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  1. @maculator Do you have a set of cloud configs installed? (BoulderCo, Stock Visual Enhancements, KSPRC, etc.)
  2. Yeah, it takes around a half hour for each one. I'll check out that thread you mentioned, looks cool!
  3. I used Kronal Vessel Viewer to take the pictures, then I drew lines over the picture in Photoshop and added a custom background.
  4. BIG UPDATE New Craft: Kerbaled: Added the MK-1 'Progress' orbiter and the LK-0 'Muna' lander. Probes: Added the RS-0 'Octosat' low-tech satellite, as well as a Remote Tech satellite, the CS-1 'Signal'. Subassemblies: Added Block D, a munar transfer stage. Old Craft: Re-drew all blueprints SP-0 'Mild' much more aerodynamic Improved parachutes on the SP-1 'Spicy' Removed launcher from MK-0 'Endeavour' RS-1 'Trailblazer' now simpler and lighter Changed the CS-0 'Wi-Fi' to use Remote Tech
  5. My latest space station! All the parts can be shipped in one go to your chosen location. Very low-tech.
  6. Your main KSP folder should look like this: Inside GameData:
  7. Into the main KSP folder (the one containing GameData, KSP.exe, and all the other stuff)
  8. Same with me. EDIT: Also, strangely, the volume is set to 0 each time I load up the game.
  9. Fun with the new SVE:
  10. @hschembri Try turning off the ocean shaders at the main menu.
  11. @evileye.x Then I would believe you, because @RangeMachine has done it.
  12. @Galileo No, though I'm not using the SVE scatterer configs.