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  1. Hi, i found the differential throttle checkbox, is any documentation available for that functionality? Does it only work for rear facing engines? Is it configurable? I am asking this because I'd like to get rid of TCA and use this bit Instead.
  2. That's what helped on my tiny Rover from a few pages ago. That was on the mun, but the same Rover on duna now has not enough solar power anymore.
  3. I know about the unmanned penalty, that's ok. Glad you like the speed penalty as an alternative to a complete strike.
  4. Can I configure/disable the check for EC? Because on my tiny Rover I am missing 0.1 EC/s.. can't you just lower the max speed instead of killing the Rover totally?
  5. No worries, but i thought about the dynamic EC storage and came across some problems. assume we went to 1000x warp and now have 1000EC instead of 10EC, if we go back to realtime: a) do we discard all the excessive EC? This way we would eventually waste resources (think of a LFOx powered generator) b) do we not exceed 10EC during warp, and limit our 1000EC storage to 10EC every call? Then the whole functionality wont be there... c) many more issues arise if i think about it. i dont think there is an easy solution...
  6. Yes, thats one possible solution for the missing resource broker. It is easier to do for a custom resource like wasteheat, but such a common used one like EC could bring tons of problems. I think about it, maybe I'll setup a test release :-)
  7. They are scaled, yes, but for the following situation, only a dynamically increasing resource buffer would help (like @FreeThinker's KSP-interstellar ext does with it's heat resource): Parts: an empty, 10EC battery; 100 EC/s Power generator; 100 EC/s consumer (could be a RealBattery). At real-time, assume a step time of 20ms. So in one timestep, the power generator is first in queue, and commits 2 EC to the battery (100*0.02). Then the consumer part is called (it's onFixedUpdate tbh) and it tries to retrieve 2 EC for doing it's thingy (again, 100*0.02). All is fine. At warp speed, assuming a timestep of 2s ( imho 100x time warp ), the power generator wants to commit 200EC to the empty EC storage. 190 EC can't be used and are thrown away, because the EC storage can only hold 10 EC. Next, the consuming part tries to retrieve 200 EC, but only gets 10, thus only working on 5% of whatever it is usually doing with the EC. And that's the problem...
  8. I agree, there are ways, and there might eventually be time do to all that stuff, but in the short amount of time I currently can spend, I can't handle it (alone). And btw, if EC rates get bigger than EC capacity, no analytical solution will help. Only a proper resource broker will do. I've never used ampyear, but you are the second one mentioning it in this thread, so I'll consider looking at it.
  9. Damn, forum software ate my post.. In short, initially I wanted to make all possible relations between temperature, charge rate, self discharge and whatsoever, but it gets unplayable. The first thing I stumbled upon was warping. Warping at 10000 rate, and the whole electrical simulation goes haywire. It needs to be robust and reliable, no one would use my mod if it only works in real-time. The next thing is the stock temperature model. Just enable the advanced temperature Infos in the cheat menu and watch the core temp at different warp rates -> totally unpredictable behaviour. If you drop from the wrong warp rate back to real-time, you end up with a 100K battery. That's the reason why I ditched low charge rates at low temperatures.
  10. I think a dump button exists for ore tanks already, and also a small cfg to enable it for every tank/propellant. So only be able to switch empty tanks should be ok. For the dry masses: just switch them together with the fuels (maybe ooc for some people) or set dry masses to an average/max value for those switchable tanks. Not every tank has to be switchable, it could be a selected subset IMHO.
  11. Ok, so I'd need to customize @blowfish's b9 cfg files and remove b9 tank switching and get @FreeThinker's IFS to do the job. Did anyone already do that? Although I like b9's interface more, if it just had in flight switching...
  12. second that, a toolbar button would be awesome (instead of the right click)
  13. @SyRiNx i updated RealBattery to v1.1.6, now you can set the low and high EC values via cfg. Might need some time for CKAN, but you can get it from Github now.
  14. Hi everyone, i wanted to have the "Disassemble Parts" from MKS for my game, but not MKS. So i made this cfg. Now we can get rid of useless parts and get building! USI_TOOLS needed!