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  1. Unfortunately, the only thing that happens is... hard to guess isn't it? NOTHING
  2. If only the fuselages had any capacity to store fuel inside... But I love this mod just for the engines and cockpits and structural parts, they are super useful but well-balanced with the stock game.
  3. I have designed many planes which are slightly unstable or barely stable in order to replicate the aerodynamic properties of an F-16, and most of them were barely statically stable (with no control input) in all flight conditions and flew relatively well at low altitudes and medium/low speeds, but for some reason whenever I went low&fast or just high altitude, the planes would become hyper-sensitive to control surface deflection needed for more than one g (or to engine thrust, if they used asymmetrical thrust), and, when I maneuvered them they either went into spins, or started temporarily flying at a high angle of attack, stabilising out once they bled off enough speed. So why does that happen? Is there any explanation, and can this theoretically happen IRL too?
  4. Uhh... What you gave me is for the categories visible in advanced mode, BDArmory creates its own category visible in simple mode (so, filter by function). You know, BDArmory's parts are in a special category below Utility and Science and all the others.
  5. How to give your mod parts their own part category? BDArmory is one of the few mods doing that, and it really makes everything more clear when you have zillions of mods installed. But how does it do that? All I found on that is that it gives its parts "category = none" in .cfg files but that of course can't be the only thing you have to do to give the parts a special category. Setting "category = SomeNonStockCategory" causes an error when the game loads configs. Setting "category = none" without doing anything additional lets the game load but the parts don't appear in the editor if you don't use advanced categories mode.
  6. Ask on this mod's forum thread... what? this mod has no forum thread? Well then, why use such a strange and not very popular mod in the first place? rofl I have no idea But there are lots of weapons mods, most known one is BDArmory.
  7. What is the chemical composition of RP-1? Wikipedia doesn't give any source on its article about it, and I can't seem to find any serious source about that on the internet... //EDIT: Wow, thank you very much for the quick answer!
  8. In War Thunder (a WWII MMO flight/tank sim), many Tiger tank users say that the T-34 is the most annoying vehicle in the game - sure, it has inferior armour and armament, but it's quite fast, and eventually a Tiger will attract a lot of attention and get overrun. and btw the f-35 is not actually invisible to visible light (no matter whether it is the 10 dollar model or the actual plane), it's only invisible for radar (and the 10 dollar model is visible in all wavelengths)
  9. When the Rosetta spacecraft descended onto the asteroid it orbited, it was stated that its descent speed was 2 m/s. But then they lost contact with it. But why? 2m/s onto an asteroid is not much, I don't think it could destroy the spacecraft... I can't find any source as to why did they lose contact with the spacecraft.
  10. Did you just say something about making rovers useful in career mode for something more than surface base attachment? I am absolutely FOR this idea, this is amazing!
  11. Solar panels are still attached to the ship after getting broken, this works in the same way as when you deploy a fairing - the part itself is still attached, and even though the detached/broken fairing shells/solar panels still have their own colliders, they aren't parts and can't be switched to, and disappear if you go out of physics range from them. i h8 u
  12. It is possible at all to make this useful only with very advanced and terribly complex aerodynamic setups and while releasing the missile at a specific airspeed, and even then a direct hit is drastically less probable than when manually guiding the missiles. So no.
  13. Yep, although I wouldn't call them "homing" but rather guided - if you don't use some sort of crazy and advanced sas-target-hold-based system w/aerodynamics, they are guided manually by switching to them and controlling them.
  14. Granted, but it blows you up soon after running.
  15. -32, I added one so that the number's absolute value is as small as possible.