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  1. Actualy that is only for Linux. Because of keyboard mapping being different on different OS there are variations. ME
  2. Not sure I understand your project but you can have flags elsewhere . Put a flag in a stable orbit around any body ME
  3. All the time. .. .. I just want to change the angle a bit. T'snot like I want to look at the back or underneath or something. .. .. Just turn it a bit.... .. .. .. While were on the subject. Does anyone it "M" to see where the ship is? ME
  4. ET TU KSP? ME
  5. Hey all Kerbalizers. Today I returned to one of my least favourite things. Shuttles, STS, Orbiter. Take your pick. All the same. So because I dislike them I decided to build small. And woudjoonowit? It's my best one yet. It took me 3 de-orbiting try to get it on the KSC. And 4 shot at the runway. But There it is. A bit squirely on the flare. The cargo bay Should be bigger but there isn’t anything closable that I could use.... It came back with 700 m per seconds in the tank so it could take more payload, go higher, whatever. Now I am tempted to put air-breathing engines on it.... Nah. Probably ruin a good fluke. But it does make me wonder if perhaps I learned something and should do the Shuttle Challenge again. ME
  6. The Van Kallen Belt is also a conspiracy. A belt would go around a round Kerbin. It should be called correctly the Van Kallen Band. Said band goes much further than the edges of Kerbin. Our group is joining force with the Kemtrails guys and chartering a remotely controlled boat to sail and fall off the edges. We are hoping to get telemetry and pictures of the pillars holding the ground up.............. ME
  7. Hi. Here is my take on the Flat Earth Society. imgur: 19,770 Roots by 4 Flats Passengers= 4,943 Roots. Didn't take into account the return on the pods as this is Sandbox. Launch Escape Testing, no pax. Go for launch Ap: 302Km Looks round ME
  8. My my my. Seems like page 1000 wasn't so long ago. ME
  9. Hi. Maybe the "Brains" can con confirm or deny what I will write here. I am not that good When a part is "Physicless" it doesn't mean th it isn't there. The physic isn't computed or applied where it is situated. The mass and drag are added to the parent part. No matter where the Z-100 is, even clipped, it contribute to drag. The Z-200 is however streamlined and has less drag. QED ME
  10. It's It's gorgeous. .....Fairing-Hull.........Pure genius. (I have to steal that one for myself) ME
  11. Shuttles are very hard to do. And IMO the dumbest idea on the face of this world. Some people say they provide a great feeling of accomplishment when they finally work. I did manage the challenge but wouldn't do it again....Maybe. ME
  12. Krispy Kurls, Kookees, Kurled bakon stikks, Kruchee Kooll Kream, Kiwees Kolla.... ME
  13. I don't know why. I just use it. WDIK ME
  14. Hi. No roasting. The CoG of the engine isn't in the engine......... The CoG of the bike is below ground. It helps to keep it upright. ME
  15. Hey all Kraken-Haters out there.....You know who you are. Not much the kast few days. Just putzing around. Made a motorbike with Bill's help. Couldn’t have done it without him. Aldson (Sounds Swedish) borrowed it to take Stellissa on a date. It went well.....As Kerbal inovation goes. ME