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  1. I wasn't drinking coffee, in fact i can't stand being near the stuff. i'm just really excited!
  2. YASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!
  3. what if Quissac broke up, but the crew module survived and used rcs thrusters to circularize
  4. Sorry, bad habit with ship names.
  5. so, what happened to bartdon and the Laroque's crew? i must have missed that part
  6. unfortunately no, I am still having issues. It has made my reusable Duna lander almost completely unusable at this point, just because i have to use jetpacks to get into a space barely bigger than a kerbal
  7. Is this story still going?
  8. Finally! Back to some spaceflight! I'm getting tired of more and more chapters about war! Oh yeah, that reminds me, the file has been updated, here it is First Flight.pdf Ok this thing is getting gigantic! Word is actually starting to break when saving it. I may need to split it into two files! UPDATE: The first volume of First Flight will definitely conclude with Chapter 75. Volume 2 will start after that. Some chapters from the end of Volume 1 may be moved to Volume 2 if the storyline warrants it. This will not affect the order of chapters in any way, just the place where Volume 1 ends and Volume 2 starts. @KSK, don't let this affect your writing in any way, I would hate for crappy software to interfere with such a great novel. I foresee an amazing trilogy coming out of this! Just keep writing!
  9. i've noticed a bug with the ladders on the csm and the lab (haven't tested the storage container yet.) kerbals will move down wards whenever they are n the ladder, and they can't move over from other ladders
  10. yaaay! i really love thisseries and don't want it to end! also, the reason your ladders are krakenbait is that they are sunk in waaaaay to far. there's a reason they stick out so far by default
  11. so is this thread still going? there haven't been any posts in a month sooo...
  12. New file is up First Flight.pdf (3.7 MB) damn this thing is getting rather large! congratulations on almost 600 pages!
  13. so, remind me again why the aerocapture approach wouldn't work? i also seem to remember something about an ssto at omelek. Idea: Transfer as much consumables to Quissac as possible and remove any weight that is not absolutely necessary (including the radiators, landing gear, and what is left of Laroque) so that aerobraking will happen as fast as possible, and will be assisted by Quissac's engines. the ssto will rendevous with Quissac and retrieve the crew. modifications might include salvaging Laroque's crew module if enough delta-v remains after simulations, to be used with a new propulsion module, or retrofitted into a space station (judging by the current geopolitical situation, they will need one very soon) If Laroque's crew module can be salvaged, launch an extraplanetary launchpads dock as soon as possible, and perhaps a greenhouse. if you are out of the companies' reach, you will be better able to fight them. if the crew module cannot be salvaged, start work on a station immediately, one which includes a orbital shipyard and refueling plant, as well as being fully self sustaining. you will definitely want those awesome new propulsion systems, as your fuel budget in all cases will be extremely limited. you will also need to evacuate Camwise and the other senior engineers to continue building new craft.
  14. Well, I finally got the new pdf out! STUPID REAL LIFE!!! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME GO!!! PLEASE I JUST WANT TO BE FREE!!! forget I said that. Here it is: First Flight.pdf CAUTION! DOWNLOAD SIZE IS 3.66mb! changing to pdf made it larger... at least people can't screw with it now! EDIT: damn typos
  15. actually, they are just in one ring. i still need to put up the rest of it lol EDIT: just looked up what an icosapentagon is. it's supposed to be, but 2 of them drifted out and the spacing between sat 24 and sat 1 isn't perfect EDIT 2: i just made relays visible again, and the entire sat network has drifted out of alignment. which is ok, because i need to replace it anyway. it's satellites don't even have reaction wheels on them. but they have enough range that it doesn't matter if they are out of alignment