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  1. Hello! Welcome to Through Hardships to the Stars (previously known as KSP Megastructures)! This is a fan-fiction illustrated story, played in sandbox mode, with many, many mods. Contents: Chapter 1 - StarDust (This Post) Chapter 2 - SpacePlane-1 Chapter 3 - Comm Fleet Chapter 4 - Station Science Chapter 5 - The End Chapter 6 - New Beginnings Chapter 7 - Further Than Any Kerbal Has Gone Before Chapter 8 - Merkury-Appaloosa Chapter 9 - Moving Forward Chapter 10 - The Mun and Brumby Chapter 11 - Interstellar Hazard Chapter 12 - Bigby Solar Observatory Interlude - The Plan Chapter 13 - Starting The Plan Chapter 14 - SpaceLab Operations Chapter 15 - Updating The Plan Chapter 16 - Satellites Galore Chapter 17 - The Grand Tour of Kerbin Chapter 18 - By SQUAD... Chapter 19 - Solar Trusses Chapter 20 - Gilly Chapter 21 - Getting Stuff Done Chapter 22 - The Hybridium Chapter 23 - A Discovery Chapter 24 - Duna Calls Chapter 25 - Maintenance Chapter 26 - Minmus Chapter 27 - Good and Bad Chapter 28 - Rebellious Chapter 29 - Unexpected Developments Chapter 30 - Pushing Forward Want to submit a payload? Answer these questions and it'll be launched Note: Any mods are allowed except those that add life support (TAC-LS, USI-LS, Snacks, etc) and those that add different fuel systems (like RealFuels, EngineIgnitor, Cryogenic Engines, etc) Payload Submission Form: CHAPTER 1: STARDUST The International Kerbal Space Program wasn't going well. After the Kongress decided that manufacturing enough nukes to annihilate Kerbin three times over (with no conflicts going on at the time) was more important than space exploration, the IKSP had all fundings cut. The space program was bankrupt, with all their achievements being forgotten over time. After 4 years of uncertain-ness, Jerome Kerman, head of the IKSP, had no choice but to sell off the program to a private investor. That private investor was Dave Kerman. The IKSP was officially declared a private organization 4 years, 3 munths and 2 days after kovernmental funding was cut. Dave immediately set his sights on the IKSP's huge, but ageing, space station. It was officially named the Kerbal Space Station, but nearly everyone called it "StarDust". 4 years ago, it was an engineering marvel. The culmination of the entirety of Kerbin working together to reach into space, and stay there. However, now the station was slowly failing. The RTGs were losing power, the circuit connections were getting unstable and the atmosphere inside was escaping. Something had to be done, or StarDust would soon be rendered completely unusable. The first thing that Dave Kerman and his team decided on was to replace the old habitation arms with an all-new, modern habitation ring. Or more accurately, four of them. The 364-ton monstrosity needed an all-new launcher to get it into orbit: the SB-3, Station Builder 3. The SB-3 was just an SB-2 with 3 cores. The SB-1, compared to these huge rockets, was so small it was barely worth mentioning (it was still pretty big, having been made of 3.75m parts). The habitation ring was mounted on top of the SB-3. Unfortunately the fairing wasn't wide enough for the ring, so the entire assembly had to be botled to a rocket with a flat top. The brute force approach would have to be used, punching a hole through the lower atmosphere and getting out of it ASAP. The rocket was rolled to the launchpad successfully. With a crowd of exactly 14 kerbals in Mission Control, SB-3 with the Habitation Ring lifted off. The rocket followed an unusually steep gravity turn, focusing more on getting out of the lower atmosphere than building up horizontal speed. Booster separation: And finally, a stable orbit was reached. The closest approach was 47.2km. Not too bad for a private space program who had never docked before. Mission Control could work with that. All further maneuvers would be completed with the second stage, which had a full tank of fuel. All maneuvers were performed successfully and the stage was detached from the Hab Ring less than a kilometer from StarDust. The Hab Ring guided itself in under the power of its own RCS thrusters. Docking was completed on the light side of Kerbin, which is not at all right and proper, but it was the safest option for a first mission. The IKSP's first private mission was a complete success. Now all that was left was deorbiting the second stage: Most of the components overheated on reentry. Only the fairing base and docking port survived, which showed some strange aerodynamic properties... Since the base was practically gliding down, it was no surprise when it survived contact with the ocean. [This gave me an idea... can I make a glider out of fairing bases?? I'll have to try some designs.] The IKSP's first mission was a success. But Dave Kerman wasn't finished there...
  2. Yup, 1.2.2. I think I updated kopernicus along with all the other mods, so that might be the cause. At any rate, I'll see if I can post the logs during the weekend.
  3. Imgur albums work again!?
  4. Remember, all of what I said is IMHO.
  5. The weather during the last half-hour (no pictures, sorry): 17:05 CET, Helsingborg, Sweden: Clear skies, sunny, no wind. 17:05 CET, Helsingborg, Sweden: Suddenly cloudy, heavy sleets of rain. 17:10 CET, Helsingborg, Sweden: Sunny again. 17:15 CET, Helsingborg, Sweden: Raining. 17:25 CET, Helsingborg, Sweden: Sunny once again. 17:30 CET, Helsingborg, Sweden: GODDAMN HAILSTORM. Swedish weather, folks. More unpredictable than next Saturday's lottery numbers.
  6. I disagree. If you think two kerbals shouldn't be able to fit in the LEM, then just load one in. As for the RSS/RO thing, I also disagree. IMHO, KSP is a semi-realistic game, realistic enough to provide a challenge, but not realistic enough to take the fun out of the game. I think that a RSS/RO DLC wouldn't result in as many sales as an expansion like Making History, because it would simply be too difficult, especially for new, eager players. It took me weeks to just get to the Mun and back in stock KSP when I started. Imagine trying to get into orbit in RSS! The furthest I got in RSS/RO was a satellite that barely made it into lunar orbit, before I quit realism due to difficulty. New players especially might be deterred by that, and so not buy the expansion. This, of course, means SQUAD misses out on money, and might even lose money if the DLC cost more to make than the earnings from said DLC (I understand that that's unlikely, but still). And lastly, the new historical parts don't necessarily need to be used for their purpose. Use them for whatever you want! Make a 300m tall monstrosity using 1.875m parts if you want, nothing's stopping you. I mean, people are making hinges out of THERMOMETERS! I think that the new parts will be used for much more than just a "few hours of play", since there are just so many things you can do with the parts in KSP.
  7. I though dividing by 2 was too much for high-capacity, low-range planes, and multiplying it would give an unfair incentive for high-range planes, so I went in between, resulting in dividing by 1.5. Untimately it's up to you of course, it's your challenge
  8. I'd say something like: MaxSpeed + ( Range / 1.5 ) + ( PassengerCapacity * 3 ) + ( FlightAttendants * 2 ) + ( BonusPoints * 3 ) Not sure how balanced that is though
  9. Not the XPrize team, as far as I can tell. There hasn't been any news on the XPrize team, SpaceIL, for a while now.
  10. The CRS-10 Dragon has splashed down and has been recovered successfully. Also, SpaceX is looking for Red Dragon landing sites. Also, this:
  11. High supersonic / low hypersonic passenger aircraft?
  12. @Snark I think you should change your forum title to "Writer of Long Posts"
  13. @Rath I'd like to suggest a change in the scoring system. Right now it seems to favor the number of passengers (the x5 multiplier) over anything else. This means that if you have the most amount of passengers, you pretty much win regardless of every other statistic. I think that more incentive should be given to other statistics, like range and other things that I can't come up with right now.
  14. I wish I could say the same.
  15. Alright, some bad news everybody. I was backing up my 1.2.2 install in advance of the 1.2.9 prerelease coming out, so I copied everything to another location, updated all the mods, loaded up the game, and... The save won't open. The game itself loads normally, all the way through the main screen. Then I click "Resume Saved", as usual, and then the save for this mission report. Then, the screen goes to the black loading screen with the word "loading" and the circling planets at the bottom, as usual. The problem is that it gets stuck there. I left my computer on for over 6 hours to make sure that it wasn't just slow loading, but no luck. I'll try to fix it the next time I can play (probably Friday), but I'm at a loss as to what I can do to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas? Oh, and on another note, @The Raging Sandwich, I tried installing Kerbinside on a stock install the way I've been saying, and it worked perfectly. Download Kerbal Konstructs from Ger_space's thread, and then download Kerbinside Complete from the outdated Kerbinside thread. I'm not sure what's going on, maybe you installed it wrong? Anyway, here's a photo of my GameData folder, in case that helps.
  16. I've been working on an entry, haven't finished yet, but this is my score based on preliminary tests. Statistics: Max speed = 265 m/s Max distance = 6,288.189 km (more than circumnavigating Kerbin going east, not sure how much more though) Max passengers = 80 (5 Mk3 cabins) (Super-Heavy Aircraft) Number of flight attendants = 2 (the two rear seats in the Mk3 cockpit) Bonus points: Your plane cannot tailstrike no matter how hard you pull up on takeoff (20 points) Your plane stalls at less than 50 m/s (5 points) Your plane has two engines and can fly on one (20 points) Your plane can belly land with all crew and passengers surviving (20 points) Your plane has airbrakes (10 points) Your plane can ditch in the water with no damage (20 points) Your plane can take off and immediately land back on the runway without turning around, and is heavy size or above (20 points) Total bonus points = 115 Scoring 265 + ( 6288.189 / 10 ) + ( ( 80 * 5 ) * 1 + ( 2 / 2 ) ) + 115 = 1409.8189 points But don't put this into the leaderboard yet, as I've yet to finish the plane and I can think of a million ways to improve it. Also, I don't have pictures yet.
  17. Would love a sig badge! Also, maybe you should add a rule that the planes have to stay in the atmosphere. Look at the post above this one for a reason.
  18. Interesting read, but I think it would be better to use new cores for the first FH flight. Seems safer
  19. Well, there's a 1.875m Apollo LEM in the works, so... The picture is from this week's KSP Weekly.
  20. This is darkly Kerbal... maiden flights / testing for maiden flights going wrong...
  21. Not to mention Elon freaking Musk!
  22. WHAT!? Seriously, this game has taught me more about spaceflight than SCHOOL! How can your parents think it's making you stupid???