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  1. I did all of those. Several times. Then there is those other ones. The ones I thought I would never do cause it's so lame. Rendez-vous ing somewhere and then docking something like 5 times in a row going what the whole time. To finally realise that they are two different docking ports . And I also did put the senior docking port backward.....No docky. ME
  2. Hey all Kerby-O-Lics. Didn't play much with my virtual dolls today. But I when I did I got to play with a simulation of an IRSU equipped SSTO for Laythe. Jondas says it's squirely mid-atmosphere but it gets better in the low tens and flies adequately. Not sure (Well quite sure it doesn't actually) if it has enough Delta-V to make the trip to Jool on it's own. Might have it dock with the Jools Verne and they can travel together. ME
  3. I do believe that diplomatically speaking you must return the property when they ask for it. Of course it might take some time to assess their military value to get them transferred. Then when you are done dismantling every little bit of interest packing them for transport you return them. In wooden crates. You also need to bill them for "Crating Services" and damage to the airport they landed at . Viktor Belenko: ME
  4. Hey KeSPerados. Today I got the JoolsVerne out of it's mothballs (Do they still make them?) (Am I showing my age?). Meaning I got it out of a save from 1.1.3. I then modified it to add a few cabins as it was a bit shy of the new requirements. Added a docking port and Vernors. Never used those before. Imagine that. Then conducted docking "Simulations" with Jool Station. The simulations involved docking with the North port and with the equatorial ports. Next time I play I will be flying it in the normal way to Jool. I am thinking of also sending a shuttle of some sort to allow landing of crews on Laythe. ME
  5. Ran out of "Likes"....Again. Time to pass some cookies. Here. Have one. ME
  6. Hey all Kerbalikers. Today I launched 101 Kerbals, preloaded in Jool Station, and got them in orbit around Laythe. Once designed I went for the "All up" way to get it to orbit. Hummmm. Love those Asparaguses. After an uneventful 4 years they entered the Joolien system and used Laythe to achieve capture. After another 2 orbits of Jool Jeb inserted the ship around Laythe and circularized the orbit at 150 km. ME
  7. Hi. You know sometime we aren't (I say we but I know it applies to me anyway) as smart (Read competent) as we think we are. I have been known to hit the buttons around the one I was aiming for and then blame my machine. F1, F2 Esc, 1 or 2 they are all interchangeable . ME
  8. Ah. Something I can understand. Of course the device doesn't read where it is. (Insert Face Palm) It read for the parent body. Duh. Thank you. ME
  9. Hey all. I am a bit dumbfounded. Nice word that. I built a station. The Jool Station. Diameter 37.6m according to the VAB Engineer's Report. For curiosity I attached a Seismic Accelerometer to the large ring and one to a small ring and spun it. Lags of course but the MET gives 7sec per revolution. That's about 14 RPM. The darn thing displays 00.0g. What gives? When I ignite the engines they show a value..... Should we call that a bug? And oversight certainly. Unless it just can't generate 0.1g....Which I doubt. ME
  10. Hey all Kerbolite. Yesterday I built a simple SSTO And sent it to dock with venerable Skylab Today I put the finishing touches to Jool Station. It currently has a skeleton crew of 4 Oops 3 to test the various systems. Room for a little over 500 Kerbals. Tomorrow it should be on it's way to Jool with intent to achieve orbit around Laythe. ME
  11. Hi @KerbalManiac welcome to the forum. I am not aware of an exploding ship issue involving Pol. Been there a few times myself. It's a good place to land a ship and refuel with an ISRU. Kinda like Minmus in that regard. So easy to land on. ME
  12. Just saw your question on cabins. I don't remember. I would have to find the file.....Not sure I still have it. I had to reload my OS a while back. Not sure what it was called.....Knowing me it was probably called the "Unsinkable III" or something like that. Over a hundred anyway. ME
  13. Sink the Titanic and go Ballard on it.......I like it. I have not "Floated" my boat in a while. T'was 1.1ish I think. It had a slight tendency to Krakensplode when approached with another vessel . ME
  14. I made a boat once. ME
  15. K The full moon argument got me. ME