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  1. So, i'm trying to build a craft and this problem arises every so often; I am wondering how to change the focal point of mirrored parts. Here's a shot because the few threads where I think this is the problem people are asking about, there is always a confusion on the interpretation of the question. The current mirrored rotation of these lights means they rotate with the small yellow arrows and "meet" on the yellow axis/arrow. I want the lights to meet and rotate outward from the blue arrow so that, if the blue arrow (by the VAB door) is 12 o' clock at this angle, the lights are sitting at like 2 & 10 (as opposed to 2 & 4, right now). Essentially, rotating the mirror focal point 90 degrees. Let this jankily drawn representation be the standard by which all understand this dilemma and hopefully find their answer.
  2. Alright, sorry about about.
  3. I might be in the wrong spot, so I'm looking through my mods for the one that introduced the class system and I think it's either this one or the USI MKS Kolonizaiton mod and I didn't see anything about the classes in the "added features" section. So, i'm assuming it's this mod that did so. P.S. - This overlap just popped up, because I have perused the class system before and it's looked fine.
  4. Hey, have you run into this overlapping bug?
  5. Lol, please don't rub it in! I'm usually a sucker for winning fair and square, but i'm only doing this because it's a small tiny aspect to the mission. Just think of this as the equivalent to Bill finding a spare plug in the glove box.
  6. There's nothing about the Sunflower Portable light in this thread and I can't find it on the Github page. Is it completely stand alone or can it send or receive power or attach to anything or do anything besides be a light source?
  7. I'd rather just change a number in a config file. I'm on a fresh game and using the last of my cash to launch $90k rockets to do rendezvouses in orbit for this Mun mission. I only have the 45 cost R&D tier unlocked and like 3 technologies from the 90 cost R&D tier, thus I need quantity to replace my lack of quality parts. I don't have a lot of extra resources for unscheduled missions.
  8. Which file (location) determines how many objects we're holding in our inventory? I accidentally blew up a power plug used for the SEP mod and I'm an idiot and didn't bring any extras. I'm sitting on the Mun with no save since setting up my whole test area and I am 1 plug short of being able to use all my experiment packages.
  9. First off, turns out this helps: So, I just tested a few combinations with the use of two rovers on the launch pad. Indeed the CoT Jr's can be docked, undocked and allow pass through. I thought I had a screenshot, but apparently not, though it's easy to understand. (Screenshot 1) Here, I moved onto the CoT Jr construction docks. I do not know the difference between "compressing parts" and "multi-weld" and I can not find a reference to multi-weld on the github page; they seem to do the same thing. While I got this unsightly gap after compressing the docks, I believe it's easily avoided by sinking the docks into the cabins a little bit. Two things that caught me off guard about the CoT construction docks: 1) After docking, but before welding, I found I could not undock the crafts. Is docking, like welding, permanent? While testing, I restarted the game and it worked when I went back to get more screenshots. So, bug. 2) Ok, so "Hatch status" does not update real time, for one. With both stock and CoT construction docks, I could open and close hatches (I know that the stock docks were open or closed because I could or couldn't transfer Kerbals, respectively) and the status remained the same. Piggybacking off that, it seems that I can't transfer crew through CoT construction ports unless I compress/weld them; is that the case? While we have these two connected, how do you transfer fuel? I have a refuel station orbiting the moon that i'll be using and I thought it was alt-click both docks to see the "In/Out" interface, but nothing showed up. I do have the Ship Manifest mod, which I have never used, but it seemingly let me cheat and I hit "refill resources" and got everything back for free. I do not want to use this as an alternative to the realistic "in/out" refueling. Finally, as some guys here and the Github page mentioned, stock and construction ports can not be combined.
  10. Now this is the kind of info that hours of searching doesn't find you. The mod thread only ever tells you what's included, same goes for video reviews and stuff, but never this nuanced stuff like what "snap" even is, thank you. As you and @DStaal pointed out, I did trace this to CLS and was kind of wondering if it was the difference between the construction and regular docks. That's very unfortunate though, because they attach to each other in the VAB, so I feel misled. I supposed opening hatches into space wouldn't be smart, but I thought it was more about... idk, opening the dock to be accessible to the other dock, not in terms of actually exposing the interior of the ship. Thanks, I'll change some things around and see if anything changes. Hopefully, similar docks allows for the magnetic attraction and everything else just falls into place from there.
  11. I have been trying to dock this for 45 minutes, I just realized that the hatch is closed, on both sides none the less. But there is no option to open them. What have I done wrong?
  12. I looked through my mods and the construction ports came from the USI mods. I also un/reinstalled the CLS and Konstruction mods because earlier today my EVE and texture replacer mods were not working in game, until i did the same thing. Just loaded up and am going to try again. Solved: Okay, I don't know if it was the reinstall or restart of if i'm just dumb, but I went back to the same Landing Can/crew cabin set up and was able to get the Docking port Jr. to snap to the can's node by holding it at a specific angle above the node; the game just seems to be picky and simply attaching the port manually/radially to the top of the can doesn't fly.
  13. Hey, so I was wondering if I can separate my Game Data folder and place it on my SSD? As it stands right now, I have about 75 mods installed and waiting for them to load off my HDD takes a solid 5 minutes to start the game, which compounds when I'm closing the game in between adding or removing mods, or troubleshooting game bugs. If I can't pull my Game Data folder from the /steamapps/common folder without rendering the game broken, then I suppose I could just move the whole of KSP to my SSD, though i'd prefer to keep whole game files off that drive.
  14. I'm using a lot of mods, including Connected Living Spaces, which makes this more confusing. I can not remember if vanilla game allowed this internal transfer, though. Here, I used two CoT Jr. Construction ports because for some reason the docking variant doesn't snap to the node, though the docking variant was remaining green so it was possible to manually center. But, I'm out on the pad and I'm showing that landing can is right side up because the door is supposed to be on the top and the crew cabin has a door on both sides. P.S. - sorry, idk why the images aren't showing in post.