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  1. I can watch whatever launches I want from my house with a pair of binoculars.(Of course all i see is an orange ball on the sky, but still)
  2. Hey, I found a fix to the issue. Use the 64 bit version of KSP, then you can accept the disclaimer and join a server.
  3. I have the same issue
  4. awesome. so i could copypasta an intake, make its colors different(so i can tell it apart from normal intakes), and make it able to use the new resource; do same with an ore tank! Ill see if I can try that soon. Maybe on Saturday.
  5. Im a real bad455 i clicked it. Describe myself in two words? Im a rebel.
  6. I've mainly been reading from my email forum section so I had no way to press like. Nice job KSK. GKSP I put it in the food cabinet in the hitchhiker.
  7. I think I know how to fix buoyancy. I'm not the guy who can code the game, but I have an idea: Add a new resource such as planetliquid that is in the "waters" of every planet. Add a part that can harvest this resource.(pretty much a little tube) Add a ballast tank that can store and jettison similar to ore tanks. It can probably work because I've seen other mods add ore before it was a thing. Thanks, GKSP
  8. So a kerbal konstructs sort of thing. maybe someone could make that static for the mod so you can place it wherever you want.
  9. I support this.
  10. Genius. Create your list of fav loading 'hints' and give them priority, and sequence control.
  11. I saw one of those "Eating this fruit will change your life forever" ads and it showed a picture of a cracked egg.
  12. I have the same issue. When u find out, can you tell me what mod it is? Thanks, GKSP
  13. It halpens to me too. I just learned to ignore it.
  14. 0\10
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