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  1. Okay, I'll add that.
  2. Just the game here made available again. Let's start: 1 (+).
  3. Thank you, I was using the "insert other media" button.
  4. The forum!
  5. The link field turns red!
  6. Uh-oh, it is rejecting my image!
  7. Thank you.
  8. I was setting up a relay network, but when I deployed the solar panels, something weird happened. It said that my solar panels were producing infinite power. This was weird, but after a while, something even stranger happened. The power display started to switch between infinite power and no power at all! I would provide an image, but it keeps rejecting the link! Oops, almost forgot this! GameData: AntennaSleep BahaSP BoulderCo ColorCodedCans ColorfulFuelLines CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack CommunityTechTree Corvus Corvus_Continued CTTP CustomBarnKit CustomMod (my own mod, currently inactive) Diazo disk.png DockingPortAlignmentIndicator Endurance EnviromentalVisualEnhancements Extrasolar FuelTanksPlus gradient.png HGR HideEmptyTechTreeNodes IndicatorLights INSTANTIATOR InterstellarFuelSwitch JoolBiomes JSI JX2Antenna KargantuaSystem KAS KerbalEngineer KerbalJointReinforcement Kerbaltek KIS Kopernicus Landertron lens.png LETech MechJeb2 MechJeb2Embedded by Dennis6492 ModRocketSys ModularFlightIntegrator ModuleManager2.6.8.dll ModuleManager2.6.25.dll ModuleManager2.7.1.dll ModuleManager2.7.5.dll ModuleManager.ConfigCache ModuleManager.ConfigSHA ModuleManager.Physics ModuleManager.TechTree NavyFish OPM Planet9 PlanetaryBaseInc PoodsOPMVO ProbeControlRoom ReCoupler REPOSoftTech RSCapsuledyne SaruPack scatterer Science_Revisited SDHI SHED Sigma SpaceY-Expanded SpaceY-Lifters Squad StageRecovery stars.png Taurus_Continued-0.1 TextureReplacer ThunderAerospace TimeControl TriggerTech TRP-Hire UmbraSpaceIndustries VanguardTechnologies WernherChecker
  9. Hey, what happens if you fall into the black hole?
  10. Why would Star Packs drop points? I don't get it. P.S. You should get extra points if you send a manned mission with a life support mod!
  11. I know there is a 1.2.1 update. I have it. I was talking about an error in the .version file. But it will work fine if you edit the file. Heck, it will even work on 1.2.2!
  12. Yes, but the .version file mistakenly says that it is only compatible with 1.1, and prevents OPM from working. Simply editing the file should fix the issue.
  13. Still, I would prefer to send a probe for planets like Jool and Sarnus.
  14. Why must it be manned at all? I'd much prefer to send a probe, as I am using TAC Life Support. Speaking of mods, can I keep my mods that aren't Kerbal Engineer or Precise Node Alignment? If I removed them, I would lose all my ships that use those parts. I promise I won't use any non-stock parts! This is also why I am keeping TAC-LS too. If I removed it, my Space Station would go away!
  15. I use both MechJeb and Kerbal Engineer!