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  1. Built a new Concorde, I think the shape of the wing looks pretty close to the real thing. It has some trouble reaching Mach 1, since it's powered by 8 Juno engines. Apologies for the darkness of the aircraft, this was take a little after sunrise.
  2. B-29 with the Bell X-1, or just the B-29 alone.
  3. This will be replacing the old Saturn V pic; for those who don't remember it's this:
  4. Yes, the mods that were used are scatterer, Distant Object, EVE, SVE, and Galileo's sunflares. Turns out that when you position your camera to face the sun, the surrounding stars and galaxies fade out.
  5. @MinimalMinmus Ariane 5 is almost finished, just tweaking some areas. I'll be moving on to the Ariane 4 soon.
  6. I was doing a course correction for one of my relays in geosynchronous orbit, when I angled my camera, by coincidence, to perfectly fit all the planets (besides Dres ), and Minmus in one screenshot. I opened up my map to see if they were lined up correctly, and sure enough, the planets corresponded to the order in this image. You can slightly tell the different colors of each planet, too.
  7. Thread is complete! Pictures and characteristics were added for all the rockets.
  8. I almost forgot about this thread but fear not. All ships were rebuilt but I never got around to posting pictures, so I'm releasing them tonight, and adding the last set of rockets to complete the thread.
  9. It's been a while since I posted here... Never before seen Dragon V2 (stock):
  10. I've been looking into those, and I'm adding them to the "upcoming" list. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Tell me about it. If I take 10 more pictures, it takes me a whole hour just to gather specs and other info for the new/updated craft.
  12. This update really is only updating the original rockets within this thread and adding a few more craft. The N1, SU-25, and SU-47 were the only added craft. The Delta II 7425 was replaced with the 7920.
  13. Ok, thanks.
  14. No. F1, or hit F2 and then F1. You may also need to hold down 'Fn', it depends on your keyboard. Screenshots are then found in the KSP/Screenshots folder.
  15. Zond LS-1 I created this rocket almost exactly as it was, five stages; all with the appropriate number of engines. Unmanned. Stock. 700 parts. 30 engines. What could possibly go wrong? Adding up the points (will be added on to the upcoming missions): Accurate launch vehicles: Your Soyuz analogue has four engines clustered on each of the four side-strapped boosters, and the main stalk also has four engines. Your Proton analogue has six engines on the first stage, four engines of the second stage, and two on the third stage. Your N-1 analogue - well, let's be honest, giving it thirty engines on the first stage is huge overkill for the Kerbal universe, so I'll allow ten engines. If you want thirty, feel free to do so. Your next stage has eight engines, the stage after that has four. Now, your rocket should be in space. +15 Accurate spacecraft: Your LOK, which is basically an over-engineered Soyuz spacecraft, has enough room for two Kerbals. If you also have a Soyuz analogue, make sure the LOK's service module is slightly longer. Your LK, the lunar lander, is a one-stage lander with one crew capacity, which ditches the landing legs and other equipment you wouldn't need for the ascent (ie: science equipment, etc.). If you are unfamiliar with the designs, you should already have wikapedia open. +10 Power generation: Your LOK uses fuel cells and has no solar panels. +5 Efficiency is key: Use the 3rd stage of the N-1 to complete the transfer burn. If you are using RSS or some other large rescale, complete the burn with the 4th stage. +5 Survivability: Have a LES. +5 Hardcore: Do it stock only. +40 'Zond LS-1': An unmanned test of the N-1 with the LOK stashed behind a fairing. Do not bring the LK with you. Only go to LKO. +20 Total score (so far): 100