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  1. Its not the hinges, its the rcs balls I am attempting to use on the airbrakes to move the panels. I saw the technique on (i think) Servo's tomcat.
  2. On it! Sorta
  3. My most recent one was "Forget to put crew in and lose control in a shuttle with little to no battery life" Ended up spinning, since that's how the controls were when the EC went to zero.
  4. Reference to the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.The actual craft is called the Bird one, ran by SPECTRE operatives (the main baddies from the film/series). Idea was to capture an American spacecraft, but of course, plot thwarted, probably with epic explosions Any one want to say if the movie was good or bad? Never watched it. And no, I did not know this from heart. I used the internet to look it up. Edit: So apparently, the exact intent was not what I had mentioned. See Martian Emigrant's post.
  5. But then you would have to assume that people have two monitors, and the graphics capability to run it.
  6. I'll have to ask Vanamode to ban you for discussion of moderation. Apparently that's a thing.
  7. Granted. Unfortunately, moogles are extinct now, so you get sent back to the 1300s to find one. It fails, and you end up in Europe, where the black plague is. Have fun not dying! I wish for 2 dollars in pocket money.
  8. No, I think that's the new modpack called RL (you know, rl = real life)
  9. if it could be implemented properly, that would be really cool. By properly, I mean that the actual judgement of scale and distance is intuitive enough and accurate enough for our normal 3d to work. Although, it may be a pain to share videos if you start to play exclusively in stereoscopic.
  10. I tested another variant of a shuttle. Didn't get into orbit, launcher needs more delta-v (I should actually try putting nukes on a shuttle....) Spoiler, cause I take many pics
  11. Banned for anglais (english)
  12. These all look good. What irks me a little bit is how sometimes, the lines don't perfectly match up... (but I guess its really hard to)
  13. Usually, look at whatever other thing I have on my web browser. Usually YouTube or forums.
  14. Reasonably warm during the end of the week. Actually too warm for my preference (28 C!) Winter, come back! I like you more!
  15. I do a handstand in the crater. The world is flipped, I'm In the hill! My weird perspective hill.
  16. One arguement for leaving them be is in-game usability. If the plates were smaller, it might be harder to click on them....
  17. Why not?
  18. Actually worked on my career save. Honestly, its a bit too grindy for me, so I usually just play sandbox. Survey Mission I have to do (again, since I crashed) Reentry of a tourist pod Contractual space station Mun Rendezvous mission, transfer. Packed wayyy too much delta v, still was using my orbit/transfer stage, not even the one on the probe
  19. Checking my username shows that I am not who you called. @StupidAndy?
  20. Check your volume levels. RCS and jetpack sounds can be soft/nonexistant due to volume settings. Also, try in stock, just with all the mods removed. (Which mods do you have?)
  21. I noticed it also says to put it into a specific orbit. Mind showing a map view? Also, what is under the notes section for the antenna and power generation requirement?
  22. I have to agree that the actual plate sizes are way too big on the 1.25 m size. On smaller rockets, it looks ridiculous cause it can take 10 to 20% of the upper stage. The banding is ok on smaller craft where there is only one or two stripes, but it gets repetitive on some really big fairings. I think one of the problems of KSP parts is proportions. I find that often its so much harder to build on a small scale since most of the parts are built for larger scales. On small scale detail work, you often see people using odd parts such as parachutes or solar panels since non of the other parts are suitable for that kind of detail work. Wings are my main problem. On a big 747 or so, or even a mk2 scale craft, it works fine, but if you want to make a tiny plane like Cupcake's stuff, you have to get really inventive. On the other hand, the solar panels are the opposite. The gigantor panels are reasonable for large stations and so on, but not really on smaller SSTO's, but the small retractable panels look too small to actually be useful, even if the mechanics are fine.
  23. No. @legoclone09?
  24. Not my design! Really, its more of a TSTO (two stage to orbit)