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  1. I will later today, as soon as I get home.
  2. I've got the same graphical issue on a new clean GPP 1.2.1 install.
  3. That is really strange, but after I've deleted everything again and reinstalled on a new clean install, everything seems to be normal. So I must have broken something myself.
  4. @Galileo Thank you for the new version. Everything looks even better than before I'm sorry to report, but there seem to be a problem with KSC++ I get the second set of runway lights and some small building hovering over Communications Center. I followed the installation instructions and I have versions of Kerbal Konstructs and KSC++ from 1.2.0 pack. I' ve also tried reinstalling those mods, but it does not help.
  5. That is unfortunate. Although, I believe, the mechanism is not quite like that. I believe, KSP checks not the length of the part, but rather what is connected to the other end. I mean, if you delete the Mk1 cabin and leave nothing on the end of the ramp part, KSP will let kerbal out through the hatch on the crew cabin. If you add some "empty" structural fuselages, it will still let you through. But if in the end you add, for example, a fuel tank, it will again begin considering the hatch obstructed. But if instead of fuel tank you add, for example, a scaled Mk3 Cargo Ramp, you will still be able to get out through that internal hatch.
  6. There is a new ALG part, that functions quite like what you want. Sorry, wanted to ask if you know a way to make those internal hatches function, so that kerbal could really get inside and outside through the ramp. My experience shows, that if you try use the hatch in this configuration, you will get message "hatch is obstructed".
  7. @Angel-125 Could you, please, consider in some future release making flag on rudder part togglable name plate just like on other HL-10 parts? This could be very convenient for putting flags on both upper and lower airship’s fins. With current flag mechanics one, unfortunately, has to select either upper, or lower stabilizer, for on the other part flag would be turned upside down.
  8. Where did you get this version of internal with all those fancy ASET props instead of central MFD?
  9. Actually, it would only if you place trapezes under the line of symmetry You might also want to add deploy limits to hangar part's animation so that it looked more like the real Akron's hangar. This design, unfortunately, has some severe limitations. You'll have to have a slow plane without a risk of stall at typical dirigible speeds. You'll have to dock in motion all the time, without even a chance to land on a parked airship. And, finaly, in-flight docking would require much more precise maneuvering, than landing on even a small deck. Hmm, but, of course, nothing stops you from trying to dock a hovering VTOL plane to parked airship from beneath
  10. I’ve made some more test flights (this is very much like the real airship carriers history: a lot of tests, very promising results and total restructuring after each flight ) But the more I rebuild, the more experience I get. So, a few more airship-user notes
  11. I believe, I've managed to find the source of the problem. It was not in RPM itself, but in VesselViewer for RPM.
  12. It seems, you are right. The problem was with those spaces. KSP stopped crashing after I commented them out from gondola parts. That is rather odd, because I have the latest versions of both RPM and ASET packs, and, well, it looks those mods work together well on your install.
  13. Eh. I don't see any "Spaces" folder in "WildBlueIndustries\Heisenberg".