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  1. @Diddly Feelerino That's because SVE over-rides the Scatterer sunflare. For instructions on how to fix that: Go into the StockVisualEnhancements folder in GameData Open SVE_Settings.cfg Delete the section that says: @Scatterer_sunflare:AFTER[scatterer] { @Sun { %assetPath = StockVisualEnhancements/SVE_Scatterer/Sunflares/Sun %flareSettings = 0.5,1,0.32 %spikesSettings = 0.7,1,0.32 %sunGlareFadeDistance = 250000 %ghost1SettingsList1 { %Item = 0.1,1,20,0.3 %Item = 0.08,1,8,0.34 %Item = 0.08,1,12,0.49 %Item = 0.16,1,18,-0.3 } %ghost2SettingsList1 { %Item = 0.02,1,4,0.66 %Item = 0.1,1,10,0.44 %Item = 0.15,1,4,0.55 %Item = 0.15,1,18,0.95 } %ghost2SettingsList2 { %Item = 0.1,1,8,0.7 %Item = 0.1,1,6,0.72 %Item = 0.15,1,8,-0.2 } %ghost3SettingsList1 { %Item = 0.1,1,6,0.4 %Item = 0.08,1,11,1.1 %Item = 0.04,1,20,1.2 %Item = 0.03,1,20,1.22 } } } 4. Your sunflare should now be set to the one in the default Scatterer folder.
  2. @Alteroz Here's a tutorial on cube maps:
  3. I prefer Cover 1. Also, on a different note, could you change the title to read "Visuals" rather than "Visual's"? The second one is not proper english. EDIT: Thank you!
  4. SMALL UPDATE Old Craft: Miscellaneous Transfer Stages Improved the blueprint for the Block D Exploration Kerbaled Changed the type of parachute on the MK-1 'Progress' Colonisation Intentional Space Station Improved blueprints Halved the size of the ISS-Power module
  5. BIG UPDATE New Craft: Colonisation Intentional Space Station (0.625-1.25) Added the ISS-Hub module Added the ISS-Power module Added the ISS-Science module Added the ISS-Crew module Added the ISS-Tug module Old Craft: Added autostrut to all craft New category system
  6. @maculator Do you have a set of cloud configs installed? (BoulderCo, Stock Visual Enhancements, KSPRC, etc.)
  7. Yeah, it takes around a half hour for each one. I'll check out that thread you mentioned, looks cool!
  8. I used Kronal Vessel Viewer to take the pictures, then I drew lines over the picture in Photoshop and added a custom background.
  9. BIG UPDATE New Craft: Miscellaneous Transfer Stages Added Block D, a munar transfer stage. Exploration Kerbaled Added the MK-1 'Progress' orbiter Added the LK-0 'Muna' lander. Probes Added the RS-0 'Octosat' low-tech satellite Added a Remote Tech satellite, the CS-1 'Signal'. Old Craft: Re-drew all blueprints Miscellaneous Launchers SP-0 'Mild' much more aerodynamic Improved parachutes on the SP-1 'Spicy' Exploration Kerbaled Removed launcher from MK-0 'Endeavour' Probes RS-1 'Trailblazer' now simpler and lighter Changed the CS-0 'Wi-Fi' to use Remote Tech
  10. My latest space station! All the parts can be shipped in one go to your chosen location. Very low-tech.
  11. Your main KSP folder should look like this: Inside GameData:
  12. Into the main KSP folder (the one containing GameData, KSP.exe, and all the other stuff)
  13. Same with me. EDIT: Also, strangely, the volume is set to 0 each time I load up the game.