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  1. I think four is good too.
  2. I love that Altair Lander. How many Kerbalnauts will it carry?
  3. I cannot believe that I only now discovered this mod. It's an amazingly complete package for near future interplanetary exploration, and beautifully done too. After a few days, I've barely scratched the surface. But so far the highlights for me are the Orion MPCVs, ALCOR pods, and the lander stages and now that Alexustis has updated his ASETs mod, it's a perfect marriage. I have just two questions. I had just updated ASETs prior to discovering your mod. Everything was functioning correctly. Once I loaded this mod, part of the ASETS mod was broken, specifically the digital readouts were displaying code. I reloaded the earlier ASET version and everything was fine. Is it possible that the latest ASET update is newer than the one you include with this mod? The Orion MPCV holds three Kerbalnauts. The real-life version holds 6, IIRC. Is this intended? Personally, I'm fine with it, especially if changing that means changing the IVA. Anyway, it's a great mod. It's like getting a whole new game. Thanks!
  4. Beautiful parts. And it flies nice too. Now I have to learn rocket science to use that IVA.
  5. As much as I love this little thing, I find that docking is beyond difficult. I hope you are planning on incorporating a docking camera. Please, please, please incorporate one in your IVA. Thx.
  6. Is the distance from Earth to Moon in SSRSS the same as the distance from Kerbal to Mun? My stock scale SSTU and HOYO service modules do not carry enough fuel to make the return trip in SSRSS and I don't believe I had this problem with the stock Kerbal system. Thanks.
  7. I edited all of the cfgs as you described and everything is working the way it did in the past. So that's good. .I'm still puzzled over the fact that even though I was using the latest versions of both Omicron and Firespitter, that I had that problem. Looking forward to that adapter. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hey Climber- I have the latest Firespitter loaded. But I noticed a couple of things. In 0.3.0 in the hangar when you click to open the doors or windows they snap open and stay open, as they should. In 0.4.0 when I click on the "open" cargo bay door button, the doors slowly open and when they reach their open limit, they snap shut, and then repeat the action until I click to close the door. It's sort of like an animated GIF. The windows and doors do the same thing. It's the same in the hangar and on the runway. Stock parts like solar panels work fine when they are attached to my Omicron ship. Landing gear, VTOL translation, and lighting all work fine. I reloaded 0.3.0 and everything works as it should, except no ladder. So, something changed between 0.3.0 and 0.4.0. It's possible that it is on my system, but I don't know why 0.3.0 would still work and 0.4.0 doesn't. Thanks.
  9. Hey all. I've got a glitch with the update, and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same. When I click on the button to open cargo door, window, or the ladder, it slowly opens (normally), but when it reaches "full" open it snaps shut. This occurs in both the hangar and on the airstrip. BTW, the ladder is very neat.
  10. Great mission and pictorial SpaceBadger. Now I will have to do something similar . I like your use of the Dragon & trunk. I just wish it had a better IVA. Can I ask where you got the launch pad light towers? I've been looking all over for them. Thx.
  11. Thanks Climber. I had no problem with the pre-release download and install. I used your drop box link for 0.3.0. Who knows. It was 5:00 AM and I was still half asleep. I'll check my zip settings. It's a great mod. I'm Impressed with how simple it is to build a craft that can really hover. Your graphics are really nice especially your window transparency and reflections.
  12. Hey Climber- I'm not sure how to install 0.3.0. When I open the zip file I get a bunch of individual files, no folders. Should I just dump them all into the OMICRON GameData folder? Thx.