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  1. Looks amazing! I love it!
  2. last
  3. Congrats on the first plugin! Very useful!
  4. Did you actually make that rocket?
  5. Wow.... Hot dang. This is very impressive!
  6. Yes! I would totally love to use a paraglider for my space program!
  7. I've seen it before, but my friends have 3 balloon launches under our belt nd seeing this penumbra would be a real treat.
  8. Awesome! If all goes to plan some friends and I will be driving down to Tennesee to view the eclipse. We will also be sending up a weather balloon with a camera and try to see if we can capture the edge of the eclipse's shadow from 100,000 feet.
  9. I love this idea! This will be great for cinematics and roleplayers like me. If you need some flavor text or ideas, message me because I'd be happy to flex my writing muscles.
  10. Sorry for my assertion about lacking organization, I have not used the latest release of Contares. I appreciate the increased organization.
  11. RAM usage. I have little use for many of the parts and the pack is huge at the moment. I have tried to go through and delete the parts I do not want but there are just so many. Some organization of the parts into separate folders would be nice.
  12. Seconded. It would be nice to just use the fantastic spaceplane parts.
  13. This has been a very thought-provoking discussion for sure, and also a rather good lesson on licensing. My two cents are as follows: I am not a modder by any definition, the most I have done is some custom MM configs that I have shared in the release thread for the specified mod. However, I think that as I have been installing constant KSP mods for years my opinion may be useful. The problem here is that a good portion of the community is not mod-savvy, as evident from countless installation errors in release threads. The people to whom modpacks are most convenient to are also usually the ones which least understand the drawbacks. It's a really easy way to avoid dependencies by having others do the work for you. Avoiding dependencies is only an issue if you're new to modding. For example, if you don't know what Firespitter or Module Manager do, then installing mods can seem intimidating. None of this makes up for the drawbacks of modpacks, I get it. And by no means should simply zipping and posting your GameData folder be allowed. But there is a serious argument for modpacks in the form of ease of use. How many headaches would it save for modders trying to do tech support in their release thread? Us experienced players don't really feel lost with their install because it's all familiar to us. Save for a few custom plugins, I usually know which dependencies to install, where to find them, and how to install them. For someone who just picked up the game, installing Kopernicus may go right over their heads because they don't know what it is. It's really hard to use and understand something if you don't know what it is, and modpacks help curate and consolidate that content.