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  1. I developed a naming scheme/code for docking ports and spent half my day making new configurations, many of which will end up on one of my space stations eventually, save for 0=3l m2, which will help with SSTOs by providing a solid connection through a set of 3 size 0 ports that fit perfectly on a mk2 fuselage Port/Cluster - Port [A? (Adapter)][C? (Cluster)] {[[port size (0, 1, 2)]-[port size (if fusion) (0, 1, 2)(lower numbers first)]=[number of said ports (starting at 1)][location of ports (t (top), r (radial), b (bottom), l (linear))(descending from top)]} Repeat as needed Ex - Port C 1-2=t 1=8r 1-2=1b Here, have an image, it'll help
  2. Is anyone actually using the reservation list?
  3. Meow! @DrunkenKerbalnaut! I... I can't think of anything to say
  4. Thanks for reviewing my craft and posting the video!  I enjoyed watching you fly my planes through the Air Race course.  Now I feel inspired to design something specifically for Air Race. 

    Also, could you  post a link or info on how I can get those Air Race courses you are using?

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Sorry to say it but I'm not sure if this mod is being maintained. @DrunkenKerbalnaut was hurt. Not sure if he's okay and I'm honestly worried
  6. I just want caves
  7. A rocheworld isn't possible, but could planets be made close enough that their atmospheres are mere meters apart or at least close enough for a powerful aircraft to "vacuum dive" between them? I'd quite like that. If it's possible, I want one of the planets to have a lot of rivers and mountains
  8. I finally finished the second episode of my Air Race series!
  9. I have like 0.1 wheel stress maximum. It's clearly not supposed to happen
  10. It's all well and good for realism, but I don't really like the speed limit on wheels, especially tank tracks. Can you include some form of settings.cfg file and have a way to compltely ignore speed-based overstressing? My franken-rover thank you! Also, can we have robot legs, pontoons, and retractable skis?
  11. [Rolls eyes] Yes, I know that, but I don't like to use Tweakscale for stock or stock-alike things. Plus it would just be cool to have a tiny precooler so I don't feel like I'm cheating if I use one on a normal-size plane
  12. 0.625m pre-cooler, nacelle, and tail connectors? TiA
  13. Looks awesome(!!!!!) but I feel like there could be a bit less water (more land), some deeper craters (with water), and rivers (leading into those craters). This is a drawing and a rough draft, so it's less detailed. Either way, it's your project, so you should do with it as you please
  14. It's massive overkill but my two Cheetah and one Tiger engines drown out any audio in the background (and I can't change volume levels without probably ruining everything on my computer. Can you PLEASE turn them down in the next update? My bleeding ears thank you
  15. I have another suggestion, can there be a big mountain range with lava oceans at or near the poles? If you fly to Kerbins polar mountain range (slightly past the North Pole), you'll see some canyons and stuff. How awesome would it be hopping between mountains over rivers of lava? Something similar could be done for Num but I think it would look best on the hostile world of Nibrek!