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  1. Haha same here, lags a lot but I have a mac so can't complain. Even Smoke Screen lags my laptop
  2. Hi! Glad you're back! I'll take my link down then. Love your mod, glad you're back. Will you continue the development? There's some weird splitting of the atmosphere creating a "halo" around kerbin going on, donno if you've time to take a look and fix it?
  3. Or you can click the link, drag it into Gamedata and try it first hand? Yes, it works~ Have fun
  4. Congrats on release! Looking beautiful~
  5. That's alright, I've mistaken it as complaining, my bad. Since the mod hasn't seen too much development recently perhaps stock is slowly catching up in a few cases.
  6. Mainly because VSR was made before the updates that made the stock textures look better. Also, appreciate the work the author spent on a mod.
  7. Hi! I've been playing with KK for a few days and I enjoy it very much! Being a spaceX fan I tend to do a lot of booster recoveries. Is there a way to recover the vessel launched from KSC at a different site and get a bonus in recovered funds? Say instead of getting 20 because it's on the other side of Kerbin you get 60% for landing right on the launchpad of a different site. Also, I'm rather confused about the use of closing a base? It seems that closing a base costs more than opening one?
  8. Yeah I did notice it, however, the problem persists even after I've removed the characters. I don't know what those are but they don't appear in any other part cfgs.
  9. Wait what? Not true! Thanks a lot guys, I'll try my best~
  10. I've decided to start making mods for KSP. Having great interest in Chinese launch vehicles "Long March" series I've decided to start from there. Note since I'm literally learning from scratch so help and suggestion (even criticism) are welcome! Starting with the YF-77 Engine, China's first cryogenic rocket engine developed for booster applications. As you can see, no detail on the model, I've yet to make textures and I'm also having a bit of an issue with UV mapping However I'm seriously enjoying the fun it gives me. Since I have exams imminent, the development will slow down until the end of May. Again, please feel free to criticize my work
  11. I'm having some problems with RP-0 for my 1.2.2 KSP. I've installed the mod from the master branch however all parts are showing non-rp0. Does anyone know how I can solve this. I've also raised the issue in Github and you can find the log file there too.
  12. Don't worry about it. There's a first time for everyone and you're doing great! I'll have a look into the problem now. By the way, you have "turn down engine when unstable" as true. You would want it to be false Edit: Unfortunately I cannot replicate the problem. Does the issue still persist after you've chaned the above to false?
  13. Ummmm, can you upload your logs and your edited cfg file?
  14. Yes. Go to your real fuel folder. Find Realsettings.cfg. Find the Ullage section(in the cfg file, open it with a text editor) and you can change all to false.
  15. Not much progress, however, a few observations where made. First, the further in the future the maneuver nodes are, the higher the chances of this happening is. Second. Reducing the number of conic patches seems to have reduced the rate at which dv indicator increases. Hope this post will be seen by people more capable of troubleshooting than I am Thanks for the effort too, @Raphaello