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  1. I haven't run into that problem. I do get craft with 200+ parts flying into space or into the center of Kerbin when I spawn them via VesselMover. Speaking of bugs, anybody getting this one? I have plenty of electric charge, but the probe says there isn't enough. I can't control this part of my truck. Oh, and it's also directly on top of the tracking center in case it was an issue of not having connection.
  2. I added a new jet to my post, and cleaned up a few things. Also, just FYI, there are some problems with BDArmory as of now. Penetration was added, but no armor was added along with it. However, I do believe that the armor is currently in the works, and it should be released eventually.
  3. It's "loosely" based on the HEMTT. At first I wanted to make something like a semi truck, but then I decided to make the HEMTT. As for the name... Technically, neither of us can use it. The UNSC had it first.
  4. I'm not sure if I should add my newest creation to the post. It's a cargo truck, with 228 parts. Is that too many for a cargo truck? I know some of the posts have vehicles that use around 200 parts, but those are tanks and this is only a cargo truck. Here's the link if you want to look at it: EDIT: Also, I updated my post. Added the UMAA-29 Rhino: a SPAAG.
  5. E3 Defense Solutions - History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E3 Defense Solutions began as an isolated, self-sustaining colony, called Haven, on an island. It was funded by a group of rich men, who hoped to create a secret society that could ride out the wars and general chaos that plagued Kerbin. They were successful in doing so: Haven flourished over the years, growing without outside interference. Nobody but the colonists even knew that it existed. The colonists branched downwards, building a vast underground network of bunkers. They were completely invisible until the boom in the spaceflight industry. Advances in technology came about. Satellites could observe an ant from high orbit. Of course, the colony's presence was mostly underground, but some of their surface infrastructure could be seen. At first, nobody even bothered with the colony; it looked small and insignificant when compared with other colonies, and it was left alone. However, when ore scans revealed that there were large amounts of valuable resources, greedy corporations descended upon the island. They believed that they could simply oust this small colony and take the resources for themselves. But, they were met with fierce resistance. The conflict was quickly and decisively finished. They were driven back by a force they could not see or comprehend. It shocked them, and they left the island in defeat, hoping to one day come for this valuable location again. What they could not have known, however, was that they severely weakened Haven's military. Both forces were not prepared for the conflict, but they were still able to do significant damage to each other. Thousands of colonists were dead, and many more were injured. The colonists grew worried that they would not be prepared when the corporations came back. Many changes were made. Haven's focus moved from prosperity and self-defense to militarization. Naturally, the colony grew into a military corporation, run by a council, that focused on creating and selling military hardware and services to other corporations and countries. They specialized in unmanned military vehicles and aircraft, but they had not ventured into space combat until after the war between GMI and HKA broke out. When the war came, E3 Defense Solutions (E3DS) secretly sided with HKA. They felt empathy for HKA, because they had been through a similar ordeal, long ago. Now that GMI has seemingly been destroyed, E3DS will continue to lend support to HKA, especially now that they must rebuild. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aircraft ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F/A-44 Valkyrie Initially meant only to be an attacker, the Valkyrie performs both roles of fighter and attacker. This is due to the modifications made during the design phase, where it was realized that the jet could serve as a fighter as well as an attacker with the addition of front canards. After debate over whether the Valkyrie could perform both roles effectively, the addition was finally agreed upon. The canards were added, increasing the maneuverability of the Valkyrie and making it a very effective aircraft. DL: Weapons: AIM-120 AMRAAM Missile (x4) M61 Vulcan Rotary Cannon (x2) Mk83 JDAM Bomb (x4) Equipment: AN/ALQ-131 ECM Jammer (x2) AN/APG-63 Radome Chaff Flares FLIR Targeting Ball ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UASF-30 Eagle The UASF-30 Eagle is a highly maneuverable unmanned air superiority fighter. The Eagle, unlike most aircraft of its time, has a cannon that can fire at any target in a small cone in front of the drone. This gives it a tremendous advantage in a dogfight, as it can engage targets with deadly precision. DL: Weapons: AIM-120 AMRAAM Missile (x4) M230 Chain Gun Turret (limited firing arc) Equipment: AN/ALQ-131 ECM Jammer AN/APG-63 Radome Chaff Flares ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UBI-36 Dragonfly The UBI-36 Dragonfly was originally a reconnaissance and strike drone. However, the creation of the Firefly rendered it obsolete. Hundreds of these drones had already been produced, so it was decided to refit them to serve the roles of cheap bomber interceptors and fighters. These little drones are maneuverable and fast for their size, and have a high thrust-to-weight ratio, allowing them to climb straight up without problems. Surprisingly, they are also able to support large amounts of countermeasures, and even an ECM jammer, making them a pain for enemy aircraft to deal with. DL: Weapons: AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile Browning .50 cal AN/M2 Machine Gun (x2) Equipment: AN/ALQ-131 ECM Jammer Chaff Flares ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UCAV-42 Firefly The UCAV-42 Firefly is an advanced, autonomous VTOL gunship. It is capable of carrying heavy cargo with its afterburning engines. It is a very versatile aircraft, capable of employing many different loadouts. The Firefly has two 30mm chain gun turrets mounted on the underside. It has two radars on each end, allowing for detection of aircraft in all directions. Finally, it is equipped with two ECM jammers, and plenty of chaff and flares. As a result of these features, the Firefly is a deadly and resilient aircraft. DL: Weapons: AGM-65 Maverick Missile (x2) M230 Chain Gun Turret (x2) Equipment: Advanced Grabbing Unit Advanced Reaction Wheels AN/ALQ-131 ECM Jammer (x2) AN/APG-63 Radome (x2) Chaff Flares FLIR Targeting Ball ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ground Vehicles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UFSV-43 Scorpion The UFSV-43 Scorpion is an unmanned fire support and reconnaissance vehicle. Its main role is to probe enemy defenses and to provide fire support for its combat group. The Scorpion has 2 chain gun turrets, allowing it to fight against all enemy vehicles and aircraft. It is a versatile vehicle, and, despite its small size, it can be very deadly. The Scorpion's most notable feature is its ability to suppress enemies and to cover friendly vehicles. It has 2 smoke countermeasure pods that allow it to deploy a smokescreen for cover. DL: Weapons: M230 Chain Gun Turret (x2) Equipment: FLIR Targeting Ball Radar Data Receiver Smoke CM Pods ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UMAA-29 Rhino An improvement upon the Wolverine fighting vehicle chassis, the UMAA-29 Rhino is a capable SPAAG. With its TWS locking radar, it can track and engage enemy aircraft and missiles with pinpoint accuracy. It is able to send and receive radar tracking data to and from any vehicles in its AO. With its 30mm Millennium cannon, it has proven to be capable in its role as an anti-aircraft vehicle, but it is also able to perform the role of a fire support vehicle very well. DL: Weapons: Oerlikon Millennium Cannon Equipment: Flares FLIR Targeting Ball Radar Data Receiver Smoke CM Pods TWS Locking Radar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have read the rules of this thread, and have done my best to follow them in this post. (I've never done anything like this, with lore and stuff. I hope it is ok.)
  6. So, now that the load range of vessels has increased, will the ranges of missiles, guns, etc. be increased to values closer to real life?
  7. So, I fired a Maverick straight up. Is this supposed to happen?
  8. Oh, nice. I guess I did misunderstand you, lol. I'll have to PM him another one of my craft, because this one has already been spoiled XD EDIT: Ahh yes, looking through the previous posts probably would've been helpful...
  9. Alright. I'll have to build a new aircraft Well, since I can't fight with the one I want to submit (unless I misunderstood a second time), I guess I'll post the link here on the forum. Su-47 Berkut (would fight without the missiles, of course):
  10. Does 8 wings mean I can only have a max of 8 horizontal lifting surfaces and vertical stabilizers together? Or do vertical stabilizers count? Do control surfaces count as well? I just want to know, because all the craft I have use at least 6 wings, 2 canards, and 2 vertical stabilizers.
  11. I made something nice It's my second attempt at a stock weapon, so it probably hasn't reached its full potential. I named it the Broadsword Flying Bomb. It's really maneuverable, but it has trouble taking off. Anyways, here's the video (target is VAB): Oh, and it has a range of about 30km.
  12. My original SR-72 that I was initially going to use for this (before I tested to see if it had enough fuel for the mission) had a bomb, of sorts, that had a fairing, parachutes, a probe core, a weapon manager, a targeting ball, and 4 JDAMs. I would use the Trajectories mod to see when my plane was at the right distance to deploy the bomb, then I would drop the bomb, deploy the parachutes at the right time to slow it down until it was floating right over the target, and then I would jettison the fairing and launch the JDAMs. It was pretty effective, but deploying the parachutes too early or too late would make the probe stop too far from the target for the JDAMs to hit.
  13. Yeah, if I do drop a tank in, it'll be the way they do it in real life. I might not do it though, because it would take a lot of time just to design a plane that my tank can fit in.
  14. If I put a sepatron on my tank, can I drop it from a supersonic cargo plane and call it a guided rocket?
  15. Maybe I can use my A-10 replica! Or, since there are no rules about making an aircraft, I could use my 400 part realistic looking tank! Also, I've got another submission. I actually did amazing this time. I present: The KB-26 Kraken! Fully equipped with 5 JDAMs, the Kraken has 2 Whiplash engines and a single HyperBlast ScramJet engine. It can reach a max speed of about 1,400 m/s. KB-26 Kraken Score: 1365 (826 / 453)*(50) = 91 (2532596 / 60209)*(30) = 1262 (96617 / 161474)*(20) = 12 (91 + 1262 + 12) = 1365