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  1. Who needs "unbreakable" when you can have "invincible"?
  2. Termites...prepare to meet a fiery doom...
  3. Its not so much where you go...but more how you get there... Getting there is half the fun!
  4. this guy can bring it down...
  5. 6/10 Pretty standard stuff, but decent mods for the one above average (5/10)
  6. getting back on track... the last post with a new image appears to be @The Raging Sandwich, with the mesothelioma lawsuit infomercial, so I suppose the game should resume from that point. @Benjamin Kerman posted after the aforementioned post, but no image appears to be attached to the post, at least not for me. However. the point has also been brought up that @The Raging Sandwich's post is not in response to the post that preceded it, the industrial air filter by @munlander1, instead one-upping the Asbestos-related cancer chart by @Benjamin Kerman. Therefore, it seems the proper course of action is to bring in the mods to determine as to where the game should resume from. This post has been reported so that the game can resume properly.
  7. That hat...its my hair!...And ME WANTS IT BACK!
  8. Obviously, by not clicking itself. How do get max TWR with a potato?