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  1. If it is aliens... Humans: "Woohoo we found aliens!" Aliens: "Woohoo the humans found us!"
  2. Meanwhile in Sweden... *sigh*
  3. You want Oscars news? Go to a site dedicated to that.
  4. "Few months" until ITS info:
  5. Lol... but @Deddly hid that post.
  6. Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest overambitious forum project: EMULATING REAL LIFE IN KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM This idea was conceived by me, @TheEpicSquared, and my friend, @Oliverm001x. Description and information of this project CURRENT UNIVERSAL TIME OF SAVE Year 1, Day 61, 0h, 0m CURRENT LAUNCH MANIFEST RULES (IMPORTANT! READ CAREFULLY!) INFORMATION LAUNCH PROVIDER INFORMATION PAYLOAD PROVIDER INFORMATION INFO REGARDING THE GOVERNMENT LIST OF LAUNCH PROVIDERS LIST OF PAYLOAD PROVIDERS CRAFT SUBMISSION THREAD KSP: EMULATING REAL LIFE YOUTUBE CHANNEL MOD LIST (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) CREDITS Thanks for reading this far. If you have any suggestions, they are gladly welcomed. Post it in this thread or PM them to me and/or @Oliverm001x, and we'll see what we can do.
  7. All we need now is a rocket titled the Neutron.
  8. This sounds awesome, could you reserve a slot for me in the "light aircraft" section please, @Lo Var Lachland? I'll make an agile fighter and post it here tomorrow probably.
  9. Falcon Heavy
  10. @linuxgurugamer Is this challenge still on?
  11. @Andiron, are we still on for a suborbital launch of a Vincin I+ capsule on an Iridium I first stage for 10,000 funds, and a launch of 2 docking targets on the Iridium I for 19,500 funds? I'll add our confirmed 3 orbital Vincin I+ launches we already decided on. They are unrealistic.. Yup, no Rapiers allowed at the moment, Post the updated Aeoleus when you're done with it, and hopefully it gets the approval. The Trinity FT is fine for a second iteration. It'll launch when 1.875m rockets are allowed (does anyone remember when that was? @Oliverm001x, anyone?).
  12. I haven't contacted @ZooNamedGames, I'll do that now. Video was recorded starting with @kerbinorbiter's flight (Pimenova). However, I've been having some trouble with my recording software, so I'll try to fix that. I'll let you two figure something out. I added those after you PM'd me, right @VektorWorlds? Ok. Will do. Well, that's some awesome maths! Have you come up with a final equation? If so, give it to me and it'll come into effect. Are all 6 launching on the same rocket? I'll add you to the manifest. I'll let you figure something out. Ok. Is this the final equation? Yes. Looking forward to it! Providing your rocket meets all the rules, you're in. He means his company "SpaceY", not the mods. He means his company "SpaceY", not the mods. Yup, no SSTOs please. Sure. No, I didn't reach out to you due to RL. I'll do it sometime. @Numerlor, expect your launch report to be out tomorrow or Wednesday.
  13. Hmm, how about bismuth? Also, I'll try not to be the first to reply next time you do a commission. Other people should get a chance as well.
  14. Well hello again! Wow I'm getting carried away...
  15. Here you go
  16. To be fair, SQUAD never released release dates until recently. They did say "early 2017" though, so I see your frustration. And as for screenshots, tbh they wouldn't look very different from the PC version. And they did release a video of the new maneuver node tool a few weeks ago. I'd willingly wait for a year or more for a quality update (emphasis on quality). Better to wait longer and get something good, than to quickly release a half-finished product (remember the 1.0 and 1.1 releases anyone?). I think, unfortunately, console versions will always be of second priority compared to the PC versions. For the near future anyway.
  17. When you browse the KSP forums and NSF forums instead of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/9GAG when you're bored.
  18. I'm with @magnemoe I'm this one. FH can already take 63.8 tons to LEO and adding two or four more first stages would easily take the payload capacity above 70 tons. Another idea would be to literally take a Falcon 9, and add 4 more Falcon 9's to it. Upper stage included. Of course, the center rocket would have to be heavily modified to be able to support four more rockets, but hey, we have 5 billion dollars! Maybe the four side stages would burn at liftoff, or the middle as well at a low thrust if needed. Some time into the flight, two of the side cores could throttle down, with the other 2 side cores operating at full thrust until burnout (I'm assuming an expendable configuration here). When the first two side cores separate, the two remaining throttle up to full power, and the middle core ignites and throttles to 50% or so to aid with thrust (if the middle core ignited from liftoff it would just throttle up to 50% or so). When the two remaining side cores burn out and are jettisoned, the middle core throttles up to full thrust until burnout and jettison. At this stage you would have a middle upper stage of an F9, along with four strap-on upper stages. The staging sequence would go similarly to the first stages' staging sequence. The four strap-on would ignite first, with two throttling down a bit to conserve propellant. When the 2 strap-ons that were operating at full thrust burn out and separate, the 2 remaining strap-ons throttle up to full and the core ignites to 50% thrust or so. When the final 2 strap-ons burn out and separate, the core second stage throttles up to full thrust and carries the payload to orbit and beyond. Also, if the core second stage was converted to use a a hydrolox or other high isp propellant, this would mean more payload could be ferried around while in space. ^ Now, I have no idea if that's practical in real life (probably not ), but it's an idea. And, as stated, we have 5 billion dollars, right?
  19. Hello! Welcome to Through Hardships to the Stars (previously known as KSP Megastructures)! This is a fan-fiction illustrated story, played in sandbox mode, with many, many mods. Contents: Chapter 1 - StarDust (This Post) Chapter 2 - SpacePlane-1 Chapter 3 - Comm Fleet Chapter 4 - Station Science Chapter 5 - The End Chapter 6 - New Beginnings Chapter 7 - Further Than Any Kerbal Has Gone Before Chapter 8 - Merkury-Appaloosa Chapter 9 - Moving Forward Chapter 10 - The Mun and Brumby Chapter 11 - Interstellar Hazard Chapter 12 - Bigby Solar Observatory Interlude - The Plan Chapter 13 - Starting The Plan Chapter 14 - SpaceLab Operations Chapter 15 - Updating The Plan Chapter 16 - Satellites Galore Chapter 17 - The Grand Tour of Kerbin Chapter 18 - By SQUAD... Chapter 19 - Solar Trusses Chapter 20 - Gilly Chapter 21 - Getting Stuff Done Chapter 22 - The Hybridium Chapter 23 - A Discovery Chapter 24 - Duna Calls Chapter 25 - Maintenance Chapter 26 - Minmus Chapter 27 - Good and Bad Chapter 28 - Rebellious Chapter 29 - Unexpected Developments Chapter 30 - Pushing Forward Chapter 31 - Something Big Chapter 32 - Something Big II Want to submit a payload? Answer these questions and it'll be launched Note: Any mods are allowed except those that add life support (TAC-LS, USI-LS, Snacks, etc) and those that add different fuel systems (like RealFuels, EngineIgnitor, Cryogenic Engines, etc) Payload Submission Form: CHAPTER 1: STARDUST The International Kerbal Space Program wasn't going well. After the Kongress decided that manufacturing enough nukes to annihilate Kerbin three times over (with no conflicts going on at the time) was more important than space exploration, the IKSP had all fundings cut. The space program was bankrupt, with all their achievements being forgotten over time. After 4 years of uncertain-ness, Jerome Kerman, head of the IKSP, had no choice but to sell off the program to a private investor. That private investor was Dave Kerman. The IKSP was officially declared a private organization 4 years, 3 munths and 2 days after kovernmental funding was cut. Dave immediately set his sights on the IKSP's huge, but ageing, space station. It was officially named the Kerbal Space Station, but nearly everyone called it "StarDust". 4 years ago, it was an engineering marvel. The culmination of the entirety of Kerbin working together to reach into space, and stay there. However, now the station was slowly failing. The RTGs were losing power, the circuit connections were getting unstable and the atmosphere inside was escaping. Something had to be done, or StarDust would soon be rendered completely unusable. The first thing that Dave Kerman and his team decided on was to replace the old habitation arms with an all-new, modern habitation ring. Or more accurately, four of them. The 364-ton monstrosity needed an all-new launcher to get it into orbit: the SB-3, Station Builder 3. The SB-3 was just an SB-2 with 3 cores. The SB-1, compared to these huge rockets, was so small it was barely worth mentioning (it was still pretty big, having been made of 3.75m parts). The habitation ring was mounted on top of the SB-3. Unfortunately the fairing wasn't wide enough for the ring, so the entire assembly had to be botled to a rocket with a flat top. The brute force approach would have to be used, punching a hole through the lower atmosphere and getting out of it ASAP. The rocket was rolled to the launchpad successfully. With a crowd of exactly 14 kerbals in Mission Control, SB-3 with the Habitation Ring lifted off. The rocket followed an unusually steep gravity turn, focusing more on getting out of the lower atmosphere than building up horizontal speed. Booster separation: And finally, a stable orbit was reached. The closest approach was 47.2km. Not too bad for a private space program who had never docked before. Mission Control could work with that. All further maneuvers would be completed with the second stage, which had a full tank of fuel. All maneuvers were performed successfully and the stage was detached from the Hab Ring less than a kilometer from StarDust. The Hab Ring guided itself in under the power of its own RCS thrusters. Docking was completed on the light side of Kerbin, which is not at all right and proper, but it was the safest option for a first mission. The IKSP's first private mission was a complete success. Now all that was left was deorbiting the second stage: Most of the components overheated on reentry. Only the fairing base and docking port survived, which showed some strange aerodynamic properties... Since the base was practically gliding down, it was no surprise when it survived contact with the ocean. [This gave me an idea... can I make a glider out of fairing bases?? I'll have to try some designs.] The IKSP's first mission was a success. But Dave Kerman wasn't finished there...
  20. @Oliverm001x originally told me about this; he saw a quote from a flat earther: "The flat earth society has members all over the globe." I could not stop laughing! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *lies down* *tries not to laugh* *laughs a lot*
  21. Do I detect a pun?