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  1. Here's the Lander on final approach to the Moon. I'm using Stock Scale Real Solar System. She has very predictable handling and is fun to fly, land, and takeoff. You can't really see it in this picture, but I have attached a number of experiments as well as two storage lockers to carry surface experiments. What a great little mod. Thanks!
  2. That would be great. Thanks. BTW, that is one beautiful IVA!
  3. Oh maaaaan. It's beautiful. But I'm still using 1.2.2 till my other key mods update. You wouldn't have an earlier, 1.2.2 compatible version would you?
  4. For the most part, I agree. Though I find that using the main engines, for orbital maneuvers of any type, to be superior to the VTOL engines, at least with the many types of vehicles that I have tested. I think that MechJeb prefers engines to be in the back. Also, optimizing the Lander for this function will define it from the Ranger which is more of a recon ship. BTW, I also think that the Lander should have a lot more inventory space than the Ranger.
  5. So does that explain why we see this crazy huge consumption rate of 40203.86/sec?
  6. Yup. I see the same thing, both on the runway, in the air, and in orbit (vacuum). If you activate the main engines at full throttle you burn through all 4000 # of Deuterium in an instant. At the lowest throttle setting you burn through it all in a couple of seconds. I suspect the consumption rate which appears to be >40,000/sec. Is that intentional? I'm using the provided craft files.
  7. I love landers. For me, the most exiting part of this game is landing on a moon or planet followed by the white knuckled takeoff when for a few moments you are hoping that everything that needs to happen to get off the surface and into orbit, happens. I also love science. So this mod is right up my alley. And so far I am thrilled with what you are doing. It feels real. Thanks!
  8. That did it! Thanks Raging.
  9. Dang. I'll delete it and see what happens. Thanks.
  10. Thanks!  

  11. Here's the link:
  12. Okay thanks. Let me set that up and I'll post the link. BTW. I just noticed this AM that I have the same problem with the DERP Service ring. The legs deploy and snap back up, deploy and snap back up. So far all of the other deployable equipment equipment seems to be fine. The landing stabilizers, the Karibou, mining equipment all work fine.
  13. I have the log. It's 11mb. Never did this before, so what do I do next. Sorry. I've become high maintenance. Thx.
  14. I'm using stock scale. But I may have to give this mod a try anyway. Thanks.
  15. K. Thanks.