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  1. I read the AD discussions on page 173 about conserving momentum, and I've seen this on YT, but what isn't clear to me: to which reference is that momentum conserved? To the mun? To kerbing? To kerbol? To whatever black hole kerbol is orbiting? What is the (assumed) fake rule behind that? Or do I get sth wrong here? I assume energy = m*v^2/2 + m*g*h needs to remain constant...
  2. Heavy bouncing if landing on a slope. Usually, my tiny rockets do powered landing, then sometimes tip over and fall to the side. But on gaia, everything seems to be made of rubber, and the rocket just bounces around and starts to loose some parts. Part of the lore?
  3. I didn't change anything, if that's what you want to say. Funny thing, the stock explore contracts, after doing an EVA in gaias orbit, the next contract is an unpaid (4 SC and 7Rep) flyby of Olu'um. What a gap of progress?!?
  4. But am i the only one experiencing this?
  5. just move all but yours and Squads items from GameData, and its still here. I'll retest with ring shadows off. AND THE SUN IS SHINING AGAIN! PS: this one did it
  6. And here is the full list (a "dir" in powershell with all folders):
  7. Sorry you are right, it was a CKAN file, which is missing the manual installed mods (like yours) I'll update the list when I am back home.
  8. Ofc, here is the mod-list And for the situations when this happenes: NOT in the main game menu NOT in KSC first picture was from the tracking station second picture was from a launched vessel, prelaunch, still sitting at KSC launchpad, looking straight up both "bugs" come from the same problem, being the northern hemisphere having correct brightnes, but the southern doesnt. cheers!
  9. Known Bug(s)? 1.3, a few mods install view from launchpad to the sun
  10. nono, that was C# talk, the variables are empty (which means, they are "null") and that gives the exception.
  11. @Crzyrndm could only be an empty aeroModule (maybe) or vessel (i don't think so)?
  12. Hi @RealGecko, i didn't knew about this mod, so i tried meself on some MM patching. I wanted to use the upgrade mechanics as well, and this came out: Maybe you can reuse some stuff if you like it.