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  1. Huh? They do science? Wonder if they do it by locking a couple people in a room and refuse to give them snacks until they figure something out.
  2. When you are still clutching onto your 1.2.2 game cause you really don't want to update...
  3. What's happening? I'm not filled in... Quick google search showed an EVGA 1060 3gb for 750 USD. There was also an MSI card for 240 on prime, but I don't think it should be that high, should it?
  4. 1. Although I've never played with thermal transfer, it seems weird touching colliders doesn't transfer heat between craft. Your magic kettle analogy makes this quite clear. i agree with modeling at least thermal radiation, and your proposed method seems reasonable, but how would it take surface area into account? Like if a part was at an angle to the heat source or completely flat on. I would assume so, as the (ray tracing? not sure of the term) would apply different amounts of heat to different areas. Currently, how is varying levels of temperature taken into account or would the system have to be modified to take it into account? 2. This seems cool. I fully support the idea to finally be able to create part transfers between moving objects. Though, then the question is does every part transfer say, fuel/EC/data? Like, would an antenna transfer LF? I definitely agree with this being an option in the main menu. Also, I hope the whole circuit thing would have an inuitive menu system. Like, click on a resource generating/storing part and drag it to the parts you want to add to the circuit. Also just imagine on EVA, scientists having to share data by hugging each other. Seems ... kinda weird. Maybe a better idea is an action menu option for EVA kerbals to "transfer data", similar to the "Review data", but with the added option to selectively transfer data (although I'm personally not sure the benefits). After the action is completed, maybe have a fancy graphic/animation of the two kerbals passing a notebook or thing of papers? Anyway, liking the ideas.
  5. 1/10 Same to you.
  6. As ever, an enjoyable read. Can I just ask something? So.... Emiko buried herself in the crust? Or do they have underground bases already?
  7. Hmm, never really seriously been there, let me check. Well, it seems the big static solar panels optimally generate a little less than 3/5 of the EC generated in orbit. This is also while being pointed directly at the sun, in both cases.
  8. Don't those also cause drag though, something we want to avoid on Eve? But yeah, those might work too, apart from the requirement for sunlight.
  9. How do you get 1 month of rain? Also, remember that trees need water too. Yesterday was good waterpark weather (sunny), but maybe a bit windy. Not too much though.
  10. I wonder if it would be possible to add a heat shield to at lest temporarily keep stuff from exploding. Never played with tantares though....
  11. That might be an advantage, though then you also need to carry fuel. On the plus side, the mass goes down as you go up.
  12. Can I just ask how you made this?
  13. That's weird - according to the wiki, you should be fine. Try stripping off mods or in a sandbox.
  14. I can see that being a problem....
  15. Late! Or ninja'd, twice in both cases. (one for being called, one for calling) @NSEP
  16. Ok sure. Here's your cyanide pill, and a piece of pen and paper for your will. I wish for a boat.
  17. Noooo @0111narwhalz?
  18. I guess there's that. On the other hand.... stupidly efficient gliders?
  19. It seems like it was an awesome bug.
  20. Hi. Apparently rep is like a pet. You care for it by making posts, interacting, discussing stuff (without trying to annoy the moderators too much) etc. and leave it to sit. Before you know it, 1000 rep is a thing. I honestly don't know how I got here.
  21. Ah, ok. But, technically, "must be an aircraft that has been in service". Those planes did fly and were registered with the military.... I would argue that's enough, but I won't fight if they are rejected. Anyways. A-10. Needs BDA. https://kerbalx.com/qzgy/A-10 I also have some other replica stuff on KerbalX, but those also need BDA as it was for dogfighting....
  22. @Ossan3 Hey........ Did one of my engineers defect? Anyways, nice job.
  23. https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/VesselMover/releases Vessel mover. Has been updated to 1.3, there are releases for 1.2.2