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  1. Landed on Ike for the first time. Jebediah was the chosen one. I found a very strange stone. It was floating mid-air. I then reentered low orbit to rendezvous with my orbiter. After that I had no more use for my trusty lander. As I had transferred all of the fuel and there was no probe on the lander, Bill had the perfect solution for this problem. BOOOM! This was my first ever using the explosives from KIS/KAS. I had no idea that the detonation would be that big. I was happy when I checked the orbiter and found out it didn't take any damage!
  2. Doing my first Duna/Ike mission in my current career. Small lander (for Ike), an orbiter module and a pack of relays (2 x RA-100 for polar relays and 3 x RA-2 for low equatorial Duna orbit). The "classic" team is on this one: Jeb, Bill and Bob. Here are some screenies:
  3. Great mod! I loved the predecessor and am looking forward to play around with this! One question: Is there a way to make city lights working for this mod? If so, how do I accomplish this?
  4. Me! Me! Me! Me! Give it to me already! Take your time. This will be epic!
  5. After my two Rovers scouted the possible landing zones for my manned Munar mission I finally sent my first Kerbals to the Mun this weekend. Here is what I did: First I tested the Surface Experiment Pack nearby KSC. Bill and Gity experiencing no problems whatsoever. Then it's off to the Mun. Valentina (Pilot), Alayna (Engineer) and Gity (Scientist) are the chosen Kerbals. Valentina will stay in Mun Orbit in the M.C.V. (Munar Command Vessel) while Alayna and Gity will touch down with the Munar Lander. Valentina: "I can see the surface! And what a sunflare! Is that stock?" Munar Lander approaching it's landing zone in the Mun Midland Craters. I love the immersion those IVA views give you! That's how things look from Alayna's perspective after touchdown. The landing zone was wisely chosen (mix of breathtaking vistas and scientific reasoning) on a slope inside one of the biggest Midland Craters. Then something strange happened to my save. My framerate dropped to unplayable rates and I could only do my Mun EVAs playing without the adorable KSPRC-mod (had to switch to my classic SVE/Scatterer combo). That's the reason why the ground textures and hills don't have the same quality in the following pics. Here's a view from Munar Lander to Alayna and Gity setting up and sciencing the hell out of the Surface Experiment Pack! One of my Rovers (Munar Explorer 1) was only 4.4 km away. So Alayna was given the permission to pay a visit. Given she's an engineer she professionally dusted off the Rover's solar panels. While here she took a surface sample as well as luckily the Rover was located in another biome. Meanwhile Gity did the last scientific experiments in the name of Kerbal Greatness! Well, you can't stay on the Mun forever so after Alayna returned from her maintenance and service trip to Munar Explorer 1 it was back to Mun orbit where Valentina waited in the MCV. Goodbye Mun Explorer 1 and Surface Experiment Pack 1. It was a giant leap for Kerbalkind. By the way I mysteriously got rid of my FPS-problems with KSPRC so I returned to surface texture happiness. The Munar Command Vessel with Valentina awaiting the Munar Lander in Orbit. Almost... Done! After Alayna and gity had transferred all Science experiments and themselves into the Munar Commad Vessel the Munar Lander was decoupled and sent to the Mun's surface to create another crater and of course test the seismographic Science apparatus of the Surface Experiment Pack. Then the voyage back began. Here's the M.C.V. in approach to Kerbin. Burning retrograde! Entering the atmosphere. Great mission! I did lots of Science points and all three Kerbals safely returned to Kerbin. Hope you enjoyed the trip!
  6. I love the new "puffy" clouds! Coming back from a "Mun Science Orbit" trip.
  7. Landed two rovers on the Mun (Mun Explorer 1 and Mun Explorer 2). I did a lot of DMagic-Science and sent the results back to Kerbin to get the parts I need for my manned Mun mission in the tech tree. Positioned the rovers so they could easily navigate to three biomes each resulting in roughly 250 Science points for each rover. I am happy!
  8. Thanks for having me! Yep, the textures are over the top!
  9. I was fascinated by the custom Biomes pap1723 did of Earth and Moon so I decided to test the same for Mars. These are the 20 Biomes found in my MarsBiomes.png: Olympus Mons Valles Marineris Elysium Mons Alba Mons Tharsis Montes Tempe Terra Major Craters Arean Canyons Amazonis Planitia North Ice Cap South Ice Cap Argyre Planitia Hellas Planitia Utopia Planitia Terra Cimmeria Terra Sirenum Terra Sabaea Highlands Midlands Lowlands I do not know if they work ingame (Science etc.) as I am no modder and I am unsure whether there is a maximum number of biomes a celestial body might have so maybe this was all in vain... Nevertheless the biomes show up when I use SCANSAT so there's hope! maybe someone of you can clarify this? In fact it was hard enough for me to find out how the colors are generated but in the end I succeeded. Feel free to download the ZIP-file with the "MarsBiomes.png" and "Mars.cfg" in it. They already are in the correct directories so all you have to do is copy the contents of the "GameData" folder in yours. And of course they might be integrated in this sensational mod! Thank you for your hard work and your responsive attitude! Keep it up! Download ZIP-file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By11lzwkefXfNUZKRXhpb1VsLVk/view?usp=sharing
  10. OK, thanks. I'll have a look.
  11. In fact the biomes now seem to work properly. I haven't done any science tests but a quick HyperEdit to the Moon with a "SCANSAT" Multispectral Scanner gives the following overlay/map:
  12. I have a question regarding the transition from space to to the planets' surfaces. What happens to the textures during the transition? Is there a way to (still) make that transition more fluid? Is there maybe even a tutorial how that can be influenced? I'd like to help improving that as I find it's quite immersion-breaking when the planet's texture looks fantastic from far out and when landed the surface looks great as well (with storms etc.) but the way from 100.000 m downwards looks ugly. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  13. OK. Thanks for clearing that up!
  14. Great update! There seems to be a problem with the city lights though as I can't see them. In the cityLights.cfg it reads "body = Kerbin". Shouldn't it be "body = Earth". Another question: Whenever I zoom out to further than 100.000 m the textures of the planets look fantastic (Picture 1 and 3, Moon and Mars) but if I come closer than 100.000 m it looks all blurry (Pictures 2 and 4). Is this a normal transition problem or are my Nvidia-settings not optimized? Sorry to bother. This isn't meant as criticism, just asking.
  15. I believe the Moon.cfg and Earth.cfg in the SSRSS/RSSKopernicus/Earth folder are still those without the new biomes... Or did I miss something?