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  1. I mean, there's a brand new Minimus Base. But it's small, so I don't expect much out of it
  2. Dres ship? ... Oh shoot. Did it crash into something?
  3. Save here Added a Minimus land base and two fighter planes (Because why not?)
  4. Alright, ready when you are. Still the 3 module cap, no?
  5. Considering it's a communist box tank, it shouldn't be hard to make a turret. T-55A would be hell to make though.
  6. Can I take March 25-26? I'll put some SSTOs on Laythe and a battlecruiser (because space police)
  7. Can I take the save for 18-19?
  8. Alright sorry for keeping you waiting so long. I'm back for the SCS. I can take a mission, if there are spots. How's the Duna base going?
  9. Is this an open group project? If so, can I join in for a mission? --Thanks
  10. How do you stop one of the stages from being "destroyed" by leaving draw distance?
  11. Very cool tanks. How do their turrets rotate?
  12. I can't imagine the lag+the difficulties of transporting 2017 kerbals... but I digress. Bop probably is a good place, reasoning above.
  13. KSP I has something like that
  14. Er, this might be better in the Spacecraft Exchange. I summon the mods to come and move this over there!
  15. All I can think of when I see that is me accidentally decoupling the engines mid-flight.