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  1. Welcome! JK man. Just trolling ya.
  2. I've not been here for long, but I just commented on the 1.1 update. Come on guys! Let's get this thread moving again!
  3. Supervisor to Gene: So, you kill Living beings. Gene: YES! FOR SCIEEENCCEEE!!!!!!!!
  4. Keep on liking my stuff guys! It's what keeps me going! 

    Or, as YouTubers would say, Like, follow, and comment!!


    Bye till July everyone! :D 

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    2. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      Well, that's hurtful. ;.;

      I make stories...

    3. NSEP


      Was not meant to be hurtfull.

    4. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      Just pulling your string man. :wink:

  5. Awww, you're so sweet. <3
  6. Awesome. \o/
  7. @Vanamonde? I just need you to lock this for just a bit (2 months.) I am going on vacation and will not be able to deal with the INCREDIBLE amount of entries sent in. I'll PM you when I come back. BTW guys, thanks so much for all you've entered. The official "Air Show," will take place on July 5th. Read my my most recent profile update for more.
  8. I am taking a LOOONGGGG Internet vacation. Until July 1st, I will be off of the 'net. Also, all my stories and challenges will be halted. I may need the moderators to lock up my stuff for a bit. 


    Sorry guys. I just think I spend too much time on here.


    As for the people entering my KSC air and car show, that will also be locked until further notice.

  9. Sorry everyone. Gotta go to bed. I'll reply to all your entries tommorow!
  10. Are you trying to sneak by me?....
  11. Man. It's a close shave. How heavy is it?
  12. Yup. No problemo dude.
  13. Wow. I got back, and BOOM! Loads of entries. I'll get back to you all soon. Tweakscale is allowed. Sorry I didn't mention it. Tweakscale is allowed. So sorry about that. You're in. Cool plane! Summited and accepted. I've seen that car before. You're in man. Added.
  14. Link is broken. Okee Dokee!
  15. I would do this challenge, if THIS was resolved: