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  1. A test mission of a next generation shuttle failed but I managed to save the pilot. A rescue plane is being dispatched as we speak
  2. I (finally) finished editing my new video, Air Race Ep. 1. The title's still a W.I.P. but if you'd like to submit a plane the link to the submission hangar is below and email and hangar links are in the description
  3. I might be able to beat this but I made this back in October
  4. Debug menu? If that's allowed, my record is 2043.7m/s. That's not the fastest anyone's gone, however. Kerbalnaught holds that record at 2066.3m/s
  5. Are cheats allowed? I don't see anything saying they aren't
  6. I feel like the biggest krater should be called "The Kauldron"
  7. Oh excrements just realized I forgot about this! They're the adjustable ones I meant to reply to this three days ago but my teacher kept closing the tab remotely (what) and I wasn't able to command-shift-t my way back to get the link because he kept closing it! [Smacks head on keyboard]
  8. I didn't have any luck in the KSPI-E thread so I'm also posting it here. KSP Interstellar Extended disables the nuclear jet. How do you re-enable that?
  9. I'm sure it's been asked but I can't be bothered to scroll through 341 pages of comments (and no sane person could either), is there a way to easily re-enable the Rontogen Nuclear Thermal jet engine and the intakes on the Engine Pre-Cooler and (presumably) the Engine Nacelle? Also, are there any aerodynamics/physics/part mass changes in this mod, my planes that normally fly well in stock don't fly well with this (and I know I don't have any physics mods installed) The planes tend to spin out in midair on hard turns. They use the "modern fighter" design motif, with the center of thrust below the center of mass and large delta wings
  10. Uhhkay so I done did some thinkin' 'bout dis and ah think ah should get ridda dis dum accent now... Okay, so I did some thinking about this and I think the Death Star should have Kerbin's gravity in the trenches because people in the movies don't bounce around like they would on the moon or some other place, nor are they human pancakes like they'd be on... ummm... I don't know. Some bigass hunk of lead or something. Anyway, that's done with. Now for the hard part - The planet(?) should be scaled to the point where orbital velocity would be equal with that of an X-Wing in flight in the famous Death Star destruction scene. That may or may not be possible without seriously messing with the size of the "planet" to the point where it's bigger than Jool, or maybe even Kerbol. This DOES keep in mind that KSP is scaled down 10% but I don't think that would really change much of anything
  11. So I found a trick to fix the landing gear - just add two. That still isn't a permanent fix to the problem though
  12. I think we should figure that out by calculating the velocity of an X-Wing relative to the surface of the Death Star. They can "fly" in space, but that isn't possible, so orbital velocity in a trench should be the speed they were flying at
  13. One more gear-related suggestion - Let us change the gear settings on the go. The gear can go through all the required changes to actually assume the position that they've been set to, so why can't they be re-programmed mid-flight? Think of all the things you could do with that! In addition to the obvious, you could make a kneeling bus/plane (which could eliminate the need for a ladder and save a lot of time as well), a rover that could easily fit in a cargo bay and then expand, make takeoff easier by increasing angle of attack and do the opposite for landing, Speed Racer-style jump jacks on Minmus, and a lot of other cool stuff. There's also a lot of even more Kerbal purposes like debris recovery and transport and maybe even improvised weapons and Kraken summoners! Maybe multiple profiles could be added sorta like a chroma keyboard or autostrut to automatically change to a set position. That way, jump jacks could work seamlessly, planes can change from takeoff to landing configurations easily, etc If I understand this stuff correctly (I probably don't), it would be as easy as changing or adding a couple of values, just like you can make Intake Air visible and tweakable in the VAB/SPH. In fact, something similar is already possible with the hoverpads repulsors but not as advanced Also, why is there a dotted line under here all of the sudden?
  14. Well what about a somewhat-complete rework, alternate model, or just a 'plane' new addition to the mod? I've managed to remedy the leaning situation with the next biggest gear scaled down massively (just realized you said that, sorry), but it just looks out of place
  15. I'm not sure if anyone's brought this up before, but can you please center the wheel on the small adjustable landing gear? I have this little plane, Ocelot I, that can't land and falls over and blows up because the wheel is off center. Not to mention my "ocd" gets cranked up to 11 whenever I see it