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  1. Only two pages of comments speak eloquently that there is nothing to say about this weekly emptiness.
  2. It seems that these weeklies are written by a robot chaotically rearranging the same words in different orders.
  3. "We are working on it". Ugh.
  4. Aha. SQUAD - a marketing company with the appropriate behavior - "without bluff, you will not sell anything."
  5. Why the developers of Warframe, for example, after a big update can release 2-3 patches on the PS4 in ONE day? What prevented you from releasing ONE patch FOR THE YEAR correcting the problem with the save files? Oh yes! You released a patch on Xbox, as ugly as the whole port.
  6. Yes, today is the anniversary of shame with the consoles, it took a whole year of empty chatter from SQUAD. "We are working on it". Ugh
  7. It's not like that at all. They themselves say that a complete redesign of the interface and control schemes for the gamepad is made to get away from the cursor that is unacceptable for consoles. This is a big and significant change in the whole game, but over the months we've seen only one pathetic screenshot.
  8. I expect details about what's being done, what's done, and what remains to be done. So, as they talk about the progress of work on the PC. Are you redoing the interface? Show screenshots. Did you do something else? Tell us about it. But they write month after month empty phrases like "we are working on this".
  9. This is the "Empty emptiness" as it is. We read the same thing from week to week for many months. This is only a formality, so that "do not whine"
  10. Empty Void about consoles, as usual ...
  11. I've been playing computer games for 25 years, but I've never seen such a disgusting attitude toward consumers as the SQUAD, especially on consoles
  12. Silently removed from the store? Wow. Can anybody look at the North American PS store, is that it?
  13. They are working on it.
  14. We, console players, listen to this "voice of void" for almost a year...
  15. "Blitworks is making great progress and we are looking forward to testing every fresh new build coming out of the oven, they are very solid right now and still getting better each time." "Blitworks continues to consistently provide us with new builds and the team continues to test them as they come in." Thank you, guys, this week's news about the console version is much, much more interesting than the last.