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  1. Ij you really can't be bothered to do it yourself, use mechjeb to put yourself in a perfect gso
  2. Whew, this thread kept going. I was starting to get worried (or my e-mail client broke (Again)) #CAMWISE
  3. Yeah I guess, I mostly thought of the idea while sitting on the school bus. Also, question for fans, out of interest, how did you find the Camwise logs in the first place? Whereyou scrolling through mission logs and thought it looked interesting, or did you get a recommendation from someone else? Or is it something completely different?
  4. Am I the only person starting to wonder if we should start an off topic thread for the camwise logs because well, we've got our own little online community here.
  5. Is that Astroneer? Should I try it? (has it been released on Mac or Linux?) What is that dude doing? Yes, That is astroneer, No, I don't think it is out for mac/linux yet, Yes, you should try it, He is waving to say hi to Camwise but I got the screenshot at the wrong time.
  6. Hey Camwise
  8. Wow. I want to see this rig in person and touch it while running. How long would I be in A&E for?
  9. Have you thought about getting this published properly as a physical book or e-book?
  10. That's fine. I'll think of somewhere else. The picture didn't load on my mobile device. Using a laptop I can see it now.
  11. If it isn't too late to place requests, going to schiaparelli in the rough place of the Ares 4 mav. Yes, I like the martian.
  12. Phew! Can you go to 31.3 Degrees North, 331 Degrees East. Because Martian Movie.
  13. NUUU. I did not see the comment on requests. Still, Maybe Ares Planitia? Because, Martian Film?
  14. I need one of these
  15. You entered the first one before I added the kerbal rule so it still counts.