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  1. @The-Doctor You don't make whole parts. You only make 'components' inside already existing parts that can host components, like the ones you configure in the VAB. So, it is a glorified 'reconfigure while in flight' mechanic.
  2. @The-Doctor Essentially, there are these 'components', that are the things you can install in pods, chemical plants, etcetera. Each one has a 'value' in Hardware units, deduced by mass or specified in the component specs. You can dismantle a 'component' and get half of its value in Hardware units. You then spend this resource to install new components when you are in flight. So, let's make a practical example to explain the meaning of this. Assume something goes wrong with your crewed mission, and you organize a rescue but it takes time. Time that wasn't planned in your mission, and they have not enough Oxygen to last until rescue arrive. You realize that if only you brought a Water Electrolysis unit you could make up some Oxygen, from the remaining Water and the plenty of solar power you got. But hey, you did bring Bob the engineer. Now you can dismantle a few secondary components and use the resulting Hardware to install a Water Electrolysis unit and survive until rescue. Hope that this clarify it a bit.
  3. There is a set of API functions that was added a while back, when a forum user (forgot the name, sorry) was working on adding repair functionality to some kind of robotic arm. I don't know how that ended up. Anyway, I like the idea and maybe I'll add a dedicated module to do unmanned repairs. My objective is to somewhat reproduce 'on the field hacks' such as dismantling a scrubber from a vessel to install it in another vessel (think Apollo 13), or even doing more crazy stuff in order to survive (think The Martian). I can't allow to produce Hardware in-situ (or use a resource that I don't have total control of, and that may be produced in-situ for what I know), or else this mechanic cease to be a 'last resort' choice for the player. I see something called 'DynamicBatteryStorage' in your log. Maybe that's interacting with the background simulation in some weird way. To clarify, the cost of data transmission is the same for loaded and unloaded vessels. Hi. Unfortunately, things that produce electricity in Interstellar (reactors, etc) are not emulated when the vessel has no focus. So when you focus on another ship, your base effectively behave like it had none of the parts from Interstellar. I'm sorry about that.
  4. @CatastrophicFailure Yes, just copy the new one in the Support folder and overwrite the old one. @Galileo For now I just disabled KopernicusSolarPanel, some of the rationale is outlined here. I'll add multiple star support in next version.
  5. New version released: 1.2.9 Changelog: - ported to KSP - improved SSTU support patch (@Maxzhao1999)
  6. @APlayer No models in the mod are made by me. The gravity ring model was contributed by @mehka. There are two animations: 'extend/retract' and 'rotate one loop'. Both are driven in-code by a dedicated GravityRing module.
  7. @Waxing_Kibbous Ok, I understand. I'll see what I can do about that. @ItCameFromDuna These are the possible consequences after a mental breakdown: @APlayer An inflatable ring? I like the idea, and it sound like a realistic design. But I have very low modelling skill, and zero experience in making models for KSP. If you come up with something and want to contribute it, I'll be flattened to include it in the mod. @drtedastro You middle-click on one of the monitor panel icons ('info', 'auto', 'cfg', etc) and that panel pops out as a window, that you can then move by dragging it by the title.
  8. I finished porting the mod for KSP, only thing missing is adding support for the new Kopernicus solar panel, and that should be it. It may take a couple days. Meanwhile the last build on github is already compatible with KSP 1.3 for those interested. @Waxing_Kibbous The only keys used by this mod are: B (to show the body info panel), Keypad 0-1-2-3 (to toggle radiation field rendering), and PAUSE to mute/unmute all messages. Tab is not used at all.
  9. Guys I just noticed KSP 1.3 New Markets has been released. Unfortunately (for you) I am also in the middle of some real life changes... so there will be a quick and dirt porting of the mod to KSP 1.3, in about a week or two, without any of the changes planned. But these are coming afterward, that much I promise. Hold tight and keep having fun.
  10. Mmm, no that is not intentional. I didn't think of this. The greenhouse has to be an habitat for the pressure threshold of growth, but the implementation was a bit rushed at the time. The only solution available for now is to disable the greenhouse during the storm. The crop will not grow during those few hours but that's it, there are no other side effects.
  11. Consider this: radiation when CME hit a vessel is 5 rad/h, so in 5h they were subjected to environment radiation of 25 rad before shielding is applied. With max shielding, you get only 5% of the environment radiation. So they accumulated 1.25 rad during the storm. Given the tolerance of 50 rad total that a crew member has, it means they were supposed to degenerate only 2.5% on their radiation bar, so to speak. So something must be wrong, can you please double-check that you are not using custom settings for the storm radiation? With the default settings, the mean time between storms is 250 days. That's as much as you are going to get in term of information about solar events, the actual ejection time is generated at random. It does already, with the exception that it doesn't take into consideration free Food capacity at time of harvest. If you bring some Food to get the crew up to time of harvest, that container alone should have enough free capacity when the time comes. If you are seeing an error in planner instead, then provide a test case and I'll look at it. @chaoseclipse01 No problem. In fact the lighting icon is not really appropriate, I'm thinking of changing it to some kind of 'spiral' icon at the next refactor (to represent solar plasma in general). Also the enabling/disabling of habitats is maybe the least intuitive aspect of the mod.
  12. @chaoseclipse01, @aluc24 Some clarifications. The storm problem indicator (the lighting icon) appear after a CME has been ejected from the Sun and is predicted to hit the vessel (yellow icon) and then when it actually hit the vessel (red icon). It isn't related to ElectricCharge. There was never an alternative indication for this, is has been in this form since the beginning. Also there is no difficulty setting in the KSP menu, for various technical reasons. To deal with storms, you need a small pod dedicated to be a 'storm shelter'. Choose a small one, and set its shielding to the max. For the rest of the vessel you can choose a lower amount of shielding. When the CME is ejected, you are notified by warning message and by the yellow storm icon. Both of these also show the estimated time to impact. In that time, you have to move your crew to the 'storm shelter' pod. Then 'disable' all other habitats in the vessel. You will see in the telemetry panel that the shielding factor is now entirely determined by the Shielding amount in that storm shelter pod. In this way, the crew can survive quite a few storms. You can reuse the shelter approach even when crossing radiation belts. You don't simply keep the crew in the shelter all the time because living space is also determined from the set of enabled habitats. For greenhouse, the current one is in fact overpowered. It will take a much bigger biomass to sustain even a single crew. A single greenhouse can now sustain 2 kerbals, provided that you have enough free Food capacity when it is harvest time.
  13. @the_machemer Sorry, somehow I have misunderstood your post. Yes, the issue in your case is simply that nuclear engines emit radiation. You can see the amount of radiation emitted locally in the planner 'radiation' section. For your second question, what you see in the planner is a good indication of what you will experience in flight. The math is the same.
  14. @chaoseclipse01 The problem is that, in a process, either the input rates adapt to output capacity left or they don't. So if I put 'dump = false' in the monoprop fuel cell, it always work at full regime (and that is not desiderable). If I put 'dump = true', it will stop when one of EC/Nitrogen/Water is full (and that too is not desiderable). So now I reworded it's description to clarify that is meant to be used as an emergency EC generator, and set it to 'dump = Nitrogen,Water'. Probably I'm going to get rid of it altogether in the next refactor.
  15. @chaoseclipse01 The SCO of NH3 into N2 is just a perfect fit with the rest of the chemical processes. It was a very good idea In last version I've also added the means to explicitly set orientation of radiation fields, maybe that could be useful in your case with KSS. There is some info about that in the release post.