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  1. Nope. @Kepler68!
  2. NOOOOOPE!! @Sanic? Will you be 2fast4me?
  3. DRESYAYDRESYAYDRESYAYDRESYAYDRESYAY!!! Good luck, and may the kraken be with you and may the force equal mass times acceleration and stuff! Enjoy the most amazing planet in Kerbal Space Program!
  4. The goal is to count to 100 or -100, sorta like the number game. However, instead of just adding one or subtracting one, like the number game, you can also multiply the current number by -1. This makes it so you have to be more strategic and you can't just spam posts until you eventually get to 100 or -100 because the other team could always just turn all of your spamming into their win. ANYWAYS HERE'S THE RULES: You can make one turn per post. You can add one, subtract one, or multiply by negative one when you post. DON'T DOUBLE POST! Remember to follow all forum rules. Have fun. Whenever a team wins, ping me and then you can start a new round. Wins: Team: Date: I think I'm not forgetting anything. Please tell me if I did forget something. GO! Okay bye. 1 (-)
  5. Banned for being too fast for me.
  6. Nope. @Sanic! Can you still get here Sanic fast?
  7. The easiest way is probably using KerbalX. Not the rocket, the site for sharing crafts. You can upload crafts designs and download craft designs and search for craft designs and all that stuff. It's awesome.
  8. Nope. @WillThe84th?
  9. Wait a second... @Shadow Wolf56's status update just made me realize that my rep:post ratio is greater than one! :0.0: 


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    2. TotallyNotHuman_


       @StupidAndy: when your rep > post, it usually means you post quality content.

      So good job. I rep'd you too.


    3. StupidAndy


      also I don't post much,

      but thank you! :D

    4. RA3236


      Not anymore :)

  10. Hello to the- Oh. Not yet. *like* 9 rep left!
  11. There's supposed to be soup made of soup, not soup in the soup! Cook! There's soup in this customer's soup! Waiter! There's adsii1970 in my soup!
  12. Me:
  13. No. @Shadow Wolf56