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  1. KSC switcher can't do that, I just checked. You could switch the config files around for Earth and (lets say) Trappist-1E (really needs a name). You would need to close KSP and switch the config files between sessions, but all of your ships would stay put around the correct body. I did this in the early days of Centauri Dreams when I wasn't sure where I wanted Elcano to be. I moved it from Alpha B to Alpha A and the moved another planet where it once was and all the ships stayed in place. I could write the config file if your interested. Oh! I didn't realize you could now resize PQSs. Maybe it was just my doing, but last time I looked it wasn't able to resize PQS mods on mod bodies, just the stock system. I will have to look into this.
  2. The KSC is on Trappist-1 E
  3. I didn't like your post that was someone else... but I did like it It takes a lot of work to resize a system and my planets are not compatible with Sigma Dimensions due to the PQS mods not resizing. While that is not completely off the table, it is more work than I wish to do currently. Have you looked into SMURFF? It "resizes" resources to work with a real scaled system and keeps the difficulty about the same without breaking any mods like kerbalism AFAIK. Placing the Sun the correct distance of 39ly is actually really easy to accomplish, I have not tested this file, but it should work. @Kopernicus:FOR[RealSolarSystem] { // Sun Body { name = Sun cacheFile = RealSolarSystem/RSSKopernicus/Cache/Sun.bin Template { name = Sun removeProgressTree = false } Orbit { referenceBody = Trappist 1 semiMajorAxis = 368960608000000000 eccentricity = 0.006810339650842032 inclination = 2.463 meanAnomalyAtEpochD = 311.2459947553124 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 7.981603378781639 argumentOfPeriapsis = 123.7121294282329 color = 1,1,1,1 } Properties { useTheInName = True description = The Sun, a G2V main sequence yellow dwarf. radius = 696342000 gravParameter = 1.32712E+20 ScienceValues { } } ScaledVersion { solarLightColor = 1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0 } } } Download and install both RSS and Trappist Visions and then replace the Sun.cfg file in RSS with the above code. I wanted moons However, doing the math told me pretty quickly that none of the planets could support a moon for longer than a few orbits, or the moon would turn into dust by the Rosch limit or be pulled into another planets orbit. The original paper findings did theorize of a planet "X" further out that could support a moon, but they did not find evidence for its existence as with the others.
  4. With the recent discovery of the Trappist-1 system and its seven planets, the internet is abuzz with news and theories on the system. The planets and star of Trappist-1 are all sized to their real life counterparts. All of the bodies are known to exist in reality, a great deal of artistic license has been used to design and create a beautiful and massive system. The entire system is stable in N-body simulations upwards of 1500 Earth years. Similarly to my mod Centauri Dreams: This is a real scale system that places you into the system directly instead of adding it to the stock systems. This mod requires Kopernicus. FAQS: Where's Kerbin? Gone. This mod is much like RSS in that it replaces the stock system with one a lot closer to reality. Do I need Realism Overhaul? Short Answer: Yes. Long Answer: This mod will function without it, but for the sake of your sanity you will want a mod to adjust fuels and engines to a realistic scale as stock engines are severely under powered in real scale. See the suggested mods section for more info on those. Will updating this mod break my saves? More than likely, yes. It is always best to stick with one version of a mod instead of updating it in between game sessions. Spacedock: Download Visual Overhaul on Spacedock: Download Required Mods: Kopernicus Suggested Mods: Realism Overhaul or SMURFF SCANsat Mechjeb Kerbal Engineer Realistic Progression
  5. Children of a dead Earth. This might be possible by using code similar to procedural tanks. But I seem to remember KSP storing hard coded values for ISP. So having a engine building or designing mod probably wont work. We might not get infinite options to modify an engine. But a few options per engine that changes it's weight or its ISP or maybe even optimizes the engine for atmosphere could be accomplished. Honestly the more I think about this the more it sounds like a version of real fuels and tweakscale.
  6. It is linked from her biography page at NASA It's a long, but incredibly interesting read. The application of the math outlined in the above paper gets even more interesting.
  7. Off topic: dug into my bookshelf for a semaphore alphabet. I expected secret code, was dissapoint. On topic: as a mod maker I can say localisation is a huge thing that we should be excited for, and the competition makes me want to film a Kerbal Chronicles entry in English e Español mis amigas.
  8. Yeah, Im 90% done with the kerbal scale version. It is SUPER small i'm just fighting some issues with the PQS and I should be able to throw up a Beta version.
  9. Or in 3-2 or 2-3 Rotation orbits like Mercury
  10. I have not used Github before...I have tried, got lost, and moved to spacedock If someone knows how to get started on it that would be great. I have experience in Kopernicus, Module Manager and texture packaging, but Github defeats me. P.S. This topic should probably go into add-on development if this continues down this road.
  11. Alright, I will make these planets in Kopernicus if there is a desire to have them. Would we like them real scale or Kerbal scale?
  12. Another post I didn't notice until now. I wonder why I am not seeing notifications? I will look into it. Does it happen when you time warp? Or just while landed in general? I notice you also said you mine on Hawking, is it a problem there as well? EDIT: Found the issue. Fix will be in next update. For now if you want to fix and feel comfortable doing it yourself: go into Acceleration.cfg and remove the line under properties titled "mass = 6.05E+17" that line was a hold over from something else
  13. I made an interesting way to land at the KSC using coordinates
  14. Interesting! To my knowledge, the old space center and other anomalies never had their own science. This must be new from the last time I visited any anomalies. I wonder if the other areas; like the island runway, have their own science also?
  15. The last few months I’ve started to get into reusable crafts. The main hiccup in my reusable vehicles has always been getting them to land back at the runway. I thought for sure that there was a mod that would tell you when you need to burn to get yourself back to the KSC. There are a couple of mods that tell you where you will land, once you’re already landing, but none can tell you when to start your burn to land where you want to. I decided to take up reading Katherine Johnson’s work with NASA. She is the original genius who figured out where John Glenn’s capsule would land. Her work is very complicated, involving trigonometry and calculus. But I could par it down to basic algebra by ignoring things we do not need to worry about in KSP. Below is the video I have made describing these calculations and how to use them. To start off: the KSC is almost exactly on the equator at 74.34 W. This is where we want to land. We need two things: the rotation rate (or day) of the planet (kerbin) and the time until periapsis. With this information we can convert the rotation of the planet into usable coordinates to tell us when we should begin slowing down. We then need to flip the coordinates to give us the coordinates of apoapsis and factor in the atmosphere. The equations are listed below.