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  1. Same with me. EDIT: Also, strangely, the volume is set to 0 each time I load up the game.
  2. Fun with the new SVE:
  3. @hschembri Try turning off the ocean shaders at the main menu.
  4. @evileye.x Then I would believe you, because @RangeMachine has done it.
  5. @Galileo No, though I'm not using the SVE scatterer configs.
  6. @ockidj If you install the beta version of Scatterer manually, it does:
  7. Change the part of the Jool cfg file where it says unlit = true to false, and then make sure you have the latest Scatterer and Blackrack's modified Kopernicus.
  8. Are you forcing OpenGL on windows? I tried that once and got the exact same problem.
  9. ← Back to Table of Contents Mortimer Kerman, an accountant and pioneer of efficient technology was new at the Kerbal Space Program, and was being showed around the space center by Gene. He’d been hired so he could help with reusable rockets and managing funds. “Apparently, a company was offering a lot of Funds for the location of a weird black thing. Turns out it was right next to KSC. What are the odds? Anyways, the reward was enough to build a completely new tracking station,” said Gene. Gene continued. “And this right here is our launchpad, site of many historic missions. Like the one that’s happening right now. That I should really be helping with.” “Yes, probably,” said Mortimer in a posh British accent. But Gene had already left for Mission Control. “Where have you been?” asked Val. “You missed the whole launch!” “I was showing Mortimer around,” said Gene. “We’re in the middle of a mission!” said Val. High above, the Trailblazer II powered up and prepared for the transfer burn that would send it to the Mun. Soaring past Kerbin, it headed towards the distant Mun, and the Kerbals once again caught a glimpse of their home planet. As the Trailblazer II reached the Mun, it decelerated into a stable orbit, earning thousands of funds and clearing the way for many missions after.
  10. Triangulated Jeb.
  11. Update Launchers have been converted to subassemblies for ease of use. KT-0 'Endeavour' now with antenna and battery.