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  1. Its a parrrraaaaddodoooooxxxxx!! @adsii1970! We will force you to come to this thread and kneel to us!
  2. TWENTY ONE notifications.... 

    And another surprise... I have now surpassed 910 rep. :D

    1. NSEP


      Classical 2014 meme! Hehe

    2. Wildcat111


      I also got 21 notifications, but somebody made it 22. :(

      I also somehow have 21 followers!

    3. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      And I have 22 followers! :D

  4. Lol. Youtube funtage coming?
  5. Haha. I've seen it done though. Isn't that what KSP is about?
  6. Yup! @adsii1970 again?
  7. And also hitting the "T" button. We have now determined that keyboards are not safe for mission control consoles.
  8. Just wondering: 

    Is there a story behind the "Adsii" part in your name? It is very interesting, and i like it. :D 

    1. adsii1970


      Yup, it is my initials, and instead of a junior, my parents gave me the Roman numeral II

    2. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      That. Is. Coooool. My name comes from the 3 last names of my bloodline. 

      And my first name. 

  9. Nein. @adsii1970?
  10. Wow, 5471 profile views. Thanks guys. Thanks so much. :D 

    1. dundun92


      You're welcome!

    2. Wildcat111


      You welcome! And thanks for the 7/20 notifications today!

  11. I know. I wanted to see if anyone caught that. The SU-27 would still beat it in a dogfight tho.
  12. Yup! He he. BTW, I am working on a KSP movie, so..... Late nights, lemonade, and lots and lots of iMovie. @adsii1970 again?
  13. Yup. Here! @adsii1970