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  1. Go to announcements, what a surprise
  2. @SkalouWhat stock texture does this mod use?? Since I have Ven's Stock Revamp and its pruner used it would be helpful to know which ones to enable again for this to work. NVM, found it in the config file, it's Squad/Parts/Aero/HeatShield/heatshield and Squad/Parts/Aero/airbrake/Airbrake if anyone wants to know Great idea by the way, good looking too!
  3. I would suggest you do apply a license since apparently no licence means All Rights Reserved?
  4. GREAT! Of course I still love this mod!
  5. I've been using the updated version for quite some time now and I'd like to say it's awesome to have 2001 space odyssey theme playing while playing KSP On a separate note, I have noticed some minor issues while using that you might like to know about. For instance, when I launch a vessel the playlist restarts upon changing from pre-launch to flying, although I've assigned all situations to that playlist. Also, opening up the playlist editor seems to stop music from playing if you switch vessel afterwards. Another thing that might have been caused by the low-end hardware on my mac-air is that there happens to be squeaky sound whenever I switch scenes while the music is playing. (e.g. Flying with music-switch to space centre-music stops-squeak-birds starts singing-finish loading space centre.) I can upload my logs tmr if you need them.
  6. The 1.2 ksp changes have cause the mod to lose its intended accuracy and created some bugs the creator acknowledges it and would like someone to help make the fixes, I think some mod makers may be interested due to the mod's popularity.
  7. Thanks a lot for your work! I believe many people will be benefited from your effort!! Another thing, the creator of Trajectories have said that he's busy with his life and would like someone to take over it, I think this is an essential mod that everybody loves, so maybe consider adding it to the list? Here's his original post
  8. Doesn't this look amazing!
  9. Many thanks for making it clear for everybody, hope everything goes well with your life!
  10. Sounds amazing! Maybe you can make it madatory for all habitats to have a certain amount of radiators since even the ISS in LEO has two giant ones! Making the game more challenging and more realistic! Also left some notes on github.
  11. Any news on the reproduction? Do you need any more info?
  12. If I were to record a deployment, in order to satisfy "unused payload", do I have to disable not only fuel crossfeed, but also antennas, solar panels and batteries in the payload?
  13. Just wanted to say that I'm very thankful that Squad will continue the development of KSP (which requires the money they earn through Expansion packs)
  14. I've done another try and the reproduction steps are as follows: -Build a launch vehicle with two booster stages attached to a central stage. -Launch with all three stages firing. -Booster separation. -Jump to separated stage and attempt landing. -Land both booster stages. -Revert to launch using FMRS button when viewing the separated booster stage. -The contracts are emptied. Note the above procedures are just my reproduction steps, many details might not be needed to reproduce the problem such the rocket configuration or the number of landing attempts. Thanks!
  15. Seems that the download file has disappeared? What happened?
  16. Thanks so much! It definitely happened but I'm not quite certain about the reproduction step, I'll make a video recording and provide logs if you can't replicate it using the previous steps. Again, your work is much appreciated! Mods you've revived are the majority in my gamedata!
  17. It seems that the problem still persists. Can you also replicate it using the same procedure as my previous post?
  18. Have encountered an interesting problem, using Ven's Revamp and real fuel stockalike config, my engines always explode immediately after shut down and staging (no collision), however, this does not happen if staging happens when the engines are still running. Wondering why this might have happened?
  19. Thanks Squad for something to look forward to in my miserable life
  20. I have been using CKAN on my Mac to manage mods and opening terminal all the time gets kind of annoying, so there it is, the It does one job, it calls the terminal and enters the code you would otherwise need to enter yourself to open ckan.exe Requirements: 1. ckan.exe (obviously) 2. latest/compatible mono install (obviously) 3. Latest macOS Sierra (not tested on other versions) 4.Your ckan.exe needs to be in the system "downloads" file (this can be customised with a bit of computer science knowledge, see GitHub wiki) (new update, new icon and this is no more required) Downloads and codes: GitHub release page GitHub repo Have fun killing kerbals with your potato (apple?) PS: New to contributing, be nice to me Thanks to jwwolff (forum user Qindustries) for his contribution on the new update!! Donation: Haha, just kidding
  21. I've just found a bug with FMRS, if you launch a vehicle, stage separation, jump to the separated stage and then select revert to launch the contracts you accepted all gets erased and the strategies are also canceled. logs here. Hope this helps!
  22. Both stock, thanks mate, it's not really an issue but just thought may be worth mentioning. Thanks for your work!
  23. The boosters are "Reliant" and the centre one is "Swivel"
  24. I've been for using the new dev version of FMRS for the past few hours, everything seems very good. However, the auto-throttle cut seems to lag a bit as the booster stages continues to fire for a second or so after staging, causing the boosters to rise above the main stages. I thought this might be worth brining up. Video below. The rise when fuel tanks are empty are more obvious.
  25. Thanks for working hard man, really appreciate your effort. Do get some rest! You're amazing!