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  1. Hi. @SparkyFox?
  2. Yes! @ZooNamedGames?
  3. I use physical time warp while flying around with your stock hinge. As soon as I go back to 1x speed your hinge simply falls off the craft and then explodes. Now someone's going to counter this with either the kraken or quickload, aren't they?
  4. MY HEART SOUNDS SUPER AWESOME! I'M ADDING THAT TO MY LIST OF REALLY AWESOME MUSIC!!! I wonder... do any of the planets or moons have a heart shape on their surface sorta like on Pluto? Because that would make things extra awesome!
  5. -59 (+)
  6. This is getting boring. Stop being so negative! -54 (+)
  7. Banned for banning Sanic! Sorta. Ish. Whatever.
  8. Um... Did the forums just go down for maintenance? I just got a 500 Error when I loaded the page... 

    1. NSEP


      I have no idea, i had no time to check /:

  9. Nope! @ShadowZone!
  10. I couldn't get a ship that size off the ground with 4x as many engines as he used, so I was wondering how he did it. And I was 100% sure I didn't forget to release the launch clamps. Now the question is, how many MOAR ENGINES are required to make it actually fly? Because all problems can be solved with more engines and more boosters. Mostly. @hazard-ish WHHHHHHHHHHY?! YOU WERE SO AWESOME!
  11. 1001 now. Liking post so the person has more than 1000 rep is fun. As @DarkOwl57 said, #RoadTo2K
  12. Banned for not having an exact location.
  13. *the soup and the whole planet are crushed by the gravity.* Waiter! There's a 404 Not Found in my soup!