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  1. how do i use these wings i looked at the forum there were no instructions.
  2. actually i think i will work on this mod i would like some help on this though ill need to to a bit of reasearch so on every rocket i work on if someone could send me links to all the various missions the rockets launched that would be helpful the first rocket will be a juno
  3. Well no enough people wanted it so I'm just going to cancel it
  4. can i please have a 1.1.3 download
  5. this mod is work in dev it will have a few requirements for it to work. this mod will allow you to fly any historical rocket you want in rss and launch from any of the pads at NASA and Russia. this mod will have every single rocket launched by NASA and the USSR/Russian federation of course not all of them will be in it. it will come with all the different versions of them so you could recreate Cassini or pioneer 7 or any other Russian rocket the full version will only support 1.1.3 if i do upgrade it will be fore 1.2.2 but not until all the other mods upgrade but when its done you can recreate any mission by the USA or Russia ad launch from any of the pads i know you might be saying relaunch sites does that that will be a required mod but there currently not updating the mod at a fast enough rate the i would like i know they cant rush and they might be busy but the advantage of this mod is im 13 and im home schooled i get out at 12:00 i would love to work on this so ill have a ton of time to. now i need some to know if anyone wants this or not ill make a poll if i get 50 people to say yes that they want this ill start development on it but if not it will be cancelled because not enough people will want it. now this is my first mod so it might take time but faster hopefully well i said i was going to work on it but ive done research there are already a combination of mods that could do what this mod does so its kinda copying them so im not going to do it
  6. please make a version of this for 1.1.3 RSS because im doing im needing a shuttle and i have no plans of upgradeing
  7. i already have the mods not spacey i prefer kw rocketry i just think it would be better so it would come with the game also where is the ksp repsiotory
  8. add it so you can switch versions like you can go to 0.16 also i would like 5 meter parts because they would be much more powerful and we could launch are creations and have less part count and it would be less laggy so you could fit the bigger payloads in fairings also you should add RSS in the game nathankell made i like it very much. and also clouds and scattering effects for planets and in astronomer's visual pack.
  9. i paid for ksp cant i get the versions i want i would like 0.16,0.18 and the version i started playing 0.21
  10. okay i will start work on it ill give you a link to the video when its ready to show you
  11. i cant add a install or i dont know how?
  12. everytime time i launch a rockect my screen turns black im playing RSS and the error is runtime error R6025 - pure virtual function call is what it says
  13. What's mission reports?
  14. Ksp RSS Project explore series so I'm starting a ksp series up on my youtube channel my channel has been dormant for a while so I thought of a idea. To do ksp RSS it would be a long term series a couple years 2 maybe I'll hAve videos out every wensday and Saturday I still don't know if it will be Carrer mode or sandbox I'll make a stroll pole and you can vote or I'll decide or you votes will tell me witch one to do it will be heavily modded. Now if you don't know what RSS is. It is made by a person on the fourms NathanKell where kerb in is earth duna is Mars Jool is juipiter you have titain all the major moons everything like that with a lot of required mods and the realsim effects I'm adding in is TAC Lifesupport,remotetech,FAR and plenty more. And obviously by now I'm not upgrading to 1.2 because a friend of mine in the links below helped me get RVE working witch will help me out a lot because spoiler alert I'm going to be seeing earth and Mars a lot for Kolonization on there. I will also have a list of all my mods to i don't have much info or pictures on this yet because I'm just starting everything up. If you want to find me on YouTube I'm assuming you do to see my videos I'm am jaying gamer I'll make a link to my channel to. Channel link (to a video on vacation at the moment so I can't really copy my channel linked but a video) https://youtu.be/J0Ed5T6iLUg Link to DrLicor best person to help you with modsome like RVE a bunch of those hard stuff you can't do he is absolutely amazing http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/profile/165712-drlicor/reputation/ Mods little old but pretty much up to data I will constant modified my mod list on the fourms and in the game to make it up to date KSP: 1.1.3 (Win64) - Unity: 5.2.4f1 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Filter Extensions - 2.6 Toolbar - 1.7.12 USI Tools - 0.7.4 Advanced Jet Engine - 2.7.2 Ambient Light Adjustment - Animated Decouplers - 1.3.2 B9 Animation Modules - 1.0.3 B9 Part Switch - 1.4.3 B9 Aerospace - 6.1.2 B9 Aerospace HX Parts - 6.1.2 B9 Aerospace Legacy Parts - 6.1.2 Community Resource Pack - 0.5.4 DMagic Orbital Science - Ferram Aerospace Research - Firespitter - 7.3 Forgotten Real Engines - 0.7.1 Interstellar Fuel Switch - 2.1.4 RasterPropMonitor - 0.27 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.5.9 Kerbal Engineer Redux - 1.1.1 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.1.7 KerbalKonstructs - HyperEdit - Kerbal Inventory System - 1.2.12 KSP-AVC Plugin - KWRocketryRedux - 3.0.12 Lithobrake Exploration Technologies - 0.3.6 Infernal Robots - 2.0.2 ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.1.5 Docking Port Alignment Indicator - 6.4 NearFutureConstruction - 0.6.4 NearFutureSolar - 0.6.2 NearFutureSpacecraft - 0.5.1 Kerbal Planetary Base Systems - 1.1.4 PlanetShine - 0.2.5 Precise Node - 1.2.3 Procedural Wings - 0.11.1 Procedural Parts - 1.2.5 RCS Build Aid - 0.8 RCS Sounds - 5.0 RealChute - RealismOverhaul - 11.3.2 Real Scale Boosters - 0.14.5 RealSolarSystem - 11.4 ReentryParticleEffect - 1.1 SCANsat - Ship Manifest - SolverEngines - 2.3 SSTULabs - TAC Fuel Balancer - 2.8 TextureReplacer - 2.4.13 TAC Life Support - 0.12.4 Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.7.1 Alternate Resource Panel - Transfer Window Planner - 1.5.1 TweakScale - 2.2.13 USI Core - 0.2.4 USI Exploration Pack - 0.5.4 Karbonite Plus - 0.6.4 Karibou - 0.2.4 Kolonization Core - 0.2.4 Konstruction - 0.1 NuclearRockets - 0.2.4 Sounding Rockets - 0.4.4 UKS - 0.40.4 VenStockRevamp - 1.9.5 KSP Interstellar Extended - 1.9.11 WildBlueTools - 1.5.1 Buffalo - 0.7 Ksp RSS Forgive me the title is offset I edited it and it looked fine I tuned it a bit but then now fully published it looks ugly