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  1. thax , still learning

    1. Vanamonde


      No problem. :)

  2. can this be posible to have more then one generater atached and to join on the sides or doing like this ?? it also looks good to
  3. or adding piping for a connection
  4. can this be posible, maybe, adding more then one generator to a big reactor ??? looks good eh
  5. i enjoy the update rate, shows dedication, besides who likes waitting for updates????? i sure dont, Mr Freethinker keep doing what your doing please, your doing a great job.
  6. its still the same, nothing changed on that Deltathiago
  7. working on these right now
  8. i understand what you are tryin to say,but im tryin to limit the size and amount of parts, what i would love to see is a small rad or thermal handle 1000 GW of heat
  9. guys how do i cunfigur this rad to take this much GW without scaling , what # or #'s do i change in the cunfig file, i have a cheap ass pc and need to limit parts, i dont want to scale coz it makes the vessle look horrable, so if anyone can help me out on this it would be great
  10. any chance you can teach me how to edit a rad to take more heat?

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    2. mrgreco


      thats all????

    3. FreeThinker


      yes, radiators wasteheat is directlycorrolated with surface area

    4. mrgreco


      thax bro


      wait hold ,,,,do you mean simply scale it ????, im tryin to cunfig it in the file

          name = radPanelEdge
          module = Part
          author = RoverDude
              model = Squad/Parts/Thermal/RadiatorPanels/radPanelEdge
          rescaleFactor = 1.0
          node_attach = 0.0, 0.0, -0.0, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0
          TechRequired = basicScience
          entryCost = 2200
          cost = 450
          category = Thermal
          manufacturer = Probodobodyne Inc
          subcategory = 0
          title = Radiator Panel (edge)
          description = A radially attachable radiator panel to help dissipate heat into space.
          attachRules = 0,1,0,1,1
          mass = 0.03
          dragModelType = default
          maximum_drag = 0.2
          minimum_drag = 0.2
          angularDrag = 2
          crashTolerance = 12
          maxTemp = 2500 // = 2900
          bulkheadProfiles = srf
          tags = cool fixed heat moderat radiat static temperat therm
          emissiveConstant = 0.90
          heatConductivity = 0.001 //They have built in insulators
          thermalMassModifier = 5
          radiatorHeadroom = 0.75
          skinInternalConductionMult = 2000
              name = ModuleActiveRadiator
              maxEnergyTransfer = 7500
              overcoolFactor = 0.25
              isCoreRadiator = true
              parentCoolingOnly = true
                  name = ElectricCharge
                  rate = 0.025

      how do i make a small rad take ooooohhhhh its say 500 GW heatwaist

  11. i need your help on cunfigging rads

    1. raxo2222


      Why not post it on thread?

    2. mrgreco


      i did


  12. can somone please teach me how to mod a thermal rad file to take a tun of heat to limit the part count please , i need a pic on a cunfig file to see what to do, thank you
  13. the mods i use are intersteller extended, intersteller fuel switch, eva trancfer , kerbo kats automatted science sampiler, thank you very much for your input, it means alot, this ship is one of many deep space ships i enjoyed building and using
  14. its a power plant that prvides power all over kerban also in relay stats i have around the planet