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  1. @Red Iron Crown should this be sticky still since 1.3 is out
  2. no @Laythe Squid @Laythe Dweller @Just Jim @Kerbin Rocket Science @kerbinorbiter @DECQ
  3. He is correct on that because the facts are you built the craft and no there is that to he is correct on that because the The limitations cannot be found by the AI
  4. Okay I will be silent on this issue
  5. okay we don't have this conversation with AVC but we don't deal with ckan issues when it is a installing issue that is not the BDAC team's problem when ckan caused the issue when I was on the team and if I'm not mistaken that policy is still in place
  6. Sorry guys do you forget I always do more than one name @Val @Vanamonde @diomedea
  7. Not today @Frybert @Vanamonde @Red Iron Crown
  8. As a former BDAc team member you and the ckan team need to get your act together because when I was on the team we handed any issues dealing with ckan to ckan
  9. no but I strike with my list @Val @Vanamonde @Red Iron Crown@Dman979 @Frybert @Papa_Joe @SpannerMonkey(smce) @technicalfool
  10. I noticed the April fools joke is back
  11. Darn another one bites the dust looks like there's no DNA of the original team SAD!!