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  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!
  2. Damn that's an amazing image! You have outdone yourself!
  3. While that certainly is cool, I fail to see how it is KSP fanart....
  4. Question is, will new versions still spawn every cycle? EDIT: Derp, I think I remembered that wrong, they just forgot what they were doing and left, right? Only the orangesuits spawned new?
  5. Yes. Totally only for Rosuki and not for us as well.
  6. Tried the fins, didn't help. And the boosters above the craft just don't work with the aesthetic I was going for; ended up just encasing it in a fairing, not 100% happy with that though.
  7. Ok, now I am impressed. This basically is what I tried creating the whole weekend, without success... Always flipping out mere seconds after launch.
  8. Even better!
  9. Damn, that was well done! So many questions, so little answers. But I suspect there will be answers, as always, in time; with time itself... In riddles.
  10. New PC and the spoilers work again, hooray! The thing in the first one certainly is interesting... The possibilitys!
  11. Nope... Laptop on Win10, running Firefox.
  12. I take it the spoilers are working for everyone else as you are answering to them, but they ain't working for me Anyways, good to hear we'll get more soon™, I'm starving over here (Figurativley).
  13. Actually, (sorry, I can't not ) if ou were using the strings properly, you could! Anyways, nice drawing!
  14. Happy holidays to you as well, and hope you are feeling better!
  15. Why can't you just link them this page?