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  1. Please do. That would be awesome!
  2. Is this mod still being developed? I can't wait to fly on Num
  3. Can we have "shopping cart wheels"? I want to build a T-180, which is a fictional car where all four wheels can steer 360 degrees. No, I'm not going to use Infernal Robotics Example image -
  4. Yes. I didn't know there were other non-space center building mods other than KIS/KAS. I'll add that to the rules
  5. Yes. It's the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod linked at the bottom of the post
  6. Kerbalkind would go interstellar soon, the preparations were made - crew trained, target acquired, calculations made, spacecraft built. The only things left to were get the warp drive in orbit and then bring the crew up... The warp drive sat on the launchpad. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... IGNITION! The engine clusters lit up with a roar and the colossal spacecraft rose slowly from the launchpad on a pillar of dazzling blue fire, building speed as it gained altitude. BLAM! Something caused a booster to snap off and hit the lower stage, setting off a chain reaction that destabilized the warp drive. All the brave (and not so brave) kerbals on Kerbin perished, so did the Munans. Kod had mercy on the Minmians, however, sparing us and our tiny, self-sustaining base. Due to our self-sustaining nature and Minmus's low gravity, we were the main supply line of water and metals to the Munar kolony, mining it from the rich, icy surface, but then our families, friends, history, and potential all vanished in an instant. That was several centuries ago. We survived and slowly grew on the little blue snowball, but scans of Kerbin from an old satellite that survived the blast indicate that the radiation levels have dropped to the point where some areas of the planet could be considered safe, if not habitable again. We must rediscover old technologies and rebuild our once-great civilization. It won't be easy, but then again, nothing is easy here. Your mission - Part 1 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Minmus and populate it with kerbals. The more the better. I'd have at least 60, but it's up to you. After part 2, you cannot get more, so make sure you have enough to last. You cannot have kerbals just standing around, they have to be in a crew container. Remember, even though you can make breathable air, solar radiation is still a threat Part 2 - Destroy the space center, save for the VAB and SPH. You can still design craft, just not launch them. They must be built on Minmus Part 3 - Re-kolonize Kerbin and build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Kerbin where the large impact krater is (It's to the west of the desert near the equator. You can't miss it. There are complicated reasons for the base being here, but I'll boil it down to resources and environmental hazard reasons. The warp drive was nuclear. That was the logical-sounding reason. The real reason is that it's pretty but nobody ever goes there for some reason) and populate it with some kerbals from the Minmus base using only craft built on Minmus. Part 4 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base at the North or South Pole and populate it with kerbals. The crew and parts for this base can be built at the Krater Base or the Minmus Base. Part 5 - Rebuild the Astronaut Complex and Runway/Launchpad at the KSC. The population on Kerbin is increasing somewhat-rapidly now. Only crew-carrying craft can be built, and they must be destroyed once the crew are where they need to be (the crew are being born, not transported, so the craft don't "exist", but there's no population growth mechanic in KSP, so they have to get there somehow). I won't put restrictions on the number of kerbals that can be made, but keep it at a sane level. I don't want to see a kolony of 15 kerbals suddenly become 1,500 in a day or two. The crew must be inside a crew container, not just standing around. Remember, even though Kerbin is "safe", maybe even "habitable", it is still dangerous Part 6 - Return the population on Minmus to the original amount. The base cannot support more crew than there were when you left. Part 7 - Build a third base on Kerbin anywhere but near the KSC or a pre-existing base. I won't place any restrictions on this, but keep in mind that you're trying to spread out and the land near the KSC is still uninhabitable and will be for a while. The parts for this base must come from a pre-existing base but the crew can come from anywhere Part 8 - Send a drone over to the KSC and mine some ore from there. Bring that ore back to a base for study Part 9 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base near the KSC. The craft for this base must come from a pre-existing base but the crew can come from anywhere Part 10 - Fully rebuild the KSC Part 11 - Bring the Minmians home. Part 12 - Set up a communications network around Kerbin Part 13 - Put a satellite in a polar orbit around the Mun to search for survivors. You find nothing (or do you?) Part 14 - Outlaw all uses of radioactive material in or related to space travel Part 15 - Immediately ignore Part 14 and place a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Laythe with at least one RTG and/or nuclear generator Rules - All mods are allowed except cheaty mods like HyperEdit. No cheats menu. Please leave links to screenshots of all steps in the comments A fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base is a base that is capable of building and fueling spacecraft with the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod. This includes mining ore and refining it into various fuels and then storing them, mining metal ore and refining it into rocket parts and storing them, building spacecraft with the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod. Off-planet craft building mods can be used alongside or instead of Extraplanetary Launchpads. This includes KIS/KAS and Ground Construction. Vessel Mover can be used to spawn and/or deliver crew at bases and move modules around if they touch down in the wrong place or you just want to re-arrange the base. It cannot be used to transport base modules, even if they have crew in them. Extraplanetary Launchpads mod -
  7. Are things other than adding to the station allowed? I'm talking things like building bases on other planets, stations around them, and creating satellite networks.
  8. Just found this and I gotta say it looks AWESOME! PLEASE make Num habitable like a mini-Kerbin but with the same gravity as the Mun. I've always dreamed of a world like that! Cratered with lots of canyons as well. PERFECT! Kinda like this but with canyons -
  9. So, um, is this mod still being worked on? It's among my favorites and I'd hate to see it die so soon
  10. You got your wish! I'm really just writing this to write it. Um, this is awkward now
  11. Yeah, same name. Thanks!
  12. How long is this challenge going on for? I doubt I'll be able to do it soon but I'm working on a modded career let's play series called 'Base Race'. I think that just about sums it up
  13. Basically, it's the Portal Gun from Portal. In Portal, the device exists in the form of a futuristic-looking gun that works by shooting a pair of portals onto surfaces coated in moon rocks (and the moon itself) to instantaneously transport information and matter across space. Only two portals can exist at a time (save for co-op multiplayer, which will be ignored) and work both ways. In KSP, the portal device would exist as a large-ish part that could transport ships and their cargo (passengers, resources, momentum(?), across space to a duplicate of itself. To do this, both parts would require a large amount of electric charge, ore, and a way to refine it into fuel as well as a strong (green) connection to each other through CommNet (The two portals have to be able to communicate with each other and both have green signals. The signals can bounce as many times as needed but the route must stay green the entire way through). This would work only on bodies without an atmosphere, and in space. In order to function in-atmosphere, the portal part would need an airlock. Said airlock would be a deployable space made of "hardlight" or some form of tarp (textures would be interchangable for people who don't like scifi. Then again, why would they be using a portal mod if they don't like scifi. Whatever.). A ship would need to fit inside the airlock, which would need an increasingly large amount of electric charge to hold open (because it's hardlight) the bigger it gets. But what if you want to go somewhere else but you already have two portals set up? Easy, just switch the target location on the portal "here" portal to the desired "there" portal (all portals function as both "here" and "there" portals at the same time). Why does it exist? It's a colonization mod that I just thought would be a cool thing. Unfortunatley, I have next to no skill and would probably grow bored of maintaining the mod quite quickly, if it ever became a thing in the first place. That's where you guys come in. Anyone and everyone can make this mod, I'm simply bringing up the topic. Well, that's everything I have to say. Bye!