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  1. Is this still not working for you? I cannot replicate this behaviour. Try doing it again after deleting the CKAN file in your KSP directory. If it does not exist try launching ckan manually first by typing below into the terminal. Then try again using v1.0.1 on the release page //press enter after each line CKAN=$(mdfind ckan.exe) mono $CKAN ckan gui This does not seem to work for me for unclear reasons. You've not located ckan.exe in your code.
  2. Low end Macbook Modpack [1.2.2](WIP) I play KSP on a low-end Macbook Air with 1.4GHz Intel i5 and 4G RAM so performance is essential to me. I hope this modpack can help people who wants a range of parts while still keeping their game from becoming a slideshow. Note that not all mods are up to date but they all function relatively well in 1.2.2. Dependencies can be found in their respective posts, or install with CKAN. The CKAN mod list is here. Note not all mods on CKAN are in the list below because...I don't know, just deal with it. Also, Ven's Stock Revamp is not on the ckan file so make sure you download that! Parts Stock Part Revamp 1.9.5: Probably the most important mod for this mod pack, it overhauls all stock parts and uses its own texture. Better still, you can use the pruner bundled with the mod to stop stock textures from loading, which lowers the RAM usage. Overall this mod has very little effect on performance and I believe if I can run it, you can too! KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion: Landing legs, grid fins, SuperDraco engines, deployable wings and so on, SpaceX-style. One of the mods that I install every KSP update. Mk2 Expansion v1.7.35: New engines, air intakes, and fuselage segments and cockpits in the mk2 formfactor, to give players more options when building spaceplanes and more. All textures are stock textures where possible, using MODEL nodes, so RAM footprint should be minimal. DMagic Orbital Science: New Science Parts v1.3.8: New science parts for all your science/career needs! SCANsat v16.11: Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed! Allows you to scan the surfaces of planetary bodies to produce various kinds of maps and mine relatively small amounts of sweet, juicy, 110% fresh-squeezed science! Tundra Exploration v0.9: Stockalike Dragon V2 and Falcon 9, perfect with KRE! RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.1.2: Complete rework of the stock parachute module to fix a few of its inconveniences and get more realistic results out of parachutes! Procedural Parts v1.2.5: ProceduralParts allows you to procedurally generate a number of different parts in a range of sizes and shapes. You'll need to find a community fix for this to work in 1.2.2. Procedural Fairings 3.20: Fairings that automatically reshape for any attached payload. Saves a lot of work! Utilities/ Gameplay Kerbal Engineer Redux Award winning information tool for all the data you'll ever need! Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.4.0: The Kerbal Alarm Clock is a plugin that allows you to create reminder alarms at future periods to help you manage your flights and not warp past important times. KSP Alternate Resource Panel v2.9.1.0: The KSP Alternate Resource Panel is a plugin to the Kerbal Space program game and was created to provide me an alternate view of the resources list and also add some staging functionality to the map view. State Funding Continued: StateFunding is a Mod that tries to reward you for doing things you want to do. You can choose between several governments that have different play styles. Each quarter (106 Days) you will receive a review for that quarter and be paid out (or fined) depending on your performance. Strategia v1.5.0: Strategia is a revamp to Kerbal Space Program's strategy system. All the stock strategies are removed, and replaced with new and unique strategies. It's just great! TweakScale v2.3.4: TweakScale lets you change the size of a part. Not just that, but it will figure out how much fuel is in the resized part. And if it's an engine, it will become more powerful by scaling it bigger, or weaker by scaling it smaller. [x] Science!: Keeps track of the science experiments you have completed and recovered to Kerbal Space Center. No matter what game scene you are in, what your current vehicle is, [x] Science! always reports on all science held anywhere. Kerbal Space Transport System: The Kerbal Space Transport System (or KSTS) will allow you to record launches of your transport rockets and planes to be used in automated missions later. It will allow you to transfer resources, crew-members and even deploy brand new ships directly into orbit. Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (FMRS): FMRS lets you jump back and forth in time. So you can launch your mission into space, then jump back in time to the separation and have full control over your dropped vessels. It's all about the SpaceX style! StageRecovery v1.7.0: This mod allows funds to be recovered, at a reduced rate, from dropped stages so long as they have parachutes attached (not necessarily deployed). Works great with FMRS! Part Commander Continued: Consolidates all the right-click menus from parts on the active vessel into a single interface (with the optional ability to "pop off" selected parts into their own windows if you wish). Trajectories v1.6.6: The mod displays trajectory predictions, accounting for atmospheric drag, lift, etc. Works with the stock aerodynamic model, and also with Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR). Stock Antenna Balance: Adjusts the range, power usage and other attributes of the stock antennas and how they function. This makes it much more important to use a mix of direct and relay antennas to communicate with Kerbin's Deep Space Network (DSN). All Y'All Continued: The one-stop, one-click extend and retract solution. Dated QuickSaves: Automatic quicksaves!! Navball docking alignment indicator v2: This will add a new Marker to the Navball to show if you are aligned with the targeted Docking port. (You can also tell the targets rotation by it if you need it) and this will save you lot of fiddeling and switching back and forth to double and triple check. It really is just a minimalistic mod and yet so useful! ABookCase Orbital Reference System A simple mod that displays altitude of an orbit at a point by hovering the mouse over it. Landing Height: Show distance from bottom of your vessel to ground. Simply essential. Visual/ Sound ShipEffects Sound Mod: Dynamic Sound Effects v1.0.3: Hear your spaceship rattle as you reenter! Scroll to the bottom of the post for community fixes! Chatterer v.0.9.92: Hear your Kerbals talk and your probes beep! Audio Muffler Redux v2.3: Make game sounds feel more realistic by muffling them as the air around your vessel gets less dense. I suggest you edit the config so that you can still hear stuff outside IVA. Because, let's be honest, it's not like we can run RasterPropMonitor. Engine Lighting v1.5: Lights your engines and your decouplers up! It's simply beautiful!! If you have a better laptop than I do but still not good enough to use all the heavy enhancements, I suggest below Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack v1.1: Combines good visuals with minimal graphics demand. Requires EVE.
  3. Go to announcements, what a surprise
  4. @SkalouWhat stock texture does this mod use?? Since I have Ven's Stock Revamp and its pruner used it would be helpful to know which ones to enable again for this to work. NVM, found it in the config file, it's Squad/Parts/Aero/HeatShield/heatshield and Squad/Parts/Aero/airbrake/Airbrake if anyone wants to know Great idea by the way, good looking too!
  5. I would suggest you do apply a license since apparently no licence means All Rights Reserved?
  6. GREAT! Of course I still love this mod!
  7. I've been using the updated version for quite some time now and I'd like to say it's awesome to have 2001 space odyssey theme playing while playing KSP On a separate note, I have noticed some minor issues while using that you might like to know about. For instance, when I launch a vessel the playlist restarts upon changing from pre-launch to flying, although I've assigned all situations to that playlist. Also, opening up the playlist editor seems to stop music from playing if you switch vessel afterwards. Another thing that might have been caused by the low-end hardware on my mac-air is that there happens to be squeaky sound whenever I switch scenes while the music is playing. (e.g. Flying with music-switch to space centre-music stops-squeak-birds starts singing-finish loading space centre.) I can upload my logs tmr if you need them.
  8. The 1.2 ksp changes have cause the mod to lose its intended accuracy and created some bugs the creator acknowledges it and would like someone to help make the fixes, I think some mod makers may be interested due to the mod's popularity.
  9. Thanks a lot for your work! I believe many people will be benefited from your effort!! Another thing, the creator of Trajectories have said that he's busy with his life and would like someone to take over it, I think this is an essential mod that everybody loves, so maybe consider adding it to the list? Here's his original post
  10. Doesn't this look amazing!
  11. Many thanks for making it clear for everybody, hope everything goes well with your life!
  12. Sounds amazing! Maybe you can make it madatory for all habitats to have a certain amount of radiators since even the ISS in LEO has two giant ones! Making the game more challenging and more realistic! Also left some notes on github.
  13. Any news on the reproduction? Do you need any more info?
  14. If I were to record a deployment, in order to satisfy "unused payload", do I have to disable not only fuel crossfeed, but also antennas, solar panels and batteries in the payload?
  15. Just wanted to say that I'm very thankful that Squad will continue the development of KSP (which requires the money they earn through Expansion packs)