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  1. Do not magic the boulder! . . . . You magiced the boulder, didn't you.
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  4. Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest overambitious forum project: EMULATING REAL LIFE IN KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM This idea was conceived by me, @TheEpicSquared, and my friend, @Oliverm001x. Description and information of this project CURRENT UNIVERSAL TIME OF SAVE Year 1, Day 35, 0h, 0m CURRENT LAUNCH MANIFEST RULES (IMPORTANT! READ CAREFULLY!) INFORMATION LAUNCH PROVIDER INFORMATION PAYLOAD PROVIDER INFORMATION INFO REGARDING THE GOVERNMENT LIST OF LAUNCH PROVIDERS LIST OF PAYLOAD PROVIDERS CRAFT SUBMISSION THREAD KSP: EMULATING REAL LIFE YOUTUBE CHANNEL MOD LIST (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) CREDITS Thanks for reading this far. If you have any suggestions, they are gladly welcomed. Post it in this thread or PM them to me and/or @Oliverm001x, and we'll see what we can do.
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  7. Yeah, get half the sphere out of the tank and you'll be fine. The launch will be added to the manifest when you two have decided on all the particulars.
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  12. Hello! Welcome to Through Hardships to the Stars (previously known as KSP Megastructures)! This is a fan-fiction illustrated story, played in sandbox mode, with many, many mods. Contents: Chapter 1 - StarDust (This Post) Chapter 2 - SpacePlane-1 Chapter 3 - Comm Fleet Chapter 4 - Station Science Chapter 5 - The End Chapter 6 - New Beginnings Chapter 7 - Further Than Any Kerbal Has Gone Before Chapter 8 - Merkury-Appaloosa Chapter 9 - Moving Forward Chapter 10 - The Mun and Brumby Chapter 11 - Interstellar Hazard Chapter 12 - Bigby Solar Observatory Interlude - The Plan Chapter 13 - Starting The Plan Chapter 14 - SpaceLab Operations Chapter 15 - Updating The Plan Chapter 16 - Satellites Galore Chapter 17 - The Grand Tour of Kerbin Chapter 18 - By SQUAD... Chapter 19 - Solar Trusses Chapter 20 - Gilly Chapter 21 - Getting Stuff Done Chapter 22 - The Hybridium Chapter 23 - A Discovery Chapter 24 - Duna Calls Chapter 25 - Maintenance Chapter 26 - Minmus Chapter 27 - Good and Bad Chapter 28 - Rebellious Chapter 29 - Unexpected Developments Chapter 30 - Pushing Forward Chapter 31 - Something Big Want to submit a payload? Answer these questions and it'll be launched Note: Any mods are allowed except those that add life support (TAC-LS, USI-LS, Snacks, etc) and those that add different fuel systems (like RealFuels, EngineIgnitor, Cryogenic Engines, etc) Payload Submission Form: CHAPTER 1: STARDUST The International Kerbal Space Program wasn't going well. After the Kongress decided that manufacturing enough nukes to annihilate Kerbin three times over (with no conflicts going on at the time) was more important than space exploration, the IKSP had all fundings cut. The space program was bankrupt, with all their achievements being forgotten over time. After 4 years of uncertain-ness, Jerome Kerman, head of the IKSP, had no choice but to sell off the program to a private investor. That private investor was Dave Kerman. The IKSP was officially declared a private organization 4 years, 3 munths and 2 days after kovernmental funding was cut. Dave immediately set his sights on the IKSP's huge, but ageing, space station. It was officially named the Kerbal Space Station, but nearly everyone called it "StarDust". 4 years ago, it was an engineering marvel. The culmination of the entirety of Kerbin working together to reach into space, and stay there. However, now the station was slowly failing. The RTGs were losing power, the circuit connections were getting unstable and the atmosphere inside was escaping. Something had to be done, or StarDust would soon be rendered completely unusable. The first thing that Dave Kerman and his team decided on was to replace the old habitation arms with an all-new, modern habitation ring. Or more accurately, four of them. The 364-ton monstrosity needed an all-new launcher to get it into orbit: the SB-3, Station Builder 3. The SB-3 was just an SB-2 with 3 cores. The SB-1, compared to these huge rockets, was so small it was barely worth mentioning (it was still pretty big, having been made of 3.75m parts). The habitation ring was mounted on top of the SB-3. Unfortunately the fairing wasn't wide enough for the ring, so the entire assembly had to be botled to a rocket with a flat top. The brute force approach would have to be used, punching a hole through the lower atmosphere and getting out of it ASAP. The rocket was rolled to the launchpad successfully. With a crowd of exactly 14 kerbals in Mission Control, SB-3 with the Habitation Ring lifted off. The rocket followed an unusually steep gravity turn, focusing more on getting out of the lower atmosphere than building up horizontal speed. Booster separation: And finally, a stable orbit was reached. The closest approach was 47.2km. Not too bad for a private space program who had never docked before. Mission Control could work with that. All further maneuvers would be completed with the second stage, which had a full tank of fuel. All maneuvers were performed successfully and the stage was detached from the Hab Ring less than a kilometer from StarDust. The Hab Ring guided itself in under the power of its own RCS thrusters. Docking was completed on the light side of Kerbin, which is not at all right and proper, but it was the safest option for a first mission. The IKSP's first private mission was a complete success. Now all that was left was deorbiting the second stage: Most of the components overheated on reentry. Only the fairing base and docking port survived, which showed some strange aerodynamic properties... Since the base was practically gliding down, it was no surprise when it survived contact with the ocean. [This gave me an idea... can I make a glider out of fairing bases?? I'll have to try some designs.] The IKSP's first mission was a success. But Dave Kerman wasn't finished there...
  13. I made a Falcon 9 replica. The first stage is entirely reusable, and consists of a 3.75m core with 9 tweakscaled Vectors (the middle one is slightly larger than the rest). Ascent is reaching 20 kilometers at 45* on the navball, and continuing from there. I save roughly 2700 units of liquid fuel in each of the three tanks to perform a boost back burn and the landing burn. For RTLS landings, I start my landing burn at 13km above ground level, using three engines for landing (the middle one alone barely has a TWR > 1, so using 3 is much easier). The second stage is fairly standard, I disabled the reaction wheels and added RCS instead for realism. Works pretty well. Unfortunately no pics since they didn't save for some reason. Pics coming soonTM.
  14. Anyone here like The X Files? Just wondering. Also, since, I'm a massive fan, I was literally jumping for joy when I saw this:
  15. We can crowdfund a ticket for Elon Musk! . . . Oh... right.
  16. And is the same payload adapter going to be used for the FH? Because that seems silly, considering that an expendable FH can theoretically carry 63.8 tons (!)(according to
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  18. I'm assuming you mean -67-, so I'll continue with: -68-
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  21. Your current budget is 107,560.4 funds (keep in mind that it change due to monthly deductions, profits from the MunNet launch, etc). How much money are you thinking for the science done? The government is prepared to give you an advance of 15,000, with an additional 60,000 if the mission is successful. This gives you back the 75,000 funds spent on the launch. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Will everyone who has a launch agreement please PM me, so I don't have to read through several pages of discussions. I'll update the launch manifest as PMs come in. If you don't PM me your launch agreement, you might not launch! (If all of your launches are already on the manifest, ignore this message.)
  22. Well, it's more developed than that. Basically what we're trying to do is emulate real life, so a forum user can be either a launch provider (like SpaceX or ULA) or a payload provider (like SES), or both. LPs have budgets that they have to increase by making profits per launch, which is why we all of us who are LPs are competing for payloads. Second iterations can only be 1.875m fuel tanks, sorry. You'll have to redesign your LV to meet those requirements. Oh, and I'll schedule the Steve pad abort test.