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  1. Only one little turbine is needed (I have two because I also use DangIt). The easiest way is to tune it in test flight. First you reduce turbine's thrust using thrust limit to get the right amount of power. Then you set the thrust limit in hangar.
  2. Sure, why not. Here it is. Here, I believe, except for Heisenberg and Buffalo I used only Navigation lights, TweakScale and Airplane Plus (with TweakScale patch). But I should warn that I have tons of mods, so I could have forgotten some
  3. Now with a bit more specialized resupply airship Docking is really easy. Didn't manage to add open and close limits to hangar doors (like on Mk3 ramp), only deploy limit. So for now it opens a bit more wide than is needed to take helicopter in. But at least you can see the docking rod's mechanics. It also has rotatron part to align helicopter to airship's symmetry axis in case I didn't manage to do it manually before docking. The helicopter is now pulled inside the hangar. And the doors are closed.
  4. @blackheart612 by the way, I've found the reason of the problem. It was not firespitter, but the config itself. Flag selection actually saved, but the second FStextureSwitch2 module draw it's custom flag (which is by default set to Kerbal Standard) on top of my flag, so I thought it didn't work By the way, I can propose to make a separate config file for custom flag module instead of adding it to each sticker individually. This way you'll have to add your custom flag only one time, instead of doing the same four times in each part's config. Something like this: @PART[sticker*] { @MODULE[FStextureSwitch2] { textureRootFolder = blackheart\ //--textureRootFolder is Base Folder, referenced on texture names textureNames = Agencies\KerbalStandard;Agencies\Custom1 //--add ";" in between names, adding names should be "Agencies\CustomFileName" and the Custom File must be on blackheart/Agencies textureDisplayNames = Kerbal Standard;Advertisement //--for ever textureName, you must set a textureDisplayName, can be anything you want, should be same order with textureName. Separate with ";" } }
  5. It looks, the engine in some ways behaves as if they were of standard 4m size. For example, when you put a procedural surface under your plane and then launch it, the engine will put it 4 meters above the runway.
  6. Could you please be more exact? What is not working? Is the game crashing, or airships don't fly, or what?
  7. The same thing with loading 1.2.2 crafts with procedural wings in 1.3. In 1.2.2 those control surfaces were attached symmetrically, but when loaded in 1.3 they look so:
  8. @Crzyrndm thank you for update! The wings seem to work fine on the most, but something strange happens with control surfaces symmetry. When I try to deploy symmetrically attached control surfaces, I get something like this: At the same time all-moving control surfaces seem to work just fine.
  9. @blackheart612 I can confirm that flag selection doesn't save. I can choose whatever flag I like, but after I load craft again I always get "KerbalStandard" flag. I've checked it on clean install with just decal stickers mod. So this is probably firespitter problem, not mod conflict.
  10. In the meanwhile I've been making some more tests This is one of my new VTOL designs, inspired by guess what helicopter from guess what film You might notice a docking port. This is on purpose. Not long ago I wrote about docking a hovering VTOL plane to a parked airship from beneath. Well, the time has come With @Diazo's Horizontal Landing Aid plugin and precise vertical speed control from buffalo's VTOL manager the docking itself was surprisingly easy even without any use of RCS. Here I'm using my light carrier KAS Diamond as a test platform, but, of course, it will require building of a specialized airship
  11. So it is To my mind 27% is the best scale to fit airship's flight deck.
  12. I will later today, as soon as I get home.
  13. I've got the same graphical issue on a new clean GPP 1.2.1 install.