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  1. can somone explane to me how to use the Albative laser nozzle, coz i cant seem to get it to work , even with cheats on, and the warp drive, how to get into orbit after warping without burning up all my fuel !!!!!!!!
  2. i to just tried opengl and my game went wierd , lost color to everything and the phisics was off , so ill stay usein the cheatengina, speedhack option, it slows the game down just a bit,and the funny thing is you really dont notice it, just better performents, i hope Ksp adds a slow'mo on the timer
  3. it works for me
  4. i have found a way to fix lag without adding any mods or cunfig ing ,,, this will help people with low end pc's get cheatengine 6.6 run KSP then run cheatengine 6.6 in back ground go to cheatengine and click the little button with the pc pic on it find KSP set it then go to enable speed hack and move it to the left to 0.05 press ok and the game will run fine just a we bit slower and smoother really helps with big ships or docking with other ships thats it ,,, hope it helps
  5. intersteller exstended , intersteller fuel switch, a nother solor system
  6. i notice that some modders are not putting the full version game numbers on or updating ther mod version game numbers, so i was hoping modders can start putting the whole kps version eg (supports kps v1.2.2) insted of just (supports 1.2) ther are now 1.2.0,1.2.1,1.2.2,so witch will work???? i dont know... so this way we know its bin updated or the file is going to work with the new or old game version we have insted of guessing, then downloading a file that wont work, but other then that you modders are doing a great job i love the work and time you people put in to the mods for the game, i hope this dose not upset anyone
  7. this mod is tryin to overwrite the file called asdriod