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  1. For names maybe "StupidAndy's StupidCareer?" I like your flag!
  2. All hail the K.R.A.K.E.N. I still haven't come up with a good name for that... Erm... Kerbal Rockets Are Kraken ENemies? We need something on the server named the K.R.A.K.E.N...
  3. Now you just need an animal farm and a few other things and you'll have a (sorta kinda maybe) self sustaining base! MOAR BOOSTERZ FOOD!!!
  4. Or we could do it on the Discord channel. We have it for a reason... But also not always fair. If it's something big like someone possibly getting kicked out it should have an investigation and stuff, but it's just who owned some land first or something we can just randomly decide.
  5. It just went down for me too... I managed to get a screenshot of the error screen. I'll post it when I get home.
  6. Uh... I don't care...
  7. Uh... Didn't we say that we wanted MORE people to play on the server?... YES. Discord is too slow at school.
  8. We could try to find vanilla solutions to our problems that we're trying to solve with mods. Mostly I just said yes because I wanted turtles and orcas and stuff.
  9. ...will not go to space today. The Dresian Dream IV...
  10. Nope. @Sanic!
  11. Emoji test! The value entered includes a character that is not allowed such as an Emoji. It seems like the forum doesn't like turtle emojis... D:
  12. Why do we even have a thread to complain about stuff? It just gives you notifications that make you complain about stuff. It also makes people complain about people who complain about stuff that they like. Why am I complaining? I'm going to complain about myself complaining now...
  13. Nope. @SpaceplaneAddict
  14. How is it that you changed your profile photo over a month ago and I haven't noticed that you changed it until now? :/ 

    1. DMSP


      No idea! I love that shot from my video so I felt my old picture needed to be something more KSPish!

  15. Yep. More exploding stations.