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  1. I understand the fact that you feel blamed for the problem here. However, no one singled you out, or pinged you, because we understand that you are most likely working on a fix. However the case remains that there is in fact a glitch in Kopernicus (a truly wonderful mod that we would be screwed without) and the proposed workarounds only work for some people. Honestly, I found your words highly ironic as it is sadly your job to actually fix this glitch, not people who depend on your mod for their own. Now I'm quite sure that you are working on a fix but I would respectfully request that you refrain from blaming people for not installing your partial fix, and claiming that they do not listen to the requests of others, without knowing the whole story. This will get us nowhere. I know @daniel l. and he does actually listen to the requests of others very well. All suggestions are taken seriously and responded to. Also please kindly refrain from taking on such an aggressive tone in posts on another modmakers thread. You and I both know what that does. Respectfully, Mycroft, CEO of CMAU Incorporated
  2. Cool! I don't use Tweakscale as a general policy, so big and heavy go hand in hand for me. I would like to make a submission at some point, and I have a work around, but I was wondering what your perspective is. That glitch is an old rival of mine, and I have learned to live with it. I will be posting one of my 300m, >100 kiloton space battleships at some point here. Made with B9 HX and no Tweakscale. Cool challenge, and it's right up my ally! I love it! Oh and no it doesn't fit in any building. The booster just barely fits inside the SPH.
  3. @daniel l. This is a cool challenge and something I would be interested in. However I have one question. Could you please include a galaxy file so that people with any computer can compete? You and I both know that not everyone can run the TBG generation program, so for those who can't, would you please include a file? It would also standardize the challenge. Thanks, and TBG is awesome!
  4. Ok so this looks like a cool challenge but I do have one question. What about the KSP glitch that breaks the runway/pad if your craft is heavy enough, no matter how far off the ground you are. It was confirmed to be a glitch but apparently isn't high priority on the fix list. So basically because of your rule that the KSC must remain undamaged, doesn't that mean that there is an arbitrary limit on how big a craft you can submit? I'm a little confused here. Other than that one small thing, this looks like a great challenge!
  5. All my OPT pretties are actually in 1.1.2 and sadly I wasn't able to port the save over so I lost focus on that. Hopefully I can get back into it once the Jool mission is done but for now I'll be going back to 1.1.2 for the foreseeable future. I'm actually designing a new OPT spaceplane designed to manufacture several science rovers and orbital probes with an internal workshop. It's fun. When it's done it too will leave for Jool. Any ideas of KIS KAS stuff I can send besides a small plane or probe or rover? Who knows, I might take it. Glad to finally be getting back to this great mod!
  6. Finally got back to my big old 1.1.2 career save where I had a huge fleet of OPT big SSTOs. I had forgotten just how much I love this mod! OPT plus KIS KAS is an awesome combo. Cause the big engines in this mod can actually haul the heavyweight of large amounts of KIS KAS items. It is still my favorite part pack, although I'm using B9 HX a bit more at the moment in my CMAU saves.
  7. Yes it was my impression that @daniel l. was going to bundle it in with the main mod. I am glad to hear he is not planning to do so. I have nothing against the part, just the iea of bundling it, as I stated above. Thanks for the clarification!
  8. In that case, with all due respect, I would urge a separate, complimentary mod that you can install with TBG. I dont want to need to be dependent on a parts mod for TBG. There is a reason for the very little amount of crossover between planet and parts packs. They don't combine well. Please trust me on this. Honestly the best solution at this point IMHO is the one I suggested above, that of a separate mod that maybe comes as part of the download but is a separate gamedata subfolder. I want to be able to have the ability to install TBG without adding any extra parts. Believe you me, I completely get why you want to do this. I am well aware that almost all warp mods are not ideal for the sheer scale of this mod. But I am also aware that it is good to be as independent as possible, and I am aware that the distinction between part and planet packs is there for a reason. I do not think this is a wise course of action.
  9. All the same, I would really prefer to be able to choose my own warp drive mods. I believe that you should highly recommend them, but I really dont want to have to have a particular warp drive mod. And if that mod ever dies, that will be a large problem for TBG. Its sad if the wormholes wont be in. I will poke around to see if anyone can help with that. But the solution is not dependency on a parts mod. Sorry.
  10. That is actually a side effect of installing just about any planet mod out there. Rule of thumb with planet mods is don't add them to an existing save. Awwww man! I just want the planets, not the parts! I do not think its a wise idea to package in both parts and planets in a single mod. I'm sorry, but that kinda takes the fun out of it for those of us who just want a planets mod and want to pick which warp drives to use if any, and not be forced to go with one particular one. I for one dislike the alcubirre drive, and do not want to have to install it with TBG. Honestly you will have much much better success having it just be an independent (except for kopernicus but that's kinda a given) planet pack, and highly recommending and linking mebbe your top five warp drive mods. Also what happened to the super cool idea of having a wormhole network you promised earlier would be in 0.3? It makes me sad to think that we would just cop out and be dependent on a warp mod instead of the awesome and new idea of wormholes. But the real, practical problem with being dependent on the alcubierre drive mod is what if RoverDude ever stops updating it? Then TBG is also screwed. I really do not think that would be a good idea. I was really hyped about the wormholes too. @JadeOfMaar am I way off here? If anyone thinks I am, then please do tell me. But I just want the planets, not a parts pack. Maybe you can make one on the side, specially designed to accompany TBG, and that would give the player a choice whether to have the parts or not. But please don't make TBG a parts mod. I love the wormhole idea, and I think its an ingenious way around the size of the galaxy!
  11. No worries, my good chap! I was fairly certain that you were as yet unaware of the fuctions of TBG, and now that you know what they are, perhaps you could lend some of your considerable experience and talent. It seems to me that you have rather extensive experience with the various planet packs out there currently, and that usually means that you have knowledge of what is and is not a good feature in a planet pack. That is valuable. Perhaps you could come to the original TBG planet pack thread ([INDEV]-[1.2.1] - To Boldly Go | An external application designed to procedurally generate an entire galaxy for KSP.) and maybe help us figure out which planned features are good, too big, or irrelevant or something like that. Im not a dev, just a dedicated KSP player who believes that this mod could very well be the next, best planet pack. I do hope I caused no offense, as my purpose was not to drive you away, it was instead to help you understand that TBG is in fact a unique piece of art with awesome potential. Its like No Man's Sky, except it delivers. And its in KSP. How amazing is that?
  12. Dude, that is awesome! I'm glad that you see the potential that we all do! Downlaoding IE now....
  13. Ok wow this is the hardest challenge that I've seen in a while, sadly not because it requires any special talent, just very good timing. But anyway I do find this intriguing, and I am tempted to try the Munar assist approach as that seems to be the only way to actually do it. But gee this is a hard challenge. Anyway it is kinda amusing how lots of the major KSP gurus immediately jumped on this {cough} RedIronCrown {cough} and everyone started basically accusing the OP of lying outright. Now as a reasonably experienced KSP player myself, I do not believe that the stock or any remotely realistic aero models allow for any way besides the SoI change method. But I think we could all afford to cool off a bit and stop hammering the point I'm sure everyone has gotten at least until we have solid evidence of this. Right now as @Vanamonde rightly pointed out, the accusations got out of hand a tad. I think we could all stand to back off for a sec, take a deep breath and tackle this sticky issue with tact and logic, not emotions. Emotional outbursts are not needed here in my humble opinion which you may certainly dismiss if you wish (it's not like I have any authority or influence). So to tackle this issue, we should take into account every variable possible that is known. First, I agree that most times the Whiplashes experience flameouts around 22-25 km. However I have seen many highly experienced players nurse stock engines to almost 40 km. I managed to reproduce it myself once. However it requires really nursing the throttle and is not at all easy. I was only able to do it once. Second, if the intent was for players to form a full orbit from inside the atmosphere, I'm afraid we will run into the fundamental issues with air breathing engines, namely that they need air to run. I can't say that I could see a vacuum operable jet. Sorry. Third, I believe that this is actually possible via the Munar gravity assist discussed above. I have done similar things for the heck of it before and I would put it in the realm of hard but possible. Fourth, I will deliberately tip my hat to this player if he knows how to do this. But I would like to see a video of it. Because on the forums I found we have a forum rule of 'pics or it didn't happen' merely because it is so easy to fudge things if no one knows how to verify it. Fifth, @RavenpawKSP I would like to be one of the first to welcome you officially to the KSP forums! What a first post! I'm sorry that people on this thread are being less than nice, and thanks are due to @Vanamonde for keeping it from boiling over. I do hope that in general, the forums are nicer to you than in this particular thread, and sincerely wish you the best of luck in sorting this stuff out! Ok so I was wondering if perhaps this was a typo. I could kinda see 4.1 km/sec, though gee whiz I am not sure that this is in the realm of feasibility for me in stock. That would more than give you a Munar encounter. Kraken drives do do this kind of speed as a few have pointed out. All you gotta do is show the Kerbal what a Kraken looks like up close and he will be so terrified that they usually run away at near light speed . Especially Bill and Bob. But on the whole I am intrigued by the idea and hope nobody's feelings get too hurt.
  14. Anybody have a SpaceDock link?
  15. It seems to me that you haven't actually looked at the mod in your game, just dismissed it off hand. I don't know what this Stellarator thing is but I noticed you said it WILL generate PLANETS. This clearly shows me that you have no idea what exactly TBG does. TBG generates anywhere from 50 to a hundred star systems spread across approximately ten Kerbal light years. Galactic neighborhood was a bit of a disappointment because it only adds a few star systems and they were all well explored. This adds as many as you want and none of the systems have ever been explored before. There are many cool planned features including black holes. But right now it adds a whole actual freaking galaxy. Never dismiss something as "been done before" especially if that thing you claim that did it before doesn't even do it yet. Ironic, eh? And it's nowhere near the scale that this mod does. So why don't you take an actual look at it before you go off and tell the mod maker in front of everyone that his hard work is actually not unique or good when those of us who actually work with the mod can clearly see otherwise. Please reconsider your position and gather all your facts before coming up with an opinion.