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  1. Not for me, until garbage collection gets sorted/ better optimised, its just gonna be more stutter heaven. (Keeps eye out for unity update) good luck tho squaddies
  2. Bet the garbage collection and stutter would be good on multi player
  3. I'll have a guess that youre running out of running 32bit version with mods, try without the mods and attach logs again if problem persists.
  4. Attach ur ksp and output logs after summing happens mate or the devs chicken bones / crystal ball wont hav power to help
  5. Hi Padishar, thats interesting, all my mods 'claim to be for 1.2.1 except mk2 station parts expansion which is for 1.2. i need to remove IR surface sampler and IR struts as iirc theyre known not work atm, but i dont use them anyway so dont know why theyre throwing exceptions as theyre certainly not on any of my craft. im not surprised by IR spam as i was testing limits of docking ports attached to IR parts (kraken juice) i check for mod updates everytime before i play through ckan and avc. re-page file etc, ive never changed it, so itll be on default, i remember pressing lots of buttons on your meter tho. Lol could i have scaled it wrong which affected things maybe. shame indicator lights is causing issue, like those, ill look into that. but all in all, your mod seems to help mate and shows theres still some underlying issues to be ironed out. cheers
  6. thought you may find this info (Linkd) useful, i was mid stutter in flight, tried to Alt End to help then CTD, didnt get pics of your meter alas, but heres logs, hope they help. crash.log?dl=0
  7. Yup
  8. U say uve removed it, havu googled the virus i.d. ? What didu remove it with? Safe mode, virus scan, spybot scan, reboot? ifu dont mind losing all info, then sure fire way - Reinstall ur OS, itll wipe everything and start again, itll take while to re-update everything again tho. and keep away from them nawty sites edit - theres probably a Repair option somewhere?
  9. Not alot of support for the education sector product then..... Interesting, considering theyre trying to use squads system for purchasing more products. thought a tad more importance wouldve been put on a product purchased and used to teach others, not just played as a game as it were. Maybe thats just 'me' its all interesting viewing, watching how things get handled.... Or not hope u get ur answer Mr Teacher Sir
  10. An MP robot war Arena.....with some new destructive parts.... Could be gd
  11. \o/ yay my 1st comment....woohooo... Cheers Dafni not much of a space program going on ere....more like a space scrapyard.....ksp robot wars more like. Lol just messing bout getting used to kis kas limitations atm, whilst waiting for kerbal foundries crew to solve their issues (looks promising)
  12. adding a few bits n pieces ...... ...... ..... ......
  13. I get this pause (think its same issue u mean) but without ker,kjr or fairing use. Lol gotta luv this game. ive just been building a ground base and plonking it on runway to test etc no fairings in sight
  14. Fyi, re- stutter issue.... I unticked everything in tracking station, then exit.....seems to help. im tired of testing tbh so dont know if its linked etc
  15. Oh indeed, and thats the part that i understood, would be tad harsh on rest of us (delete game and be totally safe. Lol) i just havent seen this brought up before and thought it was important enough to recieve a more considered response, from squad specifically, (not havina pop at u) as im sure a lawsuit would finish them. these days everyones happy to sue anyone, for anything. Lol crap world, but thats where we are. pretty sure squad dont need anymore bad press be interesting to see if they even pick this up and run with it or not.....time will tell. no skin off my nose, as they say Hmm interesting, dont know tbh, with all flashes and special effects games utilise these days, not sure if its possible. Remember ppl are playing thru tv's console etc also. im lucky enough not to suffer (thk god) altho you can develop it as i understand.