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  1. Can you make it be compatible with Realism Overhaul?
  2. I launched my first RO/RSS station. (It was granted, monolithic, but still...) https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0Gd65vtFQNI4JeoXX7PmQJWmu4G95S39fCxkL9PmFwMCrHH-Q16JyKWnJyXXvpahaa1ArebKGjV0sNmvSQxm0JZXdvnqTzkmHmvxhnxxUisfqpbhnDMptYiuxSpTED5if20ajv-r So yeah!
  3. Stay tuned for my Real Solar System/ Realism Overhaul entry!
  4. I said earlier that the craft does not spin out of control until I fire the main engine of the second stage.
  5. Which version is for 1.2.2? Which version is for 1.2.2?
  6. Alright, I will do this challenge. It will be with RealFuels, RealPlume, Procedural Parts, Procedural Fairings, and TweakScale EDIT- and some visual mods.
  7. I double-checked. It's not the RCS or electricty. I use Stock SAS for control. here is the stage design https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/8yfYW1n0rZm4bQzbWqR9PYjStE69razkl4SAt_QFeb9zXixl8Sdg6ymxhA-XPOW1uAi3Ta757CrYWtF822MyNwksTK1soKd22s22ttOisWKQ9Ca-ixCEEVuPg3Dtyy3e5v9EiWEq So there u go
  8. I was in the upper atmosphere (around 70km). I had a medium AOA to raise my apoasis. My second stage had an AJ-10 with RCS on the side. The RCS had been activated before the sep to add extra control in the lower atmosphere. I had first activated my ullage motors. (no problem there, the stage flew away from the first stage.) but when I pressed spacebar again to activate the engine, it spun out of control.
  9. Hi, I have a problem. when I detach my second stage and then activate the engine, it flips over, going crazy. Why?
  10. Hi, I am having some problems. I have Ven's Stock Revamp for 1.2.2, but it says a lot of parts are not R.O. I also have Tantares and Tantares LV installed, and they have the same problem, though it says that all of these mods are supported on the front page. Why?
  11. On the R.O release thread (for 1.2.2) it says that it includes configs for Tantares. However, when I open up the game with everything installed, it says "No R.O" for ALL Tantares parts. Why? Does anyone have config files for Tantares & R.O?
  12. I can't wait till this works with 1.2.2!
  13. Oh. On Spacedock it only has 1.3
  14. Hi, this might seem stupid, but here goes. I have ALL my realism mods loaded and saves etc for 1.2.2. It would take hours to update to 1..3. So I was wondering if you could make a version of this mod for 1.2.2?
  15. It did not work.... Kerbin was the same size as normal, even with 10x in cfg. Here is the CFG i was using, BTW: can you please add support?