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  1. It's historically accurate. You're supposed to jump out in midair.
  2. I think so.
  3. Vostok Continued When @Beale revamped his Tantares mod, he unfortunately abandoned the Vostok parts. Abandoned and homeless, I took them in, updated the textures, and gave them a home. This mod adds a set of parts designed to re-create the Vostok spacecraft and Blok-E upper stage in a stockalike style. Thanks to: @Beale for making the original parts, and giving me access to his source files and giving me tips. @CobaltWolf for helping me with the textures and getting the parts ingame. @Daelkyr for helping with the aerodynamics and parachute code. Plenty of other people for giving me feedback, encouragement, and help. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. first
  4. Actually, the engine isn't finished yet, and I figure people can use the hoop antennas on the top for now.
  5. @Abrecan @SBKerman Not finished yet, but I've got the Blok-E, capsule, and capsule decoupler done.
  6. You could try making some sort of standardized keybinding mod, that keeps track of mod keybindings. Sort of like Community Resource Pack or Addon Version Checker.
  7. There's actually a stock module that does some of this, iirc. Doesn't have the power limiter though.
  8. The parts in BDB are balanced and scaled against the stock parts. Unfortunately, due to KSP's tiny solar system, that means that the rockets you build will be more powerful than their real world counterparts. For realistic balance, use a 2x or 3x system rescale mod, such as KScale2