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  1. Hi there. Well a "Simulation" was conducted yesterday. And a few problems showed up. The first involved the Orion-Mark II. A smaller more efficient Orion. Half the size, Still hold 4 crews as before. The cockpits aren't even clipped. The docking port was replaced with the Junior......But not on the ARM version of the Altair...... The simulation sent the EDS-Altair to Rock-24. And the flight needs to depart sooner. The Orion as to wait for the orbit of the Altair to cross overhead. The difficulty in making an encounter even for one degree makes matching the planes mandatory. The travel time was 4 days. Arrival was 1 day before periapsis. not the planned 3. So a newer simulation will be conducted. One where the Altair will be matched to Rock-24 before the crew shows up. Where the Orion launch procedure will begin 8 days before Rock-24's apoapsis. On another note the testing of the Impactors: Stick-1 and Stick-2 were successfully fired. Giving a very satisfying set of explosions. Stay tuned, ME
  2. Hey all. I am now starting the next mission. It involves meeting an asteroid inside the Kerbin SOI. It also stipulate no more than 20 days. So no deep space shenanigan. I have chosen my rock. Its called VBD-024. Provisional name. It will get another one. For now let us call it.....Rock-24. I like it because it crosses the orbit or Minmus. The tip of the orbit are past 180°. Making it a near capture. Flight to Minmus barely use more fuel than the ones to the Mun. There are 19 days between Ap and leaving the SOI. So call it 38 days to work with. It will be here (The Ap anyway) in 139 days. So I started by launching a Satellite. The Asteroid Investigator II (It's no.2 because it's predecessor ran out of go-go-juice). I first matched the plane with the Mun. So now I know for sure that the plane of Rock-24 is 18.1°. More precise that I can fly that's for sure. Asteroid Investigator was repositioned to match the plane of Rock-24. The PLAN! The plan as it stands now. Standby for changes. Is to wait for Rock-24 to enter the SOI (Well the Warp kind of waiting). At that point the ARM mission will be launched. A modified Altair-Mun-Lander on an Ares V. It will be launched to match the orbital plane of Asteroid Investigator (Easier than matching Rock-24 on a take-off). When Rock-24 is about 6 days to AP the Orion mounted on the Ares 1 will be launched with crew. They will meet with the Altair. An intercept course will be computed (I will play with the nodes) to encounter Rock-24 aprox 3 days prior to Ap. That will give me some fudging room. The stay will be 7 days or 3 days past AP. Which ever comes first That should keep me within the orbit of Minmus). The crew will return with the Orion Spacecraft to Kerbin.......Hopefully. Standby for more development. ME
  3. Hi. Yes, their impact resistance is 7m/s. When one end touches the water the chute disappear and the top end falls faster than that. My solution was to place the chutes at both ends. ME
  4. Thank you. Yes, it's only when I read the text one more time while adding points that I saw the exact meaning. The ARM mission is being planned as I write this. ME
  5. The only thing I can think is to test it. That's how I knew that the heatshield for sure doesn’t let the fuel through. And that was recent. Monopropellant doesn't follow the same rules as LF. Maybe Fuel cells are like the MP or a new set of rules again. IDK either at this point. ME
  6. Hi. I thought so too. but I couldn’t find it built or in the VAB. ME
  7. Hi Mikki. You don't need KER. Not once the ship is designed for a specific job anyway. I do say that I used MechJeb on the design phase to figure out the Delta-V and to accelerate things like going to orbit and TLI. My manual game play is definitively influenced by watching it fly. ME
  8. Hey all Kerbal-Lovers. I have finished my Mun Mission. The Mission Report was updated: Doing it Constellation Style The Imgur album, mostly in order if you start from the bottom: OK. There we are. I would like to submit this exercise for my first badge. My score by my own accounting is 95. Thank you, that was hard but I learned a lot. ME
  9. Hey Guys. Final instalment. A week as gone by for our Kerbal heroes. Bill is the last one out there. The Sun is setting. Time to go home. The connection with the Airlock is breached. Waiting for the orbiting Orion to come overhead. The orbit as moved away as the days passed. We will fix that. Departure The secularisation gives an encounter. Let's work on that. (As a coincidence the AP is almost on the ascending node) After a few tweaks. 0.1 km Out of LF. We work with RCS from now on. Reactivating the main engine. Simulations show we will la landing on LAND. We have plenty of fuel to fix that. Goodbye Service Module. Hello home. Well that was fun. Now to read-up on this asteroid thing. ME
  10. Good morning. Back in the saddle. Now that the ship is assembled let's go to the Mun. Separation of the EDS (Earth-Kerbin Departure Stage). Being so close to Kerbin the separation actually moved my Pe at the Mun. Bof. I have the means. RCS quickly fixed it. The challenge want's us to use the descent engine to do the Mun-Insertion-Burn. My research shows that it was indeed the way it was planned. I don't get it. Why descend on the Mun a huge half empty tank? Engineering considerations, engine cycles, TWR, ready made tanks, what not....IDK. Anyway my engineering solution was to have crossfeed enabled everywhere and set the fuel priority in the VAB. (I also had to add an External Fuel Duct to bypass the heatshield) The burn is from the descent stage engine but the fuel is from the Orion Service Module. The priorities were set as OSM, descent, ascent. Crew transfer. All 4 of them. Undocking. Planning suicidal burn. I am not too suicidal myself but it sure is efficient. Snack time over. Jeb stays inside for now he has to command the rover release. Bill is doing the operation. Bill! Careful! That thing cost a pretty root or two. Mandatory flag and picture op. This concludes yesterdays events. Now I need to bring'em home. ME
  11. I ran into a problem the just yesterday that could be relevant. The fuel doesn't flow through a heatshield. For engines anyway. I bypassed the shield with a hose (External Fuel Duct) for my problem. Perhaps a small shield between the ship and fuel cell? ME
  12. Hello Friends, Kerbals and Judges. I have started a mission. That I can safely say is doing well. All stock no automation. The Mission report: Doing it Constellation Style Imgur, mostly in order if you start from the bottom: Enough for today. Till later, ME
  13. Hi once more. Imgur Album: Mostly in order if you start from the bottom. This my take on the Ares I and the Orion Capsule: Capsule is Apollo style with room for 4 kerbals. It comes with a LAS (Launch Abort System). The Ares V has 5 engines the Second stage 1. The Orion a single engine. Sorry bad exposure. Shedding the fairing on the Orion and jettisoning the LAS. Ditching the Second stage, deploying solar panels and Antennas. After the rendez-vous portion, matching speed with the Altair. ME
  14. Hello again. Imgur: It's mostly in order if you start from the bottom. The first launch is for the Ares V with the Altair Lander. The Crew will follow on a separate launch. This my version of the Altair: It comes with a crew compartment, an airlock, a ladder, over 1000 units of EC, fuel cells and a rover. It is inspired by this iteration: The airlock will stay behing on takeoff. During my testing the airlock didn't have to be staged. It just separated cleanly. I presume the original from NASA would have some kind of "Frangible" connection. The Ares V. Five engine on the first stage, 2 SRBs. One engine on the EDS (Earth-Kerbin Departure Stage) (Second stage for you and me). The Altair and the EDS will stay dormant until a crew shows up. Next time the Ares I and the Orion Capsule. ME
  15. Hey all kerbalovers everywhere. I am entering into the: Doing It Constellation Style Though act to play. Imgur Album: Doing it Stock with no automation. All manual. As I write this I have had one failure. Ran out of go-Juice doing the TLI. I blame the ever increasing weight mass of the lander . Current exercise has me with 4 Kerbals on the Mun. The Orion capsule is dormant almost full of MP and in my estimate as enough fuel to make the TKI (Trans-Kerbin-Injection) The lander landed with a smidgen of fuel left in the descent stage. The Ascent stage is full. I didn't borrow from it. So all is well and confidence reign. Here is my mission report. I will start with the SRBs. Boring I know. But the good part will come right after. The challenge want us to save them. Not give them away to Poseidon. So I have parachutes on them. I cannot follow them and my Rocket both as the rocket will cease to exist when it get far enough away. The following are file photos from the development of the said SRBs Starting with the ones from the Ares V. There my SRBs have survived. Now the Single SRB for Ares I. Next time I will show you my take on the Ares I, V with the Orion Capsule and the Altair Lander. ME