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  1. So, I can add logs and more info as it comes up, but I wanted to get the situation out there, first. I haven't been able to play all day; I've deleted a few of the mods I installed over the last couple days and reinstalled both manual and CKAN mods that the game said had new versions (even if they were already the newest versions). I've also deleted some minor mods I didn't need so I dropped from about 104 down to 84 mods. Now, I deleted Ven's revamp because I thought it was only a texture mod (and it was huge, at that, and the load screen kept telling me it wasn't optimized, even though I know the forum says it is) but when I got into my game, none of my craft loaded. I am hanging between reinstalling it and trying to sort this mess out or just starting a new game with my 84 mods and seeing if everything runs smoothly. But to the title. So far, my game has - frozen on load in and I have to click "close program" - not frozen, but instead just gone back to my desktop - it has frozen in the VAB and SPH without giving me a blue screen (so there isn't a crash file in the KSP folder) and I have to just hit the reset button on my PC - it has frozen and given me blue screens (for which I have 3 logs from today and a few from the past couple days) Also, in the last couple days, all my money disappeared, but I just opened the console and gave myself the same amount of money to compensate. When I was able to get into a game, I have about 5 or 6 save files, all with varying levels of graphical problems: sometimes the landscape is choppy, sometimes the KSC doesn't even load and I can only click the left side buttons to get into them. I found that if I went to the tracking station, flew a craft and went back to the KSC, it would load in. But it didn't matter because then I try to build a rocket and the game crashes, maybe giving me a blue screen, maybe not. I'll include the last error log, to get the ball rolling I suppose (none from today have output logs, but the few from the last 3 days do): EDIT: I should add that I started this game after the 1.3 update and only added mods as they became available on CKAN or if I really wanted the mod, I'd check the forum to see if it was optimized for 1.3, without being in CKAN (like Ven's revamp). I think I added one mod that wasn't optimized and it was draggable Navball and before deleting it, saw nothing saying that was a suspect.
  2. Is this a bad idea for another reason besides Steam auto updates?
  3. What does "coverage" mean, exactly? I downloaded this mod after having already made a 3 sat network around Kerbin and I don't have access to the "3 and 4 Kerbin satellite" contracts, because having "0 - 60% coverage of Kerbin" is unmet. Does having a network equal having 100% coverage? Because I most def don't because I have an arctic base (that I want to use to train with parts and science before sending them to other bodies) that only has a signal a couple hours of the day. Signal will be pretty important when I move Kerbals up there, so I was hoping to get the Kerbin network contracts and make a second network in a polar orbit.
  4. Thank you, that's all it was.
  5. I did a search and no one else seems to be having this problem. But, i'm right clicking parts in the VAB and i'm not seeing any autostrut options, on anything; engines, SRB's command capsules, nothing. Did I miss something or did Squad remove them?
  6. OK, another question. Why do you target planets, from Kerbin, with dish antennas? If I send a satellite to Eve and then pick a dish on that craft and activate it, choosing Kerbin, shouldn't it just communicate with anything in the cone that's enveloping Kerbin? Edit: "To establish a link, a dish with sufficient range must be targeted at the other satellite, either directly or indirectly." So, me pointing an Eve satellite dish at Kerbin, with enough range, should work. Unless, this has to be a two way street..... the Eve satellite can be looking at Kerbin, but if Kerbin isn't looking at Eve, then it doesn't matter? But this means you have to have a satellite network, or at least a network of 3+ dishes, for every planet or moon that you want to visit or put a base on. That could easily equal dozens of probes, if I end up fully colonizing the solar system, like I want to. Am I right here? Now, i'm kind of just thinking out loud, but I was already writing the post I suppose someone can help me by confirming, or correct me.
  7. Alright, so I was looking for an answer to "what is active vessel when targeting with an antenna?" and I found the answer and I'm definitely overthinking it so now I need some clarity. The site says active vessel means "always target the ship you are flying". Is that relative to the current mission, like it targets itself (which makes no sense to me)? Or that it targets whatever ship you're using, in essence, saying it will target everything, all the time? Does it still target those ships even when you're not actively flying them?
  8. I thought about that concept as I was looking it over. Can't have planets run into each other if you just put em on different stars. I am, in fact, playing a career game, but I'm looking for more of a mid game solution; extra locations to set up a wider solar neighborhood. But, your mod actually sounds great for the late game, exploring and populating different systems and dare I say, a galactic neighborhood.
  9. This is why I use the internet, nothing else matters
  10. Does that imply that the game breaks if you try to load multiple packs without it? And it doesn't support every pack, so is it keeping track of which mods have planets that don't occupy the same space?
  11. I'm not really understanding what this mod does...
  12. I'm not finding any specific answers to this and maybe i'm overthinking, but can you use multiple planet packs? I've only used Outer Planets Mod so far, but I just found the planet packs page and am interested in some of them. I would think that you can't, because if 2 different bodies were to occupy the same space, I can see that as game breaking. Thanks
  13. Ayyyeee it worked. Which is great, if not just because I was so tired of seeing the "add available updates" button lit up
  14. Better Burn Time when paired with Maneuver Node Evolved is exactly how the vanilla version should have operated and it makes traveling through space way more fun. For experiment packs, I love Scansat and Surface Experiment Pack, more than all my other packs combined. KIS and KAS, I think, is on everyone's list; the game dynamic that those two mods bring are legendary. Also, anything by RoverDude, I have almost every mod he's been a part of, the USI series is of course my favorite. I'm waiting for Squad to name a moon after him. Lastly, the Near Future series expands the breadth of KSP by magnitudes and if you want a game that makes you feel like you can do anything and go anywhere with minimal repetitiveness, the NF is your mod. Finally, Astro/Cosmonauts for Texture Replacer is just fun to use. I know I name a dozen mods, but I run about a 100+ of these things, so it's impossible to narrow it down anymore.
  15. I hope this mod is still being supported, I love it so much that it's one of my essential mods. I just did a fresh KSP install, deleted every mod and started a new career and would like this mod to be 1.3 compatible. I'm not one of those guys who badgers authors after an update; the only worrying thing is that this forum hasn't seen a reply in over 2 weeks. So, like I said, hope this mod's still getting some love.