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  1. I've already deleted all the previous install files.
  2. So.... I have a problem. I have literally downloaded and re-downloaded this mod FIVE times. Every time, I get this message: I read it completely, then I go and check the game data setup. Sure enough, it looks like this: Exactly what it is supposed to look like. HELP!!!!!
  3. What... The heck... Is that.
  4. Well, I'm running an iMac, but our family shares it. Lots of photos and data on here.
  5. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone! I have had EVE for a while, but it's taken a toll on my fps. Is SVE better on speed? I really want a good visual mod.
  7. Ha ha.
  8. Its a tribute my dear friend. A tribute. *sniff*
  9. Niiiiiiccccceeeeeeee
  10. Built an interplanetary ship in orbit:
  11. Does anyone know the travel times (In kerbal days) for each planet?
  12. It's coming right now.
  13. Same. I built a Learjet ha ha
  14. Lo var Kerman, Commander Day 2, 23 hours, 2 minutes. I went down to the coupula earlier and saw a beautiful sight. I could see Kerbol, the Mün, and Kerbin! Man, I really need to escape down here more often. George Kerman, Lander Pilot Day 3, 16 hours, 36 minutes. Finally, we have arrived at the Mün. After a quick circularization burn, Lo told me that I had to jump in the lander and go on down with Bill. After walking through the crew tubes to get to the Mün lander, we did our checklists and right now we're ready to roll. We're just awaiting the confirmation from Lo var. Bill Kerman, Flight Engineer Day 3, 23 hours, 22 minutes. I am typing this log from the surface of the Mün. After undocking, we slowly began our decent to the ground. Around 2 hours later, we were on the Mün. After some drilling and some science experiments, we reboarded the lander. Valentina Kerman, Co-Pilot Day 4, 2 hours, 46 minutes. George and Bill just docked with us again. We started converting the ore into fuel, and we should be done soon. We'll stay in orbit for 1 more day, and then we'll transfer to Minmus.