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  1. @Physics Studentthis is a completely different challenge @DarkOwl57count me in! (well atleast if i don't get too busy playing mariokart)
  2. My physics teacher is awful we NEVER learn anything. the only thing she does is saying read page 43 (only takes 5 minutes) and do nothing for in the rest of the lesson
  3. Wow this is amazing
  4. All planes that look good fly bad and all planes that fly good look bad and there are almost no exceptions
  5. Awww now all of my planes look awful
  6. The space center is my home. Building planes bussing the towers, crashing repeat or doing rovers I cant remember when i last were more than 100 km away from the space center It just never gets borring
  7. if given enought boosters (and struts)
  8. Rip my pc is minus fps even possibol? what is the part count?
  9. launch pushed for tomorow edit ninjaed!
  10. launch is classified
  11. Look at today's doodel Goodbye cassini!
  12. so i think the rules need a refresh do you have any ideas?
  13. Yeah i am not from the us so we used offline maps says 15 minutes takes an hour So i am a kid and just saying the Harry Potter part in universal studios was sooo cool they build a 1:1 hogsmeade with shops and all (remember extra money)
  14. Where did you get those shirts? I want those! Also take into account the driving time in la a trip from calefornia science center to downtown (10 km) took me like 45 minutes when i where there Else the trip looks awsome i would recommend buying a fast pass at universal studios line is 30-60 min per ride Calefornia science center is way more than endeavour. They have 1:1 copies of cassini, viking, and many more plus real apolo, gemeni and mercury capsules plus they have many military planes including the blackbird so spend as much time there as possible