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  1. I apologize about the downloadable copy, but it will not be up until at least June 20th. Thanks a lot Charter...
  2. need any astronauts? because if so i'm up for it!
  3. what mod gave plock/karen all those extra moons again?
  4. well then, i may have to restructure the volumes a bit when it's all done! It would be weird if one was a lot shorter than the other!
  5. i know, i know, i'm weird. i just like reading a lot. Honestly i only split it into volumes because word was crashing when it tried to save it. i know, Microsoft sucks
  6. awww... i was hoping for a trilogy... Don't worry, it's fine! I just thought this would be a lot longer lol
  7. And that concludes Volume I of the downloadable file! Here is the finished Volume I, at 75 Chapters, 609 pages, and 281,929 words! First Flight Volume I.pdf (3.88MB) Next chapter will be the beginning of Volume II!
  8. well, i was able to fix it by swapping out the multihubs between the rings for 2.5m kerbitats, but i enabled rigid attachment just in case I have a GTX 980, how do i use the recorder? One: I did fix it by replacing multihubs with 2.5m kerbitats Two: autostruts were off. i only turn them on when something needs more reinforcement, and to try to fix things like this.
  9. SAS was not on, and no parts were clipped. i literally have no idea why it's doing this.
  10. so, this happened any ideas as to what's going on here?
  11. so how can i turn civilians into crewmembers? EDIT: nevermind, i figured it out
  12. oh, that makes more sense now. where do you get the material kits?
  13. i've noticed a bug with the inflatable rings: they will not inflate outside the VAB. this kinda defeats the purpose of inflatable rings...
  14. I wasn't drinking coffee, in fact i can't stand being near the stuff. i'm just really excited!