Low Kerbin Orbit Notes: No decoupler/separator required, as the satellite's bottom node is a Junior port (to facilitate future on-orbit maintenance if necessary). Enclose in fairing - solar arrays are very fragile. MechJeb case not included. OOC: I haven't designed the payload, because I don't have access to my computer yet. I'll update this post with the KerbalX link once I build and upload it. The payload will be mostly stock with only parts from Ven's Stock Revamp. Edit (still OOC): Oh, and Procedural Parts.
  10. \o/ What forms of payment does SpaceY Inc. accept? I would like to book a launch. OOC: I can't see the pics now, but I know it'll be awesome. I still don't have a craft file, but I'm going home today. \o/ Also, by 'mail' do you mean PM or posting in this thread?
  11. Thanks! Glad you like it.
  12. Well, to quote another forum-goer (don't remember whom it is off the top of my head): color me intrigued. Not a lot of mission reports I've seen here touch on the foundations of having a futuristic setting. The typical format seems to be modlist; backstory; mission-report. Kudos to you, good sir. As for the chapter after the next chapter - how about fusion propulsion (i.e. the D-T Vista from KSPI-E)? I know you said fusion reactors would be touched upon in another chapter, but I feel that fusion drives are different (ish). Keep 'em coming!
  13. Ah, so the Raptor 1 is unable to launch to KSO or even KTO. However, that is of little consequence; weather satellites function just as well in LKO. OOC: As soon as I have access to a computer with KSP, I will design the payload and send it to you for approval.
  14. I may require a Raptor launch sometime in the future. I have an experimental weather satellite that needs to be launched into a keostationary orbit over the KSC. How much payload can the Raptor 1 launch to keostationary orbit? Nevertheless, consider me a very intrigued sponsor. OOC question: is Ven's Stock Revamp installed? Because this Raptor 1 looks a LOT better than the original.
  15. Hey Max, apparently you've got a group all to yourself! Have you noticed that? How'd you get that?

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    2. TotallyNotHuman_


      You know how all other users are 'Members'? Instead of 'Members', it says 'Max_Creative' instead.

      Maybe YOU can't see it, but everyone else can. Weird. :/

    3. max_creative


      Oh. That. 

      I think that's been there for a few months. I just kinda pretend it doesn't exist. 

    4. TotallyNotHuman_


      Oh. That's pretty cool anyway.