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  1. Ok my shoulder is starting to get movement back and I finally got the cnc finished. Here are some pics. This is going to help drastically. Im still learning how to use it but its coming along well. Im going to cut out a throttle shroud and then wire up the joystick and throttle. So progress is starting again finally, but will be slow for awhile.
  2. I would like to right click on a part and say maybe "open stats" or "display info" or something to that effect, and have it open a full window displaying every module and what it does. Some of these mods are really hard to learn as it is, and I have found that non stock parts sometimes wont freeze their menu when right clicking, disabling my ability to scroll, making it impossible to look at the functions of that part. I hope they get something like that worked out, or a mod that will do the same thing. That would be amazing, as this is driving me crazy having to google mod parts functions every time I forget something. Thanks, let me know if anyone has ran into this problem, as I havent been able to find many complaining about this.
  3. Hey everyone, I have a question. When I right click these parts in the vab so see what they do, the menu disappears and the part selects rather than make the menu stationary so I can scroll. It seems to be only these parts. Anyone else ran into that?
  4. Was using the ip my router assigned instead of external ip. That fixed it. Thank you!
  5. This is one of my favorite mods. This tool really helped me transfer planets with any success for the first time. I hope this gets updated soon. Its like missing a hammer from your toolbox.
  6. What ports?
  7. I cannot for the life of me get this working on a different computer from the host. I subbed my local ip for the but i get a message saying the page cannot be reached. Any ideas?
  8. @richfilesthese are taken from 2 angles with an iphone 4. 60.8 degrees horizontal by 47.5 degrees vertical Also which angle looks better? Top down or straight on? Probably wont be able to tell till i get a wide angle lens in there
  9. lol I guess that was confusing
  10. I only need 3 more meters now!
  11. I also ordered everything for the ox cnc machine. The parts are coming from literally all over the world so its going to take awhile to get everything. I will update once I have some progress of that as well. Lastly..a good fried of mine loves Warhammer. He has all of the super expensive model sets that look out of this world. But ive seen them when he gets them, and they are just halved gray plastic shapes basically. The paint he puts on these things are epic. unfortunately he lives 2000 miles away.Anyways, getting side tracked, I thought about going to a warhammer tourney and seeing of anyone would want to help me paint the interior of the sim in exchange for a good smoke session and bbq or something. I will feature them on here if anyone helps, but I was just thinking if I can get that level of detail painting inside this, It will really bring it all together. Like dirt, wear and tear, imperfections, and all the little things. I consider the paint of the sim now as a primer. So anyway. I need to stop typing now
  12. So the reason I havent posted anything is that i had pretty major surgery of my shoulder and using my arm is almost impossible for right now. It will take 2-8 months to recover, barring any setbacks. Luckily most of the major work is done(in the front 2 sections) Ive broke the electronics down into 3 separate categories, each with 2 phases that need implementing. The 3 categories are: 1- Meters- PWM Output(https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-16-channel-servo-driver-with-raspberry-pi/overview) 2-Buttons/Switches - GPIO IN (https://www.abelectronics.co.uk/p/54/IO-Pi-Plus) 3-Segment Displays/Indicator Lights- PWM Output(The reason I am using a pwm board instead of a gpio board is that the pwm boards can be chained together to give a total of 992 outputs. The gpio boards cannot be chained so I went with the pwm board) When I said that there are 2 phases per category, they are as follows Phase 1- Verify functionality of circuit/ Establish total room for expansion Phase 2- Scale circuit to desired scale(Basically replicating) Typing is painful and takes forever so I apologiize now if it takes time to reply As of now, I have completed phase 1 of the meters. Im wating of some circuit boards to come in the mail to start phase 1 on the other 2. I wont start phase 2 until phase 1 is totaly complete, So i dont run into capacity problems
  13. Ya those definitely look like they can work
  14. Any suggestions for helmet/third person webcam? I want to helmet cam to resemble my vision(go pro maybe?), and the third person to be just a regular view. Not sure what angle I want them to be at though. It would be cool if I could get one wide enough to get both pilot seats in one shot, but Im not sure that will happen.
  15. http://www.openbuilds.com/threads/ox-metal-cnc-router-mill.7218/ Im in the process of ordering all the parts for this. Im going to try to use this to make the rest of the panels