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  1. @EnzoMeertens great to see you pop back on. The current version of the mod needs a couple tweaks, the amount of impact force required to get a model to deform is much greater than it used to be. Low speed impacts will cause a bounce instead of a crash.
  2. CRP is a dependency of many of my mods, I can't really remove it. Is it possible to make a MM config that would remove the unused resources from the switch. If you could show me one working example I can fix it up for myself.
  3. Anywhere, doesnt' matter. Just pull up the list of vessels, click one of the vessel names and you should get detailed info about that vessel, along the bottom are tabs, go over to auto and click up, then you should see some labels with checkmarks, there are mouse pointer tooltips to help explain everything, you can uncheck the different things to disable the messaging, which disable the time warp stop.
  4. the part SXTSmallFuselage appears to be a duplicate of the stock Mk0 jet fuel tank part. EDIT: I did a pull request with an updated tweakscale config, should now cover everything.
  5. assuming you are using RealPlume, just use the smokescreen interface in game to tweak the plume, then make a config with those settings. There is probably already a config in the RealPlume-Stock folder, just match up the name of the part. I've noticed a couple that do not look good.
  6. Ah man, I redid all the NFT mod configs yesterday. EDIT: So far I've done all the mods I use except these. I'll do another PR when I'm done. SXT (just a ridiculous number of parts) Mk3 Expansion (has not config) Stockalike Mining Extension (has no config) Feline Utility Rover (has no config) Planetary Base Systems (not sure about this one)
  7. The tweakscale config is missing a number of parts, the srb nosecones, the oms/rcs blisters, and a few of the interstage adapters. I updated my local file if you would like to use it, I also added the engine behavior to all the engine parts. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_wAo_KZdHCraEsweXNkRTlIUGs
  8. I did a pull request with tweakscale updates.
  9. You would just need to use multiple ladders, if you scaled the ladder the bars would probably look too far apart.
  10. The Tweakscale config is missing 3 parts, not sure if those were left out intentionally or not. Also need to add the engine behavior to engines. Here is an updated file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_wAo_KZdHCrclNWQm1CUGdGSkk
  11. I've been working on a tweakscale addon and checking mod parts, I did a pull request with alot of updates to the tweakscale config.
  12. Tweakscale config includes ladders? Kerbals are always the same size, so that seems like something that shouldn't be tweakscaled.
  13. I rebound mine to numpad buttons because of this.
  14. v 0.2 Added scaleFactor overrides to each scale, this fixes problems with some parts having defined the scaleFactors directly inside the part config. Added to the forbid list, docking ports, antenna, scansat parts. Fixed a bug with parts that were 10m default, some parts use 10 and some parts use 10.0. The MM filter doesn't match them both as you think it would. Removed the SXTBox filter I put in, totally didn't work.
  15. Can you remove a field from a module? For example... @PART[ITSLeg-L]:NEEDS[TweakScale]:FOR[KerbalReusabilityExpansion] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = free defaultScale = 100 scaleFactors = 85, 100, 150, 200 } } I want to get rid of the scaleFactors line from every Tweakscale Module, because I am doing my own in the :FINAL step. How can I make sure something is executed before FINAL, but after everything else? I tried this, but no joy... //remove any predefined scaleFactors that may be on parts @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[TweakScale]] { @MODULE[TweakScale] { !scaleFactors } } EDIT: Figured out a better way to do it, still wonder if you can delete module fields that way though?