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  1. Hey. Just found your reply. (If you want to be noticed in an older tread you really should "Quote" the person, or "Name" the person or use "Like" so a notification is sent) I.......Don't remember. I will go look at the craft. I still have the file. The decoupler was clicked to the engine in the normal way. Then was offset up using the offset tool in the VAB. The engine exhaust doesn't impinge on the decoupler. Nor does the decoupling damage the this case. When "Clipping" parts you need to try them as they can stick together and not function quite the way you would like. ME
  2. @kBob and @Red Stapler ah. Modern stuff those are. Novelties really. Mine was the Ohio Scientific Challenger C1P. It had 8K. No editor. Loaded for a cassette recorder and and and and I had to walk barefoot uphill in the snow to use it. As far as the OP, Yes, I have done it....But now I use F5 more often and on complex mission I will duplicate the quicksave with a new name before saving over it. ME
  3. Your LK look wonderful. Quite good looking. I recognize some of the components but not all. How did you make them green? Change in the texture files or mod? ME
  4. If I may. Heading hold is a feature on aircrafts. I agree that it might not be a good one in orbit. Even on aircrafts there are limits. For instance nobody "Normally" fly over the pole. Commercial airliners don't do it. Their instruments are not certified for such operation. So impose limits as they have. Normal operation between say the equator and say 80°N or S. Heading hold might revert to Attitude hold. ME
  5. No science was done. Ran in sandbox.
  6. Hey all. Thank you @NISSKEPCSIM for the challenge. Always was interested by the LK. In my own words "Wonderful-Wonderful 1930-Tractor-Retro Punk look to it". Imgur album: Mission report: To the Mun Soviet Style. N1, LOK, LK. A few pictures: Score: 85 EDIT: 85 + 15 (Docking without RCS Bonus) Final Score: 100. ME
  7. Hi. As EJ pointed out there was no lost of life in the trials of the N1. They never got to space either. But I must also point out that the first attempt to launch the N1 was in Feb 1969. There were a lot of Soviet-Style delays. Apollo 8 had orbited the Moon already. By the second attempt Apollo 9 and 10 had been successful. When the 4th was tried the Apollo program was already shutdown. There was only 17 left to fly from the original 20. And that's my friends is history. ME
  8. Part 3. Goodbye LK. You were a good ship. A quick adjustment of the manoeuvre nodes. A short burn (With the engine back at full power). Goodbye Mun. Separating the parts that will not help the re-entry. Het look it's the KSC below the Service Module explosion. Jeb: Who packed the chute? Val: It's was Bill. Jeb: Was it before or after the Superball? Both Val and Jeb: It was before! Jeb: This spaceship looks like a "Stubby" (Beer bottle) makes me thirsty. This concluded the adventure. Thank you for reading this. ME
  9. Part 2 of my report. After achieving Munar orbit Val (It had to be Val) does an EVA to get from the LOK to the LK. She seems to be enjoying herself. The fifth stage was used to get into orbit. Now it is used to start the descent by providing the de-orbit burn. Goodbye 5th stage. The Single multiple restart LK engine better work because we are going down. Val is relieved. Touchdown. F5 please. Mandatory flag. Let's go back. Nothing to do here. After waiting for the LOK to fly overhead. Liftoff. Leaving the legs behind. A few burns to achieve a rendez-vous. Now my design was a bit shy of Delta-V. And ran out of fuel AND Mono-Propellant. 700m to the LOK. Jeb had to spring into action. And that's when I noticed...... I couldn't get the RCS to work..... No nozles....... Many emotions. Oh, what the eck. Tuned the main engine down and used it to do the docking. Success. Now Val does another EVA to the LOK.
  10. Hey all. This is a report with pictures of my mission to the Mun using the 1969 vintage Soviet Rocketery. I must say that the LK (Lunniy Korabl or Lunar Craft) has a Wonderful-Wonderful 1930-Tractor-Retro Punk look to it. But the whole thing was messed up. Too many parts, too many manufacturing problems and way too late to upstage the Apollo program. Anyway here is my rocket. imgur album My version has 16 engines on the first stage (30 on the Original), 8 on the second, 4 on the third then one per stage. The interstage between 1, 2 and 3 are ventilated like the original (I used clipped inflatable heat shields). I concluded that the Soviet engineers had spherical fuel cells inside a skin-structure. Then braced the parts together. The Americans came in with more of a wet-wing concept where the outside skin IS the fuel cell. And they weren't spheres. The more I look at the overall result the more convinced I am that it never would have worked. No matter how many alternate reality you might look at. Anyway. The LK is between the fifth stage and the LOK (Lunniy Orbitalny Korabl, Lunar Orbital Craft) My LOK is closer to a Soyuz with it's solar panels than the original. It's made of 2 MK1 clipped together with a fairing around them. Launch Running stage 2 Stage 3 gets the contraption to space. Losing the fairing, exposing stage 4, 5, the LK, LOK, deploying antennas and solar panels. On my version the LK is naked to space. My research indicate that there were other fairings....Holding 4th to fifth and fifth to LOK around the LK.....(Structure? I guess). Stage 3 finishes its job of achieving orbit Stage 4 does the Translunar injection. Goodbye 4th stage Separating with the 4th stage this close to Kerbin messed up my Mun flyby altitude. Corrected with RCS. The 5th stage is ignited for the first time to do the Mun Orbit Insertion.
  11. I support this. How many times I have wished for some kind of basic autopilot. With Heading hold, Attitude hold, Altitude hold and a yaw damper. ME
  12. Hey Kerbalomites. I am sure you all missed me. I was around. Not much worth reporting. Today I went Soviet Style. All stock. Imgur Album: Val and Jeb are back at the KSC. Still need to do a mission report. It was interesting. Learned a lot about days gone by. The LK had a nice retro look to it. but ....That project was doomed..... Keep on playing stimulating simulating. ME
  13. Hello EJ. I have been preparing a Duna mission for a while now. The hardware is built and tested. What do you mean by "Cargo"? As setup I have A Kerbin-Duna transfer for satellites, one for the ascent Vehicle, one for the habitat and one for the crew. None are dedicated cargo. Do I need to amend? ME
  14. Hi. Intriguing. I have an idea.....Wouldn't work from Kerbin. EDIT Woulnd't work anywhere. I just tested my idea in .01G It's a total bust. You need to carry bombs and get enough delta-V to do work. The more bombs the less push.... Maybe from Minmus. Get to orbit. Landing? I don't see how. Me
  15. Hi all. Jupiter (And presumably Jool) has an atmosphere mostly composed of Hydrogen which can burn if Oxygen is combined to it. It also as 10 % Helium but that's no worst than Earth's 78% of Nitogen. Now, I am no chemist. No aeronautical engineer. But I think if you went low enough you could get "Lift" for your wings. And if you compressed that denser atmosphere you could make it burn but..... Isn't hydrogen poor, energy wise, compared to say Kerosene or even methane? Seem to me to be "Realist" (I know it's a game) you would need more oxidizer flying around Jool than LF on Kerbin for the same work. Also it seems to me that if you are now that low you will never get out again. Combined with nowhere to go...What's the point? Send a one way probe. As for Eve....IDK....Something similar I guess. ME